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steve harris: I cant find one of these in any stores only online is there any where other then online to get one?

nonyaefinBuisness: Ok now I understand water boils at 212 Fahrenheit and Drinkable alcohol boils at 173 Fahrenheit. I do know a few shine makers that have a good product and they keep the temperature between 175-185 Fahrenheit. So what I'm asking is how can you produce a good safe drinkable alcohol from a water distiller ? I would be afraid of any alcohol produced from one.

guypi: Are you drunk ?

Brandon Mcallen: lol i love the disclaimer at 30 seconds

Brandon Mcallen: but youre distilling wine that has gone bad

vance hanna: Ok i have a unit JUST like this one, a water distiller, and every time i try to use it, i get a massive boil over. Any tips?

flamedrag18: "distilling alcohol is illegal in north america" better talk to jack daniels..... lol

brewersdirect2: your are adding too much mash (liquid) to the stainless steel distiller. keep it under the fill line. cheers

randahoozy: I just ran 4 liters of gallo red (11%alcohol) through the same machine. Result-30 proof-15% alcohol. Where in the world do you get the 65% figure?

Art Konstantino: He is pretty funny. I feel like he raised my Blood/Alcohol content to .60 just from listening to him. I also thought that if we boil alcohol-booze, we remove the alcohol kick. My age and I still don't know stuff like this. Duh, LOL! Thanks.

fuckdapoleys: ethanol boils at 173c and water boils at 100c r u sure that it exceeds 100c?

TheSleepermgm: i was thinking of doing this ....how can it work with spirits do to how hi the temp gets to boil water ???? i know you would have to run it back through to get 180 proof but the alc, burns off at a lower temp then water so how do you keep the temp down to keep the water out of the spirits ??......thanx

Hannible100: Good vid dude but what did you film this on a 9mm camera from 1969?

TheK75s: acctually I live in missouri and according to section 330.055 and 330.121 it is legal to distill spirits in my home state as long as its for personal use. I can legally distill up to 200 gal. a year so if you don't live in missouri,sorry about your stuff,hahahaha

SovereignBeing: yes dont open the lid when its finished like i just did ...! ouch!

flamedrag18: distillation is LEGAL in north america. you just need to buy the proper permits for the country, province or state you live in. I hate how people claim something's illegal when it obviously isn't. if distillation was illegal, you'd see a lot of liquor producers go out of business.

Jason: hey there, Along with keeping the wash below the line (usually 4 litres) you can add ceramic buttons (just a handful) and the top shelf distilling conditioner which is a de-foaming agent. that will solve all your problems...Good luck

TheSleepermgm: @ThinkPureTruth no the alcohol turns to a gas and you catch it with the still then flash it back to a liquid with a condensor and at this point it will be stronger.....you use the steam not the left over's....it like how crackheads cook the cocaine down to its base form to make it stronger....its the same thing.....lol

orangestoneface: l did not discard throw away the first cup or two when l was distilling beer once, and drank the distilled beer , but did not go blind or die, it tasted badly so l drank little at a time l guess, remove the first 5% of the distillate termed 'foreshots', (containing esters, methylates, and aldehydes). They are distasteful but not fatal and the smell and taste is naturally prohibitive. On record, fore-shot distillate has never blinded, killed, or sickened anyone.

joeman369: runs at temp of 212f and can be distilled a few times but you can only get a max of 83 percent abv from the machine

warywolfen: It's legal if you get a permit from the BATFE to make alcohol for fuel, which is easy to do. Of course, you're not supposed to drink it...:)

ashkaia: @warywolfen

Gilbert Ehret: Can I use this to make herb oil?

TheK75s: sorry about that I meant missouri 311.055 and 311.020

Raoul Duke: It is amazing that people still think that the heads are methanol. What you call your head is actually the "foreshot". Heads is a much greater amount than what you are collecting. Heads smells a bit like nail polish remover. Use the nose and mouth in order to know when to start collecting the middle cut. Mail me for questions

warywolfen: If you do that, they DO require that you keep accurate records regarding how much you make & use. "Hmmm....I really need to have someone come and check out the alcohol-fueled engine on my generator! Its efficiency is terrible! It burns up a gallon a week more than it should!"

Jeffrey Humm: Ceramic Boil Enhancers- .buy at brew stores

WorldTruthSociety: I have a big question for you. I have been doing this thanks to you but can I double distill my alcohol in my water distiller or will I blow myself up or something. cause I already ran it once but would like it stronger.

roger hurd: where in the hell do you think methanol is coming from? Seriously sugar, water, and yeast. By throwing away those 10 or so ml you are throwing away the best part.

sol ric: no because he used a filter. turned it to steam to collect the water better

MrLowenzo: Should you run all your alcohol through a filter after it has been through the distiller? Also, what filter would you use? Thanks.

kabbymaster: I got drunk off the vapors. Holy moly!

skippy4290: these guys all seem to be cool.......but smashed also...lol....cool im off to buy 1 thanks

Ховард Хендриксон: WRONG! Ethanol's boiling point is only 78.37°C = 173 FAHRENHEIT. Water Boils at 100C = 212F. Ergo, the alcohol boils at a LOWER temp than water...

blankpage2012: Raoul - Can you explain more in depth?! Would like to do more research on basics of distillation. I've been watching pontiuspylate and wng689 for their entire process vids of moonshine run. Message privately if possible.

frankoneilljr: wow you are freaking boreing!

Tiffany Coghill: Did you try that to keep it under the fill line? Did it work? If so I was considering trying.

yoochoooob: Wash or Mash ?

Jason: can i ask...did you run all 4 litres through?? sounds like you did and with losses would have given that small increase in alc volume. For a 4 litre wash it should take about 2 hours to do the run...the first 50 ml throw away (bad crap). Then you will get about 800-850 ml of Alcohol at around 60-65%. turn off your machine and let it cool down. You will have about 3 litres in the air still..throw it away. you got what you need from it. The water it down to 40% and run it through a filter...done

Tracey Clarke: The Amaretto that you can make with this is gorgeous, i also like the stillspirits Classic Whisky, i bought the Smartstill version of this machine and it's the best thing i've ever bought ..............Thanks for the Video :D

mbourgon: In case you're not doing this exact procedure, how do you know when the "head" (methanol, I think you said) is done? Or do you just automatically throw away the first 20-50ml?

Jason: Mate after i distill i always put my diluted to 40% base spirit through a charcoal filter. Charcoal doesn't filter alcohol over 50% very well. By doing a final filter you remove any final impurities in your spirit. You can get a AIR STILL CARBON FILTER & COLLECTOR SYSTEM from ebay for around $45 dollars (filters 1.2 litres max), or a Still Spirits EZ Filter for about $120 on ebay (filters 10litres)..hope this helps

mee: i have old beer from about 3 years ago. It is bottled and carbonated. Can this be distilled?....or does it have to be un-carbonated?

starshock01: alcohol distilling is legal if you are making it for fuel and denature it

joeman369: @tsadl has to be un carbonated sorry man

sol ric: he used a filter

bigtruck182: 5 u.s gallons = 18.9271 liters bro not 23

mmaghfai: You can tell this guy drinks A LOT! lmao thanks for the video

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Distilling Alcohol With A Water Distiller - BrewersDirect
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