How To Drop Ship Profitably

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DropshipWholesale PROS . Com: Great video Anton. I've used many of your methods with great success. I'm also in your facebook group and have been following you since 2014. Keep up the good work bro. Cheers!

F T: Where is the course? the website is more like a maze then a funnel. Do you have a page where i can see the course/courses with the price showing clearly etc... Thank you! :)

TheMaddazhell: +Drop Ship Lifestle you say when a customer places an order, you will
have to call the supplier and place the order, what about automatic
order, when the customer places the order on your Shopify store, the order is
placed instantaneously through your store and goes straight to the supplier, because if you are a one person Shopify Store employer and still have your day job, who are you going
to use to place all those orders you receive from the customers, you
would have to hire employees to place the orders right?
is Shopify a passive income Store where the internet store does all the work 95% to 99% of the work once everything is set up?

 and what about all the legal aspects of the store, like the liability, will affiliate Shopify website Store be protected under an LLC, S-corp etc. to protect the the Shopify employer personal assets from lawsuits and liability just like a regular brick and mortar business?

and who does all the administrative work such as taxes, annually reports, if the customers have complaints who do they call etc.?

and is it possible to sell big name brand products?

Bullion 911: how to recieve the money faster so i can purchase it from the supplier

RileyC1999: hi, i am starting a drop shipping store on shopify from home and don't want to use my home address, what can i do to get around this?

Selah Lee: Would you suggest selling a product with multiple colors? I feel like it'd be easy to go out of stock quickly.

xXDJLANSEXx: something people should know is that when selling through ebay and amazon they hold on to your money 14 days before giving it to you and you have to use your own money to buy the items.

April Haley: Do you need to be certified or anything before doing this?

Shinstar Arena: yeah, its easy to pay the drop shipper once you receive the order, but what about Cash On Delivery(COD) process? how do you manage it

WCephei77HD: Can anyone help me here?... once you have an online store set up with Shopify, can you get to try selling new products that don't come from suppliers you normally deal with your drop shipping business?... I.e. if I decide to import a couple of products to test sales on my online store... Can I do this, or is there anything preventing a Shopify user doing this? sorry about the dumb question but really curious. For more clarity, let's say I'd sell electronic gadgets... but down the track I decide to import a couple of electric bicycles to test selling.... anything on Shopify preventing me from doing this?

Mor S: Thanks for this great video, I have one question regarding the suppliers. Do I have to contact them?
Let`s say I`m opening a Shopify clothing store, and I import the products from Aliexpress using Oberlo, and there are so many different items from different suppliers, do you still reccomend I contact each of them?

Isaiah T. Johnson: Do you recommend new dropshippers to use sites like DHGate? It has a lot of replicas which could become a problem, but the profit on them is really good.

My Daddy: You've got some good tip, however, this video without a doubt is a marketing video for Shopify and a plugin.

angel perez: USA based dripshipper list here

GillKaraEagle / /GillKara Designs: ok you are better than gary granai

expromomaroc maroc: Hello I need some advise on how to set up a supplier platform so that dropshippers can buy from me - I sell argan Oil bulk and bottled kindly advise

Sarah: hi sir,
if we get approved by suppliers to sell their items do customers get boxes that have my brand or name instead of theirs?? ....
big companies like amazon and walmart is impossible to dropship on ebay without packaging invisibility....the only logical explanatiom is to buy the invtentory then send it

asem hawari: You suggest one particular website to sell on. What about using all three? EBay, Amazon, and Shopify? Is there a downside to this?

Cyberzin: is there a way to manage orders from Amazon and E-Bay automatically
to my drop-shipping suppler? that i don`t have to order every single time by my self!

Keffa Mwamba: A question: where does the buyer purchase your product from? Is it Ali Baba or your online store? because if you advertise the same product from Ali baba by raising the price, why won't I buy the same original product from Ali baba since it's cheaper than yours?

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How To Drop Ship Profitably
How To Drop Ship Profitably
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