How To Get The 3DS Homebrew Channel

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RoweeHotdog: And it will never be 1:01 :)

Sonny Egitto: It didn't work >:( it just took me to search suggestions instead and they were all fakes

linkin birch: This is a lie I did this and it did not work

Trevor Smith: For me it DOSEN'T WORK.

Cm0n3y34: Before you correct yourself, it depends on the hardware used for creating and testing the keys. And the tests don't have to be on the 3DS itself. The NAND has been dumped already (albeit still encrypted.) I wouldn't be surprised if a distributed system was used (like @home) to speed up the process.


Zeke N: IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcdev928coolman: no its dumb. its only has 2 freaking stupid demos

tianj bartlette: your video is as freaking fake!!!!! and you need to log the freak out of youtube a get a freaking life u lonely moda freaka

Cm0n3y34: *Hahahaha. *the simple sentence at the beginning. *Talking about My *English, whereas YOUR *Simple encryption *don't *that sure that the 3DS will be successfully hacked, then you have nothing to *lose. *So why won't you bet *on that? *50.00 *dollars! *Cash of course, if you *win. *I'll pay you that *money. If *I win, well then you So many And I have no money. if I did I would be able to afford the hardware and extra 3DSes to be on the front-lines hacking away.

AGuyᵂᶦᵗʰᴬᶰᴬᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ: Now that's a more reasonable number. :P

poopypooppooo: He his you'ed he 3ds to play flash games that have been made to fit and work on a 3ds

Cm0n3y34: Okay, I never said a Wii or a PS3 were 3DS, its called a comparison numbnuts. And I hardly think Atari and THQ are experts on encryption technologies haha. Why don't you google "512 AES Cracked" and look at a few stories. And everything has exploits, nothing is perfect. And the only way the disable thing would work in this case is if they found out about it and preemptively disabled EVERYONE'S 3DSes. Which would not go over well for nintendo.

MrMemo081: qang.

Cm0n3y34: ... "hack-proof" as well is just proof that the 3DS will be hacked eventually as well. Nothing is unhackable, there are just devices that haven't been cracked 100% yet. *YET*

Cm0n3y34: Okay, so that took almost 4 years. Now you realize the 3DS has parts of the DSi firmware in it right? Good, so on unupdated 3DSes, any software vulnerabilities that exist on the DSi will be *gasp* on the 3DS as well! And with one vulnerability, you can break through until you have kernel level access (lookup the "Twilight Hack") Moreover, the fact the DSi took so long really doesn't have a direct bearing on whether the 3DS will be hacked, the fact that it was hacked, despite being...

Michael Peer: It got patched

Link4u_94: Too many negative votes? Wtf?

Gydoko: wow it works! by the way, are you in the Netherlands?

Cm0n3y34: If you don't believe me, look up his flickr, hes got pics of the tests and his setup. With full memory access comes more knowledge of Nintendo's algorithms. And 512 bit AES has been cracked before.

Link4u_94: This is just so retarded. It is just a goddamn webpage.

roboaedin: I was confused; it was 255 in 3rd grade on how many words I could SAY and remember. The wiki said 600-something on fast typing.

Cm0n3y34: One final post, look at this video watch?v=2NwapYq-ZfE Listen to the intro haha And no one thought the ps3 would EVER be hacked. People like you everywhere were saying the ps3 would be forever secured.

MrMemo081: NO PUTO IDIOTA [ coming back at him ]

Cm0n3y34: And if the 3DS is disabled, it wouldn't say "your flash card is not supported." It wouldn't work period. It means they would brick the console itself, or if what you say is true, make it so no games work at all anymore. So either way, everyone will notice.

ShadowEagle5219: It's down

Anitya Kumar: IKR

BeyondDeathday: wrong

roboaedin: It was a typo, I had meant 55. But, now I've recently done a test, it's up to 78. And 216 still isn't the fasted recorded typing speed.

Jonathan Jones: try .net

MK Tony: Gay why would do Tht?

Limaduder: Does this work with the newest 3ds software?

Marshal Francis: its .net

clashofclansfan29: Dont work

KaiLeoChenevert: can u update it plz?

Kieran Weller: FAKE FAKE FAKEY!

Cm0n3y34: So, if you are done sucking Nintendos pickle and telling us all about how perfect and god-like the 3DS's encryption is, I will go back to more meaningful tasks.

Cm0n3y34: No it's not, it's YOUR analogy, you JUST used it... "(i have to remember you - Nintendo DSi was never successfully completely cracked" Okay, you know what, between the lack of real knowledge of technology, and the piss-poor English, I'm done with this conversation. Come back when you have substantial proof and can write at at least the 6th grade level. Goodbye.

xWhiteShad0Wx: does this work on 3DS XL ?

AGuyᵂᶦᵗʰᴬᶰᴬᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ: The fastest typing speed ever recorded was 216 wpm, dipcrap. Typo much?

SuperMario Juan: ok ill subscribe to U :]

ZorotheGallade: Well, this is kinda stupid...has been this way for years, there's just the chopper stuff and HTML code, nothing else.

RagingRottaH2O: Does this void my warranty? Also, is this safe to use?

Jolon Mccree: worked for me lol [:

dubleo99: FAKKKKEEE

Cm0n3y34: Building and selling computers is extremely easy, I did that crap when I was a kid. And EVERY encryption has some weakness, EVERYTHING manmade is imperfect and has weaknesses. There is no such thing as perfect security. And with time every key can be obtained.

drahsid2: It needs updates.

Waker: no the stylus placement is differnt, the 3d slider clicks, the screen are bigge,r it comes with a 4 gig ,card the buttons feel differnt. you can attach a wrist strap on a 3ds xl. the xl does not come with a charging cable

Cm0n3y34: Try reading the whole article, or the correct one... you are not very smart, did you ask mommy for permission to use her computer before you came on here to spam about something you know nothing about? And even hardware can be disabled, besides, the remote control would require WiFi, which *gasp* you don't HAVE to set up!

ares gnauk: omg its working!!!

How to get the 3DS Homebrew Channel 3.5 out of 5

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