Thompson Center Arms 50 Cal Hawken Black Powder Rifle Flea Market Find

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Iamthenate: Nice caplock! I have the same one. Mine wasn't a kit though. Keep that nipple clean!!

Nero619ful: @ terminal99 ok. Thanks.

MrNelsonb2: makes ya feel like Jeremiah Johnson dont it lol

Greg Bailey: Those rifles going new and in the box are close to $900.00 Saw one new for $750.00. I bought mine back in 1987 or so and paid $150.00 for it already to go. It has been a reliable gun. Sometimes it misfires if you don't keep the vent clean. That's a flintlock for you though.

yoshimurazx14: You got a great deal. Just take your time and do it right. The gun sells new for $690 (Dixie Gun Works) I agree with the guys that recommend brown for the barrel. I just redid a T/C Hawkin I gave twenty bucks for. The guy said it was a rust bucket. It turned out great. The American walnut stock is beautiful. Dixie Gun Works has everything you need.

luke19631963: I bought this exact gun in kit form around 1984 for $159.95 locally. I browned my barrel (much easier than bluing and historically correct as bluing didn't exist when this gun was orginally made) My rifle is suprisingly accurate and a blsat to shoot. The double set triggers are adjustable with the little screw by the triggers. In addition to the tang you need a barrel pin.

anareyes01: how much are original hawkens running for? i just inherated one and i heard their pretty expensive?? is that true??

joe weiner: I have always heard it called a tang or a rear tang

jacob dobson: man these r the best guns i bulit mine fron a kit and im 15 an i have killed 5 deer with it 1 buck and 4 does in 1 year this will be my second year deer hunting with it i can shoot out 2 175 yards no probvlem with iron sites i have onley had 1 deer run out of my site and it onley ran 100 yards into the wood all have droped in 100 feer were i shot them they r great guns jist gota lern how to shooot i onley use round balss the work best

burkdogg21: man i wish i could find one that cheap.

trent spivey: The parts you are looking for are sold thru Dixie gun works. Go on line and have them send you a catalog. They carry anything that has to do with black powder rifles or handguns. Good luck. You will enjoy the Hawkins rifle they shoot really accurate.

terminal99: You passed up a good deal. There are three completed listings for Thompson stocks without the barrels on Ebay. They all sold for around $150. A complete barrel assembly sold for $125.

weitzfc1: the part is a tang .for parts i say , track of the wolf, dixie gun works or the gun works. rebrown the barrel and she'll be good to go. believe it or not , at that price you got a deal.

bones020694: i found a nice one of these at an antique store. the man is asking 200, but i think i can get him lower. its blued steel, not stainless, and its only missing the ramrod. should i buy it? its the flintlock version

anareyes01: its an original

terminal99: @firewoodguy2009 Thanks

flimflamman53: you dry fire like that and you will mess the nipple 45. is ok price saw one at the market for 70.00 not a kit like new. black powder guns dont sell too good.

HooseBinPharteen: @yoshimurazx14 It's amazing, isn't it? "One man's garbage is another man's gold." I love getting deals like that.

Nero619ful: How much is it worth in good condition? Thanks please reply

terminal99: A used Thompson Hawken rifle in very good shape goes for between $300 - $400. An original from the 1840's St. Louis gun shop of Samuel and Jacob Hawken would be expensive.

blunt3068: @anareyes01 they are over $400 now

terminal99: Thanks, I found a tang and I'm in the process of wet sanding the barrel to blue it.

weitzfc1: brown it . it'll come out prettier

terminal99: If it's a Thompson Center and in good condition, I see that they go for begtween $300 to $400 on Gunbroker.

charlie brown: i think its a tang

flimflamman53: yep looked this sat. did see the guy.

terminal99: There is a wide price range for these. Older guns from the 70's are more desireable and factory guns bring more than kit guns. I would say just list it on Gunbroker and see what happens.

terminal99: @buffalosoldier0534 Thanks. I found the parts I needed on Ebay. I made a follow up video of the completed rifle.

FreshurricaneSix: why do i see routinely see this exact gun for an asking price of $790? i have this gun--in really good condition--but i want to sell it. i need to know if it's worth $250, $500, or $750 before posting it for sale. what's with the crazy price range

carlallen934: That part is called a tang your also missing the barrel pin

Fireinthehole: This is really cool. I managed to pick one up at a auction for 70 bucks. It has all the parts and is in nice condition. I cant wait to get out and shoot it! It'll be my first time shooting a black powder.

terminal99: @Nero619ful A Thompson black powder Hawken rifle would be worth around $250.

CP 1993: dixie gun works will have you need more than likely

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Thompson Center Arms 50 cal Hawken Black Powder Rifle Flea Market Find
Thompson Center Arms 50 cal Hawken Black Powder Rifle Flea Market Find
Vernier Tang Sight on a Thompson Hawken .50 cal Rifle
Vernier Tang Sight on a Thompson Hawken .50 cal Rifle

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