Borderlands 2 Savegame Editor

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NapalmDawn: AHhhhhh okay I now hit this error for the first time. I know what you did wrong. YOu extracted the save file from horizon at the wrong point. You need to double click on your character from the list and pick the content tab and THEN extract it from there.

NapalmDawn: Not familiar with that error message. When does it pop up? Is the error in horizon or in gibbed?

Samuel Geppert: it says cannot load xbox 360 con use modio or equivalent

NapalmDawn: Yeah there's a button that will adjust guns and shields and relics (etc) to your current level. It makes decisions easier so you don't have to trash a gun you really love just because a newer one does some more damage.

Badtouch: Pasting a code* and bank not back :/

Badtouch: Hey nice video It was very informative, just 1 thing tho, when pasted q weapon code into back you press the sync buttom or sync all and it will change them to your level :)

NapalmDawn: I only know things from the xbox side. See Horizon goes into the save and extracts out the stuff gibbed can work with. I don't know if you need an extra step for ps3 save filea.

WeirdoFactories: Even though I set it to "PS3 save files" It keeps on giving me the notification "Failed to load save: Invalid SHA1 hash I don't have to use horizon if I'm on ps3, right? Could you please help me? This error is everywhere on forums, but they never actually say what to do.. :s

NapalmDawn: It's a VERY common mistake and I did it myself. I tried to bring that up in the video to warn others so they don't make the same mistake.

Brandon Allen: WOW i was in pc all the time thats why it wouldnt work...

NapalmDawn: Well I know Horizon updates itself when a new version comes out but maybe you need to update your gibbed?

rocknroll420allways: when i open my save file in the gibbed editor it says an exception was thrown and it wont let me edit anything. WTF?

NapalmDawn: What I did was this. My chars were on my Xbox hard drive. I inserted a flash stick and copied over the commando. I then brought the stick to my PC where I did the save editing. Then I brought the stick back to the xbox. Instead of copying it back, I just played it off the stick. this way I have a perm, pristine back up of the commando on the hard drive.

atenneso: Messed up the LAN MP somehow. Not worth the trouble. I backed up the saves and everything. Hmmm.....

NapalmDawn: Lemme guess, you were messing up the default savegame open type right? :D


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM: That gib thing is a peice of freaking crap

NapalmDawn: Uh...don't know what you're asking. Are you saying that need to unzip it but don't want to pay money for winzip? You can use a free utility like 7zip

Midlock: does the gibbed thing have to run on .zip since my trial ran out and i do wanna pay 25 pounds

NapalmDawn: Welcome. I've been playing some DS3 at the moment but I'd imagine you could use it to make a max level Kreig :D

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