1873 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine

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Stazzo82: Poor indians

zombiekiller117: Eventually all the raping and baby killing Indians suffered immense agony. 'Karma' is a bitch, Anti-White

MrFattyfatfatboy: custers guns only had two stops,how does this have three.

Alessandro Consiglio: serve il porto d armi

Sheepsfoot2: 1:33 that little trooper second from the end...needs to go back to basic training.... YOU SLOVENLY SOLDIER>>>> your not even aiming ..> no wonder Crazy Horse's warriors went through them, like a dose of salts.

jjd705: I've shot this rifle,it's really accurate and has a lot of power.

Glenn Grubb: nice early carbine it has the proper long wrist stock and other parts like the hammer that are hard to find I know, I have one made in 1874

NoOdL3z18: I have the standard long barrel version of this Rifle, it belonged to my Great Great Great Grandfather when he was in the Army back in 1875 - 1890. It has been sitting on family fireplaces since then. I have the 18" bayonet and an older cavalry saber with it. All the parts move as they should and there is even some grease left, no rust, no major cracks in the stock. I will probably never fire it of course, it looks great as a display/conversational piece.

Darryl Aoki: @pigwigpa Apparently, the original ammunition (or at least what was issued to the 7th Cavalry) was copper-cased. Copper is rather softer than brass, so it was easier for the extractor to rip the rim (and possibly the base) off the cartridge. The cartridge could also get jammed in the breech due to the pressures of firing.

etornel79: that carbine had..RANGE...

pigwigpa: Didn't the trapdoor have a bad habit of ripping the shell casing. I think I heard something about it years ago, But it might had been crappy ammo

cookervillpop101: i found a mint condition 1873 for $1800

ThePlaceChannel: When the US Army helmet was a Picklehaube, ahh i wish i could time travel.

woody3757: @FoxWood2222 well lucky you :)

hogsnplanes: @FoxWood2222 I had a spare I used, thanks. I will keep you in mind though if I need another.

SandhillDigger: Excellent Video, one question. I do not doubt the authenticity of this weapon, but I believe the unaltered carbines only had two clicks on the hammer where you demonstrated three distinct clicks or positions when roostering it. Thanks for posting this, very nice and up close.

allsportsbandfan: @Bullzeye95 I'd like to ask if the defenders were using brass or copper case bullets? I remember reading about copper getting jammed due to the heat of the rifle after several shots. This was said to have contributed to the massacre at Little Bighorn.

kagi95: Thank you so much for the close up extractor shot. I really needed that because I'm building a model of it. I couldn't get a better shot if I had even asked for it specifically. Great gun, great video.

clewi1091: How much did these guns weigh?

SS13E3: "have you ever seen so many freaking indians in all your life?"

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1873 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine 5 out of 5

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