Record Of Agarest War Zero Walkthrough Pt.1 | HD

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Shattered Fenrir: Bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaccccccooooonnnnn´╗┐

kingyusuke11: Game is awesome

Izumi Tomoe: hah lol I have this game but whenever i die i always get pissed because the ONLY way you can save is during that one vent with the larva? i have it for the Xbox three sixty and its a very fun game but i get so p.oed because i honestly don't know how to save and I just explode...

lalo92243: How can i get the extra Experience, Money, TP ? i want to level up fast..... say i'm level 6 and in one hour i'm level 9 or something like it... WHAT IS THE FASTEST WAY TO LEVEL UP!

GloriousVideos2009: @squee1240 oh great! let me know how it is , im picking it up soon as well!

elkciptish: how is the story?

squee1240: Hmm i ended up playing Agarest and it isnt that bad at all actually... Its a little slow but i like how i can customize characters and how easy it is to craft things. The battles are still a little confusing for me buts it other than that it seems alright. I dont get how they expect me to level up though? The experience i'm getting from random battles(Blue dots) are only like 2-4? Is this normal... and I actually just reached the fountain and alot of prompts appear at the bottom left

squee1240: I just bought the game and have not opened it. White Knight Chronicles 2 comes out tommorow. Should i play this (i'm not the greatest Strategy RPG fan, but i wanted to try something new) would you recommend this to a newb at these type of games? Or just get a turnbase role playing game?

GloriousVideos2009: @PandaStalksH true ending tbh.. but i haven't had much time , im in college atm and im just swamped with work that i have to do.. but yeah thanks for checkin out the video and dont forget to sub!

GloriousVideos2009: @alanlancer008 i could not have said it any better thanks! dont forget to subscribe :P

Paperclown: you didn't answer keetonman's question. is this even worth warezing ? normally i'm turned off by turn based combat

MindxFreakx: Should i buy Record of aragest war first? does the story matter much to this game?

wildpinksalmon: Too slow this game.

Kosakai Zero: you planing to do digest mode (extra mode)?

Kyo Mebi: it's in japanese! JAPANESE! :D

GloriousVideos2009: @wildpinksalmon right right yeah we all have preferences ! i think its fine but thanks for watching and dont forget to sub!

warmslurm: How long does it take for this game to pick up? I like it, it's just a little slow. I just got that girl and her bodyguard (can't remember their names lol) and beat that giant worm. Thanks :)

GloriousVideos2009: @keetonman YES, pick up the collectors editon while youre at it :D

squee1240: Prompts read, Vacations day, Event Experience, and etc. I read the handbook and there is no info about these? Also, i might end up picking up White knight soon too, I'm in it for the "improvements"

TheSteelers4190: How long is this game?

yoomi lee: good game

Robert Townley: wish they would make more fire emblem on consoles

alanlancer008: @wildpinksalmon its a game were you sit down and enjoy reading it and have time to see how wonderful the game really is. the music is amazing if you pay attention. yes the game is hard as it can be and its not a Final Fantasy game but its really fun. the graphic is not some super crazy HD but dont forgot neither way lunar or final fantasy. this game from me will get a 10/10 is fun i like it a lot. its very hard tho, but fun fun fun

GloriousVideos2009: @TheJosemanux haha nice sub as well plz!

DBZDude Reapor: I just got this game last week,its very complicated so far

GloriousVideos2009: @XiiA0YanDa0 not sure lol but is your ps3 "modded" in some way haha :p thanks for watching this and dont forget to sub!

GloriousVideos2009: @keetonman thanks for viewing and dont forget to sub!

RecMors: thank you man good job

blackcrow1234: save ur money 4 final fantasy 7 it coming 2 ps3 only

GloriousVideos2009: @lalo92243 ok um great question, i guess its all about the participation of the characters in battle or association with the battles, kind of similar to to disgaea 1 2 3 etc i hope i answered your question if i didnt sorry and dont forget to subscribe ! =)

jakeisdadambest: did u choose to have it jap dubed or can you put eng voices on aswel like valkyria chronicles

GloriousVideos2009: @hazuki413 nice! do it , i have the limited edition too! dont forget to sub!

GloriousVideos2009: @squee1240 oh great question my friend, Well the thing is that both games are jrpg genres ones 2d-cartoony celshaded style while the other is you typical 3d finalfantasy walkaround and grind type, all i can say is record of of agarest is very good ha, i own both games acutally (until i pick up my copy of white knight) if yo uhave the money get both because white knight 2 comes with the orginal game (which was freakign horrible!) BUT the original copy they include "supposedly has improvements"

Rathorage: Did this one come before or after 2?

Yuichi Hayate: Dude I'm gettin da limited edtion soon!

GloriousVideos2009: @K0sakaiZero not sure yet, thanks for watching thought and don't forget to subscribe.

GloriousVideos2009: @TheSteelers4190 its pretty lenghty because of the side missions, over 50 hours of content ! thanks for viewing and dont forget to subscribe for more!

GloriousVideos2009: @squee1240 um tbh im not quite sure .. :o look up guides these jrpgs are so suprising lmao..

Anzyx: Is this better than let's play record of agarest war?

PandaStalksH: Are you trying to get the true ending in this play through or are just doing your own thing?

XiiA0YanDa0: Do you need the ps3 version to update to 3.60 before you can play this game?

TheTrollMr: What?

JimmyGBA: Does this game use magic at all?

TheJosemanux: YAY FIRST!

keetonman: Ok....Im interested. Worth Buying?

Gioo069: how do you save the game ?

Grayheart432: They finally released this game on Steam now. Buy it now for the pre-order for 20% off and if you buy it before October 2nd then you get all the DLC for free.

lWalky: So... this little piece of crap (but fun) game is $24,99 at PSN? What a rape!!

Record of Agarest War Zero Walkthrough Pt.1 | HD 4.7 out of 5

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