R4i-SDHC V1.4.5 Card Works On DSi (XL) Ver 1.4.5.flv

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O pedro cheira a pato: is it 1.4.5J the same of 1.4.5E ?? 

John Sanchez: I'm gonna get it in 4 weeks! :D

Sérgio Carvalho: Hi, i am from Brazil and i have a R4i SDHC Renovation V2.10T, i don't have the kernel anymore, do you have a kernel for this card? i am using NDSi version 1.4.5U. Will i need to buy a new card? Thank you.

Kris Dequito: i would like to ask if using the R4-SDHC V1.4.5 would still work on a DSI ver 1.4.5u i have not touched my r4 since i updated it 2 years ago and was wondering, also what kernel would be perfect?

Video Game Guys: will this work with my dsi v1.4.5?

@Resident_41: So it wont ever work again or theres just no patch for it? It says 1.4.x on front.

DhaGhost: Hey +R4woodcenter I have this one: http://www.r4isdhc.com/r4-download/ The first card you see. It say's its compatible with 1.4.5, so should I just update it?

Robert Wu: Ok thanks! 

The King Of The Dsi: which memory card you choose?

ajibbs17: R4woodcenter, i would like to ask a question. Since n3dscart.com doesn't accept paypal anymore, is paying using credit card very safe? cuz, i dont want to get the credit card hacked... thx

@Resident_41: Hi, please help me. I have updated my dsi xl to 1.4.5. I own a R4i sdhc 1.4.x , thats how the sticker says. I copied the 1.77b patch to the sd card but the R4 wont get updated. The old metroid icon is still there and an error occurs. I cant fix it. Help.

Eliasoldier: i have the r4i 3DS wifi from r4i-sdhc.com but i try to play in my dsi 1.4.5u. but i cant find the firmware to update my r4 in the page. what i do? please

Lavi Will: hi I have a 3ds v 4.5.0 and this card worked on it but somehow the 3ds updated it's self to 6.2.0 (it's not connected to my wifi yet) so the card won't work any way to get a patch for it.

Robert Wu: Would it work if i had r4i 1.4.3 on my dsi and still update it to 1.4.5u? Any response would be greatly appreciated :)

John Pess: hi.. i just want to ask.. i have update my DSi XL console and become V 1.4.5U.. is this R4i-SDHC V1.4.5 Card will work to my console version? And is R4i-SDHC V1.4.2 Card are working properly with this version? TQ

Christian Calderon: Someone please help me I have a Dsi regular model version 1.4.5U I just received my R4i RTS 3DS Revolution for DS (thats all it says on the car) What and were do i have to download the firmware for it to play games?? Please and thank you

MaTTriiixXx: Will this work on my DSi XL in 1.4.5E ??

R4woodcenter: If your card is of "1.4.5" on the yellow star, the only thing you need to do is to install its official kernel V1.64b, available at w w w.r4i-sdhc.com/downloade.asp

Jimm Neutricity: Okay I'm new here so please bare with me. I have a DSi with 1.4.5 and a r4i 3ds. I have a ds lite too, if that's needed. How do I update? I looked on one of your previous videos, but I probably messed up.

R4woodcenter: No need for r4i 3ds v4.5

R4woodcenter: What marking is it for your r4i card ? You know, mine is V1.45 in the yellow star

R4woodcenter: Your DSi blocks your R4i 1.4.1, showing error message.

R4woodcenter: By the way, this red r4i sdhc v1.4.5 works perfectly for your dsi xl 1.4.5U

SpecTaculars: Want updates for old cards :(

minzu79: It is the r4i gold 3DS card. I ordered it last week and it should come soon.

R4woodcenter: M3i Zero can be firmware upgrade for DSi xl 1.4.5U, and you do not need to buy a new card. Is it Z003 or old M3i Zero ? Do you still have that Firmware Update Power Supply Cable ? They are important for firmware upgrade your flashcart.

Kruizlinx: Hey woodcenter, i updated my nieces dsi xl to 1.4.5e a month ago. Is there a r4-card that works on 1.4.5e or is it only for 1.4.5? Thanks for your vids and help!

Miro Poikkijoki: tell me where i can download kernel 1.4.5

R4woodcenter: Yes, and i think they need to change their hardware completely.

thejesuseater: If i have the 1.4.2 R4i card, is it possible for me use it with a DSi running 1.4.5E by updating the card?

thabliquez: Do u really think acekard 2i will be blocked forever??

Wabbit: What on earth were those loud bangs?

R4woodcenter: Can you try its kernel V1.67b to update ? There seems no such patch for r4i sdhc v1.4.2 to update.

R4woodcenter: Does your console show Error message in a black screen ?

spoofsrocks13: Look I don't typically complain, but its been over a month how far is the new kernal for old cards?

angie taylor: Can anyone advise where I can get this firmware for the R4 SDHC Dual Core Smart Update version 1.4.5 please my son is driving me nuts to get this fixed so he can use his DS XL many many thanks.

Octavio Arroyo: please help me with a direct link to what you have to download i have the same card but the firmwire doesnt work and i already updated my ds

R4woodcenter: no flashcart can play 3ds games

Psygnosis Owl: What it happends if i insert an R4i SDHC V1.4.1 card into an DSi updated at 1.4.3 or 1.4.4? It will be destroyed the card or something?

ホバセ - HOBASE: can u send a link with the files inside your micro sd, i mean can you upload thes files to somewhere because i read in a page than one guy with an r4 sdhc upgrade it with the files of a r4i gold card and it works, please send me an answer

angie taylor: R4woodcenter can you advise me if this will work on the R4 SDHC Dual-Core smart update cart? if so where can I obtain v 1.4.5E please many thanks

R4woodcenter: Most R4i SDHC V1.4.1 card does not support firmware update. And your r4i 1.4.1 can not be updated for your dsi 1.4.5.

CHICKEN MAN: i cant find update do you know where i can get it got r4i 3ds but need update?

R4woodcenter: Sorry, I do not know. There are so many r4i gold cards, original and clones. Do you mean r4 sdhc from r4isdhc.com and r4i gold from r4i-gold.com ?

georgeg12: i tried it couple times and didnt work, i did noticed like 2 times saw the card get recognized then quickly stop working. thanks.

R4woodcenter: There list several flashcarts working on 1.4.5e, w w w.n3dscart.com/categories/DSi-1.4.5/ And they also work on lower system versions, like 1.4.4e, 1.4.3e and so on.

R4woodcenter: Yes, works perfectly.

R4woodcenter: Sure. This card works directly on dsi 1.4.5U or DSi 1.4.5E or other regions

SuperMonkey874: Does this come with the usb the micro sd and the r4 card please reply ASAP

xxAznPenguin: Hi I have a DSI XL and have the R4I-SDHC It's at the right update but when I put it in my DSI It doesn't show up screen for the SD card I put all the folders I needed for it and it still wont pop up so Help me please? :3

R4i-SDHC V1.4.5 Card Works on DSi (XL) Ver 1.4.5.flv 4.4 out of 5

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