Cleaning Carburetor On Craftsman Lawn Mower

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Hijodelaisla: "Actually" "Kinda"

Marty Stevens: Check the compression and leak-down to check rings and valves. Change the oil and spark plug and air filter. Check for missing gov. springs. It'll prevent fast idle. Use clothes-line to lock the engine to remove the blade bolt and clutch. To remove the flywheel, put a block of wood on top of the crank and hit it with a hammer while prying up. There are clutch tools and flywheel holder tools for Brigg engines. Make sure to get the right flywheel tool. Check head bolt torque regularly because they loosen.

Pati Muth: Just got this lawnmower, it is old and would not start. I followed your directions on cleaning the carburetor and she runs like a charm! Thank you so much!

Lee Batdorff: Thank you! This is one of the best how-to videos I've ever seen!

Kevin Shuman: Thanks

J Fox: There is also a very very small draw vent hole everyone forgets about right at the top of threads on the main jet.

Damien Wofford: I have the same mower all most

Russell Smith: ok so what if you have a mower where the carb is attached on gas tank how do you get to the bowl?

Tom Best: When I put the bowl back on, it leaks gas like crazy down through the metering valve. Did I damage the washer gasket on the valve? BTW - very clear and helpful video!

Charlotte Sepulveda: great video lots of info and I can now clean mine. Thank you so much

Lyn Borden: NIce job...cleared some questions I had

ken krow: one of the Best how to videos out there on this subject

Ronald Hemmings: Your explanation was very clear and educational. I really enjoyed it.

Paul Schipper: Thanks very much. I tried this on my old Tecumseh lawnmower which wasn't working properly and it works great now!

CuddleUhealthSTL: Wow! Best instructional video ever!! You are perfect in timing, flow, knowledge, visuals. I have been looking for a good one on tractor carburetor cleaning. Very difficult to find. Thank you so much, you are awesome.

Lydia Garcia: Thank you so much for this video!! My husband is a happy man again, now that he fixed his mower!!!

Longtooth: Well done sir.

Bill Allin: Thanks to you and this video I got an old Craftsman 6.0 that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale running perfectly. The video was exactly what I needed.

Paul Campbell: worked awesome man !!! My mower is alive again.

zak062: Thank you for the awesome video. Just followed your steps. The float was not light to lift. I got her to loosen up and she started.

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Cleaning Carburetor on Craftsman Lawn Mower 5 out of 5

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