Beekeeping: How To Make Sugar Boards For Honey Bees

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Steve Collins: A fondant recipe using honey instead of corn syrup:

Ani Mali: Never use GMO sugar for the bees or for yourself. Use organic version

Nathan Tatro: Groovy music

Eva Cukjati: I never feed my bees with sugar candy in autumn, it's too hard to degrade sucrose on fructose and glucose for them and
colonies may die due to exhaustion. I use sugar candy in spring season and liquid water and sugar (1:1) in autumn.

Jim Hoppy: not watching anymore  can't stand the awful music

Patriots Farm: what did you use at the bottom of the board to hold the sugar candy in place?

my Creative Channel: Great video!

jasons1231: no white vineger???

John C: I do it this way I just skip the boiling part it mixes up real well and it not as hard for the bees to eat since it is not like hard candy.

dfishman76: What got you into beekeeping? I got my first hives for my garden and it went from there. Now I am
doing swarm removals and cut outs

BSun8160: HMF levels of this bee food are too high because of high temperature. I believe that it is toxic for bees (CCD..etc) and bad for your honey quality.

TheKarver79: Thank you for this video I made a candy board following your instructions and it worked perfectly.

SoMDBeekeeper: a.k.a. Candy Boards. By the way, I have never lost a hive overwintering that has had a candy/sugar board on it. I encase a pollen patty inside the candy so the bees get to it right on time for brood rearing in late February. The hive then explodes in population before the bloom starts and plenty of field bees are ready at the right time.

Apidaex: Ok Go - End Love

Will J: Nah, I wouldn't say that because it's not meant to attract wild honey bees. I'd say it's more like the water bottle in a hamster cage, they'll eat it when they need it.

leapheng ath: What song is that ?

Jade Pendergast: So they're like bee birdfeeders?

KandDs Bees: We make these for the bees for late winter. This gives us "insurance" that if the bees work up the hive too fast and use up their honey stores, they will still have food. Bees typically die in late winter early spring because they run out of their honey stores and it's still too cold out for flowers. Putting these sugar lids on gives them extra food until spring time hits.

KandDs Bees: So far we've had our bees eat an entire board out (20lbs per sugar lid). Last year was light and they had enough honey they didn't need them. Since you can't predict mother nature, we put them on regardless. If you think about it, the bees to put off moisture in the winter time, which travels up and will form condensation if you don't have adequate ventilation. I suppose they use some of that moisture to soften the sugar. But to answer your question, no, it is not too hard.

KandDs Bees: They ensure the bees have food in the late winter months. If your cluster of bees works it's way up the hive really fast and hit the top of the box and have no honey stores, they will most likely die. Putting a sugar board on top of the hive gives us some insurance that they'll have plenty to eat.

Beekeeping: How to make Sugar Boards for Honey Bees 5 out of 5

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