Borderlands 2 Kill Handsome Jack Or Bust

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Tanner P: im glad jack comes back to life later

Machine Cinetech: 98 people didn't want to watch woody run around in circles for 25 minutes..make that 99

xJelloFello: Where did you get that Fire Pistol? It does so much damage.. lol

FPS dougan: cool story bro

MrDarkDis: Maybe cause it is 1 of 87 bazillion?

DuckLair JH: it not live ....................

dragonflyjilly: nevermind :P

FPS dougan: its literally right below your post

Fefenrs: woodysawesometag Hashtag cheesy!

KrimsonTide29: "Learn to talk to adults you freak" LOL!

TheSithlord259: i dont think parents approve cussing...

jnbslash: You know Woody's starting to get pissed when he starts cursing ;P

TheAnonymousMad: LOL at the start of the video you were level 24 and at the end you're 27

TheYtTurtle: Yeah BL1 was a EPIC game and i think that if you really enjoyed your time on BL1 on PS3 continue to play it on PS3 i myself got BL1 on Xbox and i got BL2 on Xbox and pc and enjoyed the Xbox version just as much as the pc version if anything i enjoyed the Xbox version better because i am used to playing BL1 on my Xbox and im not gonna say that Xbox is superior because PS3's are just as good so in my opinion get it on PS3:) hope you enjoy borderlands 2 as much as i do.

carlshooter2008: Sniping with a gunzerker -.- "SIGH"

Banethrasher: I'm pretty sure he said that he was only doing the main story, then he started doing some side missions. You have to realize that he isn't going to do every mission.....

JJepse: Hey woody, do you like Borderlands 1 or 2 more ?

vvharrington1: DUDE HE DID DO THAT TMNT MISSION, it's the mission the video started on. I don't care if he's skips missions, but the missions he DOES do he just keeps looking at the whole of it rather then the details of it

blazer7007: @MrBmt94 shut the freak up with ur spamming for ur crap videos

Undertunne: Lol, Woody was about 4 levels under powered!

flisen1000: That robot level was annoying as hell...

xCZxMontuaG: I saw other playthroughs and no-one got lost. :( So I just skipped ahead.

pooppidipoopididoo: this game gets boring wen ur not in the right lvl

Skittle 2015: YES

vvharrington1: sorry, woody I love your vids, but he seems oblivious to most stuff, like he's just playing the game to get through it, there's so many things he's missed out on because he's just trying to get the game over with, like he just never used the robot shield that talks, and he didn't figure out the TMNT reference in the splinter group mission, and he could've fought flinter

John James: LOL your defending the guy who can't spell you must be part of the stupid club with him.

Nick Anderson: I would say Pc but only if you have a computer that can run the game with full physics. The game is really awesome. And I would recommed it since I've done it a couple times now.

JayDub20Sack: Pudding

JimmBeee: the lack of situational awareness and sense of direction are so annoying to me. i cant even count on my fingers the amount of times he walked right passed where he has to go. people tell him things and he blows off the right information and follows the directions of the people who are wrong. and then when he actually is going the right way he decides that hes gonna go a different way and ends up being completely lost again. woody i love you and your videos but you might wana get that checked out

google+™: hey just found modded axton:/watch?v=lvSEH8eWS8s&

a camping nugg: you do get ammo when gunzerking, but only for the weapons you have out for the duration of the gunzerk.

Molest3dPanda: People already beating this games are short these days

Cameron Vernon: That first mission you did with the pizza was a teenage muntant ninja turtle easter egg

Max - Versa.: holy freak you can't spell.

H Baguley: video was only in 240p (terrible quality) when i watched it

Jepix X: He needs to check his map more :p

rocker1296: woody stop freaking sprinting through the map and actually look around don't go from one room to another looking at the same wall like "why doesn't a door open here"

King Nite: If u can see this say pudding...

MrMarston50: Naw man e-tech subs. Are the way to go

TheDarkchaos11: woody what are the hours you play english time as i would like to join you im a lvl 30 commando

James Jamieson: yes, he played it as a walkthrough with 0NS1AUGH7, ONLYUSEmeBLADE, and someone else, can't remember their name :/

FreakShuffle: Ohh, ok thank you, much obliged. Now I know what is all this fuss in about the comments

TheGuyFromThatAlley: Why are there so many spammers and Chanel promoters

hunt3r72: Borderlands is awesome

Jared Webber: little does woody know, that splinter cell mission was a TMNT easter egg

b man: facewpalm

ibihab68: so many undiscovered quests...

grant hall: THIS IS A LONG VIDEO!!

MrAverageatbest: Watching you run in circles is hilarious aaaand painful

WobbaEdits: LOL when Woody concentrates he looks really high!!

Borderlands 2 Kill Handsome Jack or Bust 4.7 out of 5

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