Tracfone And Net10 LG800g How To Transfer Files

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D. G.: Great video but I agree with Dannus MK ~ remove the music. Your talent is displayed without the distraction of this horrible music which is a HUGE distraction.

psovegeta: This might work for me except my phone's touch screen isn't working

Dannus MK: Oh God that music!!!! horrible distraction! takes away from the video! otherwise good video. Poor music uuuggghhhh

Catwow: I'm downgrading to this phone

ed24868: The song in the video is "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence

Blackout0797: SONG PLEASE!!!

Shae Hatton: ther is no pop up saying confirm connection to mass storage

April TracFone: Hi Doris, this is April with TracFone. It is possible that the files you are trying to access on your phone are not compatible with it. If you have further questions, please send it to

doris allen: I uploaded cd to computer and then to my sd card. said my file is unsupported in my phone/

Brandon Kelly: LG 800G only supports SD Cards up to 4gB

lenpey: My folders are empty. How do you get the photos on the phone to the memory card? Hummm?

AdamsBonBon: No wonder the world's going postal with all the insults about the music, etc. Your graphics, clarity of video, and avoidance of rushing through it are appreciated. I prefer the music to something hard rock that really interferes with concentration. Thanks for your efforts. Ignore the critics and remember: opinions are like assholes -- everyone has one!

scentedsoul: I am having the same problem.. :(

Ahha Govono: Very well said. If he's going to use music, at least talk over some back round instrumental music, like Jean Michelle Jare or Mike Oldfield.

Mike Hatch: LoL. I agree. The music thing is so typical though. It's nothing new with this particular uploader. It definitely is not appropriate in a video like this when people are trying to figure something out. It's annoying as hell. What goes through the uploader's mind is "self-importance." I think he wants everyone to hear the music he likes. But the irony is that no one wants to hear it. It's like a declaration if you will.

April TracFone: Hi there Jason Cirillo! My name is April, and I'm with TracFone Wireless. Sorry to know that you are encountering issues with transferring your files. Yes, your computer may not recognize the files in your phone if the cable or the format is not compatible. For additional questions, please send us an email at Thank you!

Ahha Govono: Why the freak don't U explain stuff instead of playing that freaking music?

Chris Lemm: when i put my sd card into my phone an icon comes up at the top of my screen that looks like a little sd card with an "x" over it, and i cant activate my external memory, do you know how to fix that so i can have music on my phone from my card?

Elitetank87: if this is the only music you're going to put, just leave in soundless lol

Dot 2018: How do we use our folders? Can the pictures & texts be trasferred to folders. If so/ How do we do that?

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Tracfone and Net10 LG800g How to Transfer Files 5 out of 5

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Tracfone and Net10 LG800g How to Transfer Files
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