Socom 16 M1A Testing

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David Trumpy: How much do YOU think an ar is? That m1a is easily 1500 add another 9-1000 for the troy chassis. You can ger a decent ar for like 900$ cheapo for like 650

MrWicked98: Saved money and bought an AR............LOL

Cullenb11231: @dp665 The head spacing on an m1a will allow for both .308 Winchester and 7.62 NATO ammo to be fired through it.

arkons1961: How does your left hand feel after shooting a few hundred rounds? Rails on a Socom 16, hurt!

soutex50: Hot damn! Love the sound and recoil on that rifle!

Vincefishing4ever: Awsome rifle. I'm considering getting a socom. Was wondering what kind of rail and stock is your one? It that the vector stock?

springa42: Those rails are lame, you should have saved yourself some money and just bought an AR.

67mustangreg: I know this is an old video, but can you do a more in depth video? that rail and flip ups looks awesome.

Hogkillerm14: @Vincefishing4ever Its a troy mcs stock I just bought me one need to install it

chevygearhead454: @springa42 how cheap do you think AR's are?? saved money my ass
socom 16 M1A testing 4.3 out of 5

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