How To Take Apart The AK47 Underfolder Stock

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Leonard Legg: crap job of making a video.

-Bristol-: I do not have two holes underneath my morrisey receiver. How would I be able to get the pins out?

RockHumper: hey g any chance there is a hi res video of this somewhere? my folder has a really hard time un folding and I think I need to file down a tad or something


Alex Blakeley: YOU CANT SEE crap.

GunWebsites: @wolfgoblin to be honest I'd have to watch this video again to remember how to do it.. lol but it is on the agenda, just not on the 'short list' since it will be a tough one to make

Peter Fazekas: I would also love to see this video redone with your current production quality... but that would mean disassembling another one of these stocks so i guess you're not very enthusiastic about it haha

michael farmer: can you redo this video..its very helpful ...however its not very clear. use higher resolution to see a clearer video..

69krazzy: I have a Romanian AK with an underfolder one..but it's very loose and it makes my AK less acurate,I want to get a newer or better/tactical folding stock for it! can I switch the factory stock for a newer one? Or do I have to make some type of modification to it?

GunWebsites: @CARE2DOTCOM LOL Your "evidence" is an AK that WAS an underfolder, then converted to a stock for import, then converted back Wow..

GunWebsites: @whatdafloopyjoop That is the worst thing you could do, it's hardly possible and will ruin the rifle IMO

GunWebsites: @PANT3RA usually the nuts have just come loose

PANT3RA: when the underfolder stock wears out and/or gets very loose is it the receiver that needs to be replaced or simply just the stock ?

GunWebsites: @ mrbcharrison Wow, could you be any more rude, or lame about a free video??? #1 We made this video in June, 2006 #2 back then we used Video (Tape) recorders and had to import, convert, edit, render and upload to the web (no you tube) #3 Have any idea how complex this procedure is? I'll wait for your 'easy' instructions.. #4 Read the description.. I am NOT trying to instruct how to do it.. I'm trying to show how complicated it is and why most people shouldn't buy an underfolder stock kit

brian harrison: Wow, can this video be any more vague or blurry? 'This guy here', 'this slot over here'... I watched 13 times and decided to just put my head down and figure this out myself. This guy obviously knows what is going on, but does a not very good job of broadcasting it to anyone else.

GunWebsites: Good point, thanks

Darkturnips: *wow* that is a frustrating process. VIEWERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE- you cannot switch the mechanism to the other side (thereby switching the sling mount for a lefty.) Modifications need to be made to the receiver to do this.

GunWebsites: Anything is possible, but the holes are set for the underfolder only

dylmardep: do you now if you took the stock of if you could put a regular stock on if you ever wanted one or is it just the folder

GunWebsites: been a while, but it was mostly the tightness of the nuts that determined how 'tight' the stock will fold

How to Take Apart the AK47 Underfolder Stock 5 out of 5

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