A PBusardo Review - The Kanger ProTank

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Elizabeth Shaw: More air = more flavor?

William C83: My oh my how far this industry has come in such a short time. When the ProTank first came out I was pretty excited, especially after seeing all the good reviews it had. Then I got one & was really let down, very unimpressive IMHO, even at that time. The vapor was OK but the flavor (IMO) was so muted, a total deal breaker for me. I ended up giving it away about a week later when I got my IBTank  & Boge 510 cartos. Anyway, it was nice to remissness.

Autmn YDG: Push the shaft back in

andrew buckner: even though they come with a "extended length " nose on the coils that come with it the standard  h-2 coils with a shorter nose will also fit with no modifications

chosadei1: $18...Geez I paid $35 and didn't even get the card with the resistances and voltages. It seems again the battery is more important than the tank, I don't get anywhere near that amount of vapor. Smok variable voltage 3.2 - 4.8

bite my vape: sorry pete!!!! called you phil in my ecblend review   you are the vape king and get alot of info and advice from you!!!  VAPE ON!!!!

GRiZLOC: I really love the Protank. All the way from Protank 1 to Protank 3. I love the way its so easy to change the coils on the Protank. Most people even rebuild the coils but thats something I dont. I just buy 5 coils for €6 and vape.

Tyler Boell: Do you have a video where you show how to remove the extra wick in the coils kanger uses?

goded03: I just ordered a provari mini v2.5. I'm a beginner and I'm not sure which tanks I should buy.. I'm not a smoker so I'll be using nicotin-free and low nicotine juices. I want to get huge vapours off of this but I dont wanna struggle with rebuildable stuff yet. Should I buy aspire nautilus? Does it really give burnt taste when you use high VG liquids? What other tanks should I buy to get big clouds and good taste? Sorry for the question bomb but I wanna order the tanks before receiving my provari. Thank you…

Arthur Red: Gnurling, uhhh milling?

Arthur Red: Been vaping for a while now, and my biggest put off is how douchey people get with tweeking thier heads and nodding for no reason whatsoever while vaping...

SubstituteSoulReaper: Dear lord...... I prayed forty three dollars, after tax, for this at my usual smoke shop... I feel freaking robbed, man... 😟

Brian Wool: I love you videos. Very informative and have helped me alot.

With the protank and evod/t3s all use the same heads. what i do and it works great is i remove the silica wick and replace it with cotton not very hard to do, and i find it gives me a better tasting vape and more vapor. i can make the wick longer or shorter depending on the pg/vg ratio.  i know i am posting this very late as they now have the protank 3 but just thought id shar this with you

Kipp Christopher: hey how often do you have to repace the coil in the tank? if i smoke it for about 4 hours a day total? 

etrain989: are those just regular candle wicks? or is it something different? are they washable/reuseable for other eliquids?

myrandom: Fixed the airflow problem....I think

mistermatsuda: Because to took out the extra wick from the head it left a gap where your tank was exposed to the wire.  That's why you had all that black stuff in the tank.  That wick acts almost like a filter, it needs to be there to protect your tank liquid from the coil.

Julie Bastian: Thank you for the helpful tutorials!!

Brian Amster: what battery is that?

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A PBusardo Review - The Kanger ProTank 5 out of 5

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