Tekkit Tutorials - How To Get To The Moon Part 1 - Building And Fueling The Rocket (Galacticraft)

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INFINITERIUM: Holy crap it is 2017 now and this is insane

KingRayRay Ray: Look forward to watching the next video! Maintain the great work!

Verde: Your voice is so different in here!! xD

Santiago Callejas: I can't quite figure out what language is he talking...


MullahNazeer: Its nothing called magmatic engine anymore ?

GGG: how do i get Hydrogen Gas PLEASE Help ?

CalvinThePleb: I speak English, sorry. This would've been helpful, but since I only speak English...

Anya Dracea: I don't get it, I only have : copper,aluminium and tin!!!!!!!!!
What should I do!!

GamerFull OfGAS: none of these crafting recipies work for me help?

Riko Lime: You'd be shocked how hard it is to find a good tutorial or walkthrough for galacticraft so that you dont end up on the moon suffocating or dying trying to land.. Kudos on this, although I will say a few things, constructively :) First, when you talk too fast sometimes you get a little mumbly or garbled and it can be hard to understand. Probably out of excitement or nervous. Second, you refer to everything as "thing" or "this" or "here" and rarely actually name what item youre focusing on or what its called. It makes it a bit difficult to understand what is happening. 

Im not well versed on Galacticraft so it was quite confusing with that second point, but thanks formaking this video :) Ill be using it to try to safely get ot the moon!

Hotdog Gaming: theres no pipe now:(

Gaming On Caffeine: Sphax Pure BD Craft - http://www.bdcraft.net

Bluey: What mod is the refinery from?

Scott Corrigan: Check out the Amazing Space Race on Five Guys Gaming. First one is 4/27/14 at 8:00am. Tomorrow. But the plan is to have a regular competition.

XSilent DevilX: Best way for finding oil?

12345ryan54321: they complicated this whole process so much with the galacticraft update and now all the youtube videos and even the wiki is out of date. finding help on their entirely new system is a difficult struggle

Renzodus: i don't have the magmatic engine. just the magmatic dynamo. what do i do?

gandalf: didn't help too much :(

HeadHunter Jones: Hi Ummm Another Sub And Please Tell me How to Get Sphax For it iv tried for ages :0 Thanks

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Tekkit Tutorials - How to get to the Moon Part 1 - Building and Fueling the Rocket (Galacticraft) 5 out of 5

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