Double Power T708 7'' Internet Tablet With Multi-touch And Android 4.0.3 OS

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Marcus Davids: Hi Michael Cunningham Any chance u could send me a copy of your scatter file for your T708B. I need it to repair my phone with. tnx.´╗┐

adrienne m silva: Hi how can u trasfer the apps to the sd card it those not say nothing i put a new sd but wen i go to settings it wont give me the option can u help me plis´╗┐

KB Peralta: I bought this tablet 3 months ago for my son's birthday and it doesn't even turn on now. Its been well taken care of but the charger fits it loose and you have to be moving it around for the it to actually charge. Well since the charger won't charge it at all anymore I purchased it a new charger for it and won't charge or turn on either, I am so frustrated with this tablet. Any ideas before I chunk in the trash :( please....

ninuun23: I have this tablet and so far it plays any video type you put on it, Including mkv. Also it does read word and powerpoint it also comes with documents to go, where you can create and edit word powerpoint and exel files.

Shigeno Goro: That's awesome man. Thanks for the reply and review. I hope I can get some at Walmart when I go to California on September

Michael Cunningham: With the dolphin HD browser you can select desktop mode and use the flash to see any website the way you want it.

johncenaarena: can you please upload a video of you running ONLIVE on this?

j Cadwell: How do you get apps on the tablet? Every app I have tried through the marketplace has given me an error when downloading.

Michael Cunningham: I did not have a clock on mine did you change the background?

TheRealLazyBrown: @Gary Sweeting I think its pre-rooted

JOPPMAN8000: netflix works and I'm using this tablet to post this

Manager104: How does You tube run on it?

hobot22: on the basis of your good recommended, I did buy the T708. It works as expected and better. But the Tube Mate downloads just to the internal memory even though I destinationed it to SD card and so I always run out of memory. And YT dnlds often fail for lack of video data

tyoswift: can you get any app on this device .?

Dominican Joy: can u do face time in it???

Jeff Lin: T-708 could share internet access with cell phone. I tested with a Android phone.

gotflickbitch33: Just got this i recomend it if your looking for somthing cheap pretty fast internet and youtube works good

Michael Cunningham: Cool

Manager104: @ michael I want to get this for my daughter and she loves you tube how does that run on it?

genesis cardenas: did the Google play market work when you bought ?

Andherewego: Google play

Jasmine Martinez: best buy has it online with ship to store option.....thats where i got mine....:) it took about 3 days....:)

Michael Cunningham: Nice clear screen

TheAmazingDoctorNick: i was talking to my friend about this tablet today and he kept saying i should get this other tablet that's like 500 bucks because it has an HD screen and is made by "the best tablet company in the world". He just couldn't realize how great this tablet is at this price.

Michael Cunningham: sweet let me know how you like it?

hobot22: The android filing system seems really cumbersome to a first time uzr as myself. I wd look for desk top icons in a filing tree. Somebody plz get with me to help as I feel dumber than dirt

Michael Cunningham: yes

Michael Cunningham: No blue-tooth that would be sweet

Michael Cunningham: ? really?

Natalie Dobina: Just got this tablet for my son's bday--how did you get rid of that annoying analog clock on the home screen?

Chris Thompson: If I make the purchase I'm going to buy a 32GB SD for it.

Michael Cunningham: Google store and amazon.

Evan Sweeting: Can this tablet be rooted?????????

Michael Cunningham: Not that I know of, If anyone comes across any let me know.

Michael Cunningham: um sorry ?

reggie mejia: This tablet run 3d games ? And it has bluetooh or 3g red???

sexicantravioso1: I see it on walmart's website right now for $99 , its been there for a long time. this tablet is only sold online.

jahmar lee: hey i had a polaroid tablet from biglots, and i returned it today becuz it wouldnt load my apps.AT ALL. nd i did everything i could nd it wuld nt load, im about to buy this tablet, will it download oovoo, nd temple run? nd will it have any problems????

Michael Cunningham: When I bought it, it did have the Google play store.

crimsonhawk11234: does it have bluetooth

Cryssystar1: hey..I just purchased one and I'm having touble connecting to wifi. Everytime I switch from off to switches right back. I'm using the wifi at home.

Mike Maddux: How do you go about installing Flash?

EpicPCGamer23: I'm going to ask my dad

Michael Cunningham: all that I know of including Google play store and amazon app store.

Matt Allen: I'm trying to get netflix on it but it says my device is not compatible. Anyone know the problem?

Drew Newberry: Is the HDMI port a mini HDMI or a regular

Michael Cunningham: Yes it does.

Michael Cunningham: It still like it

neny1202: thanks for all your answers, i order mine yesterday from walmart!

amongthchosen: Ordered it a few days ago and will hopefully be getting it soon

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Double Power T708 7'' Internet Tablet with multi-touch and Android 4.0.3 OS 4.5 out of 5

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