Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review

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The Exclusive: @Tennis Warehouse
What would be a good alternative hybrid that doesn't use natural gut, but still includes Alu Power Rough and plays in a similar manner to the Champions Choice?

Benjamin Guerrero: In your opinion, what hybrid strings give the best combination of power, spin, and control?

Navin Chopra: whats the difference in the level of "feel" and "comfort" percentage wise by putting the gut in the mains vs. the crosses?

Josip Relić: What do you think about these strings on the Head Graphene Touch Speed PRO? ty

Uchiha Sasuke: What do you think would happen if i put a fairly typical sports authority syn gut in my APD+ (2012) at 45 pounds? just curious. Thanks TW!

Florian Goethals: I have a litle question. What string set up could be similar to champion's choice? Can I use a multifilament or synthetic gut in stead of the natural gut (it's a litle pricy...) Can I solinco tour bite diamond rough instead of alu power rough (it's also a litle pricy...)
thank you :)

Ehsan Ehsan: what are the best alternative to put instead of natural gut (because of it's price)? I wanna try Luxilon ALU Power in the cross but don't know what to put in the main. Synthetic gut or multiphilamnet like Babolat xcell or origin or ...
guess multiphilamnet may be a better option but when we can use synthetic gut?

Mr XXL: Is this string good for Wilson Pro Staff 97 ULS

Taka: how long does this string maintain its quality?

Nicholas Ellwood: I have purchased this gut/poly hybrid and I'm wondering if it matters if I got it strung at the same tension, say 55lbs...? Or should I get the gut higher and the poly lower?

Zortono: dont roger federer use this???

jack van landeghem: What would be a good tensionfor power and spin with this?

MJOHGaming: Hi, i am 16 years old and play 5 times a week. I want these strings to last me as long as possible. I have recently purchased the new pure aero and was wondering what the best string tension is for this racket? Thanks

Thien Nguyen: is it ok if i put the tension 45 and 47?

Terry Curve: I have been playing with a poly in my Wilson pro staff 90 blx for about two weeks but I don't get enough power. I want to try Wilson champions choice but I think there will be way too much power. If I'm stringing the poly at 51 should I string champions choice at 61 so I'm not being overpowered?

Tennis Warehouse: @Aditya“TheAceofSpades” Somaiah,
Champion's Choice would be a great hybrid to go with.  If you want a similar power/control response, try stringing the ALU Rough at 58 lbs and the Natural Gut at 60 lbs.
Andy, TW

Aditya Somaiah: Hey Tennis Warehouse!
I currently play with the juice 100 blx and have strung it at 60 pounds with the luxilon 4g rough. I have been wanting to go into a hybrid for a while now. I am mainly a baseline player who hits with spin and power but I want to control my shots without losing any of that. On volleys, I tend to be a little unstable but I get the job done. What are your recommendations on string tension for the wilson champion's choice hybrid or do you have any other string suggestions? I have played with the alu power spin in the past as well but it did not last me so long. I like a nice, crisp feel when I hit my shots. If you have any racquet suggestions I am open as well.


AbahSanny: Hi. Interested to know what is the recommended tension of Champion's Choice string (natural gut in the mains, ALU Rough in the crosses) for Wilson RF97? Thank you.

Sheldon Hofstadter: I have noticed Chris said he had this hybrid stringed at 48 pounds (2:39).
Does it mean both mains & crosses at the same tension? Luxilon is fairly stiffer than natural gut, and I think I've heard Fed himself strings the poly on crosses 4 or 5 pounds lower.
2nd question: some people think the rough Luxilon surface would destroy the natural gut soon. What do you think? Or should I rather use Cross String Savers with this hybrid?
Thank you.

Roberto Valadez: I used the head graphene xt speedpro with the gut in the mains at 57 and the alu in the crosses at 54 and Dude! This is the best stringbed!!! The feel, power, control, and comfort is amazing! U need to try this setup if your atleast a 4.0+ player!!

Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review 5 out of 5

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Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review
Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review
Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review
Wilson Champion's Choice 16 String Review
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