Mossberg Maverick Rifle 30.06 Rifle Review Low Cost Prepping Option

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Jude Guillmette: +MDPrepper are these still made as of 2015? Can't find any maverick rifles on the website. Was it replaced by the ATR?

Steven Nihipali: Is $400 too much for a wood stock?

Tripp426: Wow I had no idea that Maverick offered rifles. I have a Model 88 12 gauge that I'm incredibly happy with, so I wouldn't mind trying one of these out. Thanks for showing this. Always nice to see what's out there for budget rifles.

Douglas Martin: i checked mossberg's website. they dont have a rifle named the maverick. i have a maverick shotgun that i love shooting.

alaskanhybrid: I just need a 300-500 Yard/meter rifle, in .30-06 that will shoot every single time (not continuously at that range) unless it is a bullet problem. Most of my shooting would be in semi open land, such as tundra, wooded areas, etc. Cause I will not walk more than 500 meters to get game cause I will most likely already have been walking pretty far in dense brush and such. Walking on Tundra is a pain in the ankles.

alaskanhybrid: Is this good for the price, even normal price? I got burned with Remington and their lame as hell Model 770. Horrendous that rifle was. I ripped the Bolt Handle right out, they pressed it in. I need a rifle that does not have bolt handles falling out. I need a .30-06 for Moose and maybe Bears here in Alaska. My dad when he was alive and his dad trusted their old .30-06 for bear,moose, caribou etc. I got a scope lying around from that Model 770.

gmendiola: What size scope rings are you using? Med or high?

DPeter1967: $179 from Wal-Mart. Kicks like a mule,.... Purchase a limbsaver or other recoil pad. Excellent shot group with a 4X16. Mounted Center Point scope (Wal-Mart). Excellent value!!! Yea, I said Wal Mart, picked up the Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 cal there also ($106)...Wal Mart is the preppers friend....

Jackbozo22134: I live in sc 2

Steven S.: Had a Remington 710 in 30-06. Cost way more than this. But it shot well. Question though; I searched, googled and otherwise tried to find a website for Mossberg Maverick and it led me to Mossbergs site (which has no mention of maverick) and then Maverick site which shows only the shotguns (no rifles) then links you back to Mossberg. What's the deal with that? Thanks for your "prepping on the cheap" series. They're fun.

53Awesome: @MDPrepper Probably, but "maverick" seems to be her favorite word

53Awesome: @MDPrepper When she inevitably goes insane and climbs a clock tower, it will be with this

53Awesome: Is it too late for a sarah palin joke?

zombiekillerjordan: I have a Mossberg 100 ATR in 270 win....basicaly the same rifle...not bad for money, took my first deer with it.

Cr Cook: Nice Review and Channel I love my 179$ 243 Maverick Thank for checking out my video - Charles

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Mossberg Maverick Rifle 30.06 Rifle Review Low Cost Prepping Option 5 out of 5

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