Homemade .22 Pistol

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Gregory McGrath: Guys subscribe to my channel PLEASE

Neil Hughes: welcome to wasteland weapons

HoodiePlayer Full Streams: Im sure, everyone who watched this is on the watchlist now.

HΞLLBΞNT: And this is how simple is to make a gun. With ISIS around, we're freaked.

Dare to compare: and if you fire upwords the bullet will fall back

Jony Tate: I like it IMA make a homemade gun one day

Team Chrome: I'm wondering how you get the casing to eject

Ricardo Souza: that design can be turned into a open bolt sub machinegun

ho kwan mak: can you teach me how to make ?

Mr Wade: can someone tell me where i can get this prts

Thomas Wepfer: There must be a reason why top ejection is not used much.

Noah Koenig: I think it would've been easier to rooster if the bolt was on the left

Immortal Ninja: can u make a video of how to make that gun, pls

Soniccuber: jolt reskin

Mauro Smeets: Looks like a nambu

RAZZ: do you have any construction paper for that i wana make it

Iamnyamgamer: this is genuinely the best home made .22/.20 cal pistol I've seen in a long time

nuriyanto ,: tolong subscrb balik,ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,

fakrudin ahmed: Sir can u show how to make bullet also

Cobra: I would like to see something like a nine millimeter or a 10 millimeter you know something that you can find but that you can use but the emanation easy to find in stores like Walmart or something

Homemade .22 Pistol 5 out of 5

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