Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review

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Tennis Warehouse: @Deklan Hopcroft, Try stringing the mains at 57 lbs and the crosses at 54 lbs. Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse: @Trey Wiggins, This Champion's Choice hybrid would be an excellent option, as it's spin, feel and playability is exceptional. If it's a little out of your price range, Wilson Control Duo is an awesome synthetic option. Andy, TW

Harry LEVI: Hello me again, i really want to try this set up but there really expensive, if i use luxilon alu power rought then used the hybrid with a cheeper synthetic gut would it come to a similer result? and could you maybe do a video that compares natural gut to synthietic especially when in a hybrid. Thankyou Harry 

john speedy: what would feel better gut in the mains or in the cross for an offensive player who wants control and spin with some depth

Mindhoo: Will the Luxilon ALU Power Spin and the Natural Gut with the tension at 54 be a good setup for the Wilson ProStaff 95?

Harry LEVI: are there seperate strings that i can buy to imitate this hybrid? with the same out come? 

Maxime Meis: Hi TW, I currently play with a pro staff 95 with regular alu power in the mains and natural gut in the crosses. I was wondering if you could recommend some multis or synthetic guts in the mid price range to replace the natural gut. I'm looking for something not too soft so (with the help of silicon spray) the main can slice back in place. Thanks

Saqib Mirza: How did the play testers find the durability and playability? 

AlexLive: How would this compare to VS Gut/RPM with gut in the mains for both setups? I play with a PS90 and hit with a good amount of spin. Which would provide more control and tension stability as well as durability? Thanks! 

sai kambampati: Hey Andy, Can you please name one or two strings that play very very closely to this, but are cheaper? ty

BlackAce X: Hey TW, im 15 and want a string with control and spin for my speed graphene pro. Thanks

Deklan Hopcroft: What tension would be good with the natural gut in the mains and the Luxilon ALU Rough in the cross? I have a Babolat Aeropro Drive.

Trey Wiggins: What hybrid combo would you think would go well in the juice 100 S? I'm looking for good spin, feel, and something that will last. I've tried ripspin and I'm not a big fan. So what strings would you suggest? Thanks!! (Reasonable price range) -Trey

Kyle bomba: +Tennis Warehouse what do you think would be estimated time for gut in the mains and poly cross 

Chris Delgado: She plays better than all the guys in this review

Alec Zhan: What tension would you recommend if i would like an equal balance of power and control? Also which strings would you prefer to go in the mains/crosses?Thanks!

Irving Montalvo: whatever happened to Siobhan Cavan :(

Saqib Mirza: How long would champions choice last me, I play in high school 4-5 times a week

Saqib Mirza: How would you compare the power, comfort, and durability of This string to kirschbaum pro line x. I usually have the natural gut in the mains and alu power in the crosses

theRFNations: Hi TW, I was wondering if you could give a comparison between Champion's Choice and VS/RPM Hybrid. I currently play with a Wilson PS90 with BB PHT/NXT at 52lbs. Which hybrid would give me which characteristics and what tension should I string it at (I have some tennis elbow). Thanks! 

Kyle bomba: +Tennis Warehouse do you find stringing natural gut hard i do

Kyle Gonelli: im 16 i use a wilson prostaff 95 i hit with power spin and i love comfort i like low tension! do you think it would be alright if i strung the mains with gut at 55 and the lux in the crosses at 53?? 

William Madsen: Hi TW. Which strong Would works best in my HEAD YouTek Graphene Speed MP. The Wilson Champions Choice ore the Tecnifibre NRG2. Im 14 years old and im seeking power, comfort, feel and spin. Thx

Kyle bomba: can you please make a review of wilson ulitimate duo 16 please

Kyle bomba: i play boys 14s and i win alot of tournaments would this string be pretty good for durability i hit with alot of power and spin

OgnnayrxD: Whats the song name when it shows the strings?

Stephen Todaro: Can you guys please tell me a good tension to string my Wilson Pro Staff 100L BLX at with this string setup with the gut in the mains and the poly in the crosses. thank you

Tom Bradley: Is this soft even with the natural gut

J DP: Which would you prefer Chmapions Choice or RPM Blast/VS Hybrid? Is there any particular differences in either? Any one better than the other?

Josef San: I've been asking around, but I would like to know Roger's string tension. He has guts in main and ALU in cross right? Some says he string the gut at 47 and the ALU rough at 48? and he uses lead tapes with power pads. where can I get these power pads?

Tennis Warehouse: @ tomtb03, Natural gut is the softest string on the market, so this hybrid is quite soft. Andy, TW

Kenny Tran: How does a gut main with a smooth poly cross compare with a hybrid with a textured poly cross?

Caonguyen Vu: i have the original wilson prostaff racquet and the racquet is pretty old and i was wondering do you have a kind of tennis string that can let me perform best with my wilson prostaff racquet thanks

jamesbstone1: Hello Tennis Warehouse, I'd like to say I'm an advanced level club player now and I've been playing with a soft poly I like but I've been suggested a hybrid for more control, any suggestions? My racket is the Wilson BLX juice 100

Tennis Warehouse: @ Pro Tech Android Tips, I would go with the 1.30mm to get a little boost in durability. Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse: @ zkum16, We usually get samples from the manufacturers to test so that we can do our reviews. Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse: If you click on the link below the video it will take you to the product and tell you the current price of the string. Physically getting it strung by yourself depends on whether you have a good stringer with cheap rates ;) If you buy it from us with a frame, we'll string it for you. Siobhan, TW

Tennis Warehouse: There is no right way to do this, but these two strings (RPM and ALU Rough) are similar enough that we wouldn't necessarily change the tension. ALU Rough is stiff but it's elastic and the playtesters that have hit with this find it close enough that they suggest you try it at your normal tension. Siobhan, TW

Tennis Warehouse: @ jamesbstone1, Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour / Xcel hybrid is a great one, along with Solinco Tour Bite / Vanquish. Andy, TW

Esfandiar Rezaei: How is the durability, for a guy that has never broken a string, who would put the gut in the mains and string it at around 51 mains 50 crosses with pre stretching the poly and using string savers. I play 7 hours each week and 1 hour of the 7 is doubles. How many weeks will it last me in the 2013 aero pro drive if I do this. Please reply soon, tnx. Hopefully a couple of months

joe bell: what about wilson sensation? any other strings that'll give comfort durability and good spin in the cross with the alu power rough? i just saw a vid about wilson nxt with no good spin

Tennis Warehouse: @ henry fu, Champion's Choice is always a good choice. A couple other good polys to try would be Kirschbaum Black Shark and Babolat RPM Blast. Andy, TW

AnthonyGF: I'd like to use the power pads to but cannot find them. I'm thinking of cutting up a leather grip and using that. I have used this string combo but I do not string the Luxillon and Gut the same tension. I set the Luxillon at 55 lbs on a 95 sq in head, and the gut at 60 lbs, maybe 59. The poly strings tighter you have to string 10% less. How do you all do it?

Tennis Warehouse: @ Bertie Kiff, This would play great in the Blade! Andy, TW

Joynson67: I currently use the RPM + VS hybrid at 56lbs and are looking to try out this string set. As the alu power rough is considered a stiffer/powerful string should i make any changes to my tension. Racket: (Pure Drive GT)

Dragonutity: Dang, the commentator is hot.

Tennis Warehouse: @ Jonathan Guray, That's kind of a personal preference. Some people prefer to string the softer string 2-3 lbs tighter than the poly so that there is a consistent stiffness across the stringbed, but other players do not even notice a difference. I normally play with the strings at the same tension, but you may want to try both ways and see if you notice a difference. Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse: @ Bob Jones, You can do the hybrid with the gut, just be sure to take extra care of your racquets. Keep them in your racquet bag any time you aren't using them, and if you have a climate-protected section of your bag that would be even better. You could even get the plastic bags that hold the individual racquets like the pros do for a little extra protection. Andy, TW

jamesbstone1: @tenniswarehouse thanks Andy!! I'd love to try this strong but I don't think it'll be a permanent set up price prohibiting any cheaper hybrids with a good feel

Tennis Warehouse: @ kingslave021, Using a full bed of natural gut or multifilament would give you a more powerful response, but when it comes to hybrid setups this one will have a good deal of pop. Also, lowering the tension helps add power as well. Andy, TW

Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review 4.9 out of 5

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