Maverick 88 12 Gauge 6 Shot Pump Action Shotgun By Mossberg

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ChicagoJohn: Great video.  I'll definitely consider the accessories you describe.  Thanks for posting it.

.mlh: I just bought mine from pickle's Sporting Goods for $219.99 after everything it came out to about $262. Not bad, I cant wait to shoot it though!

WVVan1: Thanks for posting. I was looking at this model and you gave me some good info.

Stanislav Zaitsev: Nice review. Thanks. Guys could you please measure a minimal length of Maverick 88 Security 6-shots with Blackhawk KNOXX Spec Ops Stock? We have local law that doesn't allow shotgun shorter than 800mm. So I need to check before order the stock. Thanks in advance.

Gent1911: Well done! Very informative review. I too have a model 88 and I will order the butt stock (good salesmanship LOL), I have an extra slug barrel (for Mossberg 500 series), it really makes this shotgun a viable slugster out to 75-100 yards (5" group at 75 yards with premium slug rounds from Federal), I also have a 15 year old model 500, these things will last a long time with a little TLC. Again nice video, keep it up!

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @mrmurdahlic the pistolgrip stock I have found online, I forgot what the website was called but you can search for it.. I ordered mines at $99, normally they're about $100.. im seeing some on amazon for exactly $99. The sling and sling adapters or stud, probably you can get at a big 5 or outdoors hunting store. I got mines at bass pro shops in Northern CA

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @FrankDaTank1218 sorry for like a delayed reponse... but for a mossberg as you said I think the forend grips are easily changeable.. this what I have is a maverick made by the company..

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @ThePorter1850 ohhh man... it was so damn hard... it's screwed on tight from the factory but I got it off.. I kinda had to sit on the receiver end and used a flathead screwdriver big enough.. hand was hurting from gripping hard..

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @BlackMesaSecurity yeap up to 3"

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @MegaCramer1 you're welcome man, you'll enjoy it..

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @brooklynkingz123 about $220 ish I believe

Shane Sukeforth: @BlackMesaSecurity ya they do

BlackMesaSecurity: Will these shoot slugs?

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @jelliot83 no problemo man... its a very nice budget shotgun made by mossberg.. you will love it.. merry belated christmas.. and have a happy new year!

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @bedsores2 vintage fit XL banana republic graphic shirt.. biggest size.. :-D

goflamesgo: your shirt is too tight

JimmyFromTheBronx: @redmule02 can you tell me how to remove the magazine tube.I tried to take it off but it is on there really good.

JimmyFromTheBronx: @redmule02 do you know if i can put a 8 shot mossberg 500 magazine tube on my 88 because the forend i want to buy is made for a 500's magazine tube.

s0meGuyMarlyMar: @superCam25 its not meant to be changed over.. yet it is do-able to change the mag tube but it takes gunsmithing, being done by a gunsmith.. near impossible to do it yourself I think.. but I seen a guy's vid on here I believe with the same gun, if not a mossy 500 6 shot, that changed out the mag tube to an 8 shot capacity, and of course u need to get the barrel to go with it... its prolly a couple hundred or so for the mod..

JimmyFromTheBronx: Right now i have the 28 in barrel with the 6 shot magazine tube.could i buy an 18 1/2 in barrel and keep the 6 shot on it.Because i have no clue how to change the magazine tube.

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Maverick 88 12 gauge 6 shot pump action shotgun by Mossberg 5 out of 5

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