How To Make NATURAL Homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo (to Grow Hair & Treat Hair Loss) - Part 1 Of 3

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Rocio Aguilar: Can I use almond oil? 

MrandMissConverted: Apologies, I did not mention in the video that straining the shampoo after blending is ideal if rinsing thoroughly might pose a challenge with some hair types. The white dandruff like bits are fibrous pieces that are within the leaf (since the 'gel' is not all gel substance). Let me know how things work out after straining.

MrandMissConverted: Consider refrigerating it. Also see the other parts to this series for information about natural preservation.

rosyivory: As I see all characteristics you mentioned of each ingredient benefits oily hair/ scalp what about dry hair/ scalp is this shampoo good for it too?

MrandMissConverted: @linamarquez It really is a matter of experimenting for your hair type and length. Regarding the oil, my blog has details since the number of drops may depend on your circumstances. However, you could omit the oil altogether, especially if your hair is not a dry type. Re the water, try will just a little, maybe 1/4 cup and then keep adding a LITTLE at a time if you need when lathering. Let's know how it works out.

ridahina: i have minor fungal infection due to that my scalp is secreting more sebums will this work on me can anyone suggest me how long i should use it.

MrandMissConverted: Never tried hemp oil. You will need to experiment, preferably by starting with very small volumes first. Having said that, you really do not need oil at all. I mostly skip the oil and get great results.

MrandMissConverted: You may use as much as you need to get your hair clean. Whatever fits into the palm of your hand about once or twice might suffice? ... maybe more if your hair is longer perhaps. It's not a science and it should be safe to use as much as you like without concern of toxicity.

rockstepa: This may be a weird question but I honestly don't know and I didn't see anything regarding this but just to be sure, do you have to refrigerate the shampoo to help it last or can you leave it out in room temperature?

MrandMissConverted: @morelovetum Apologies for not giving that information. The number of drops largely depends on various factors that include your age and whether you are pregnant. You can find a table with that information on the following page of our blog naturopathiccontrol [DOT] blogspot [DOT] com/2010/10/solutions-for-specific-hair-and-scalp.html Let us know about your results

officialanitagrace: There are many reason for hair lost. I will tell anyone u must address the problem inside and out. U must find out if ur hair loss is due to stress, medication, chemicals, ph and so forth. When i lost my hair it was because of a new blood pressure medication. I cleaned my blood and system out with a supplement called Red Japanese Pine Oil and began to take B complex and vitiam c. I hope this helps u. Take care.

MrandMissConverted: @tutushunu If you have dry hair, using the oil will be more useful than otherwise. Therefore, if you do not have dry hair, consider using less or no oil. The oil works best for people with dry hair. Let us know how it works out.

MzzJay1Diva: Can I use the whole leaf aloe vera juice from the vitamin shoppe?

TheBigbirdri: @mrandmrsconverted i have a question , instead of planting an aloe vera plant can i buy jojoba &aloe vera oil and use it with the same results , if so what brand or sites would you reccomend plz reply asap. Thanks!

tutushunu: hhi there it sounds very good m goin to try this one may god bless u all :)

MrandMissConverted: You mentioned aloe "OIL". Be careful. My impression is that aloe oil on the market cld be mineral oil with hints of aloe vera. If you only have 2 oils, you'll still need commercial shampoo. This approach defeats the purpose of natural shampoos. BTW, the jojoba oil is optional for people with dry hair (like some black people) If you really can't have a plant, aloe vera juice is possible. I make my own aloe vera juice and can not advise on brand names. BTW, juice will NOT sud.

miranda lands: I'm sure it work just as good.

MrandMissConverted: Yes it will. However, the lather will certainly NOT be as thick as that of the commercial shampoos. In fact, it has more of a slippery feel. The 3rd part of this video discusses this (and other FAQs). The links of the subsequent parts to this video are in the description of this video.

Temickab b: I have essential oils and a carrier oil which is grape seed oil. IS that ok to use?

MrandMissConverted: @makanisouza Sorry for not having responding sooner. That depends on a few factors specific to you. Have a look at the matrix on the page on our blog: naturopathiccontrol [DOT] blogspot [DOT] com/2010/10/solutions-for-specific-hair-and-scalp.html See how it works over time and make the necessary adjustments. Let us know how it works out for you.

littleevan: @littleevan uuh yea, i forget how much time do i need to use this to see the results??????? and if i can mix with other shampoos or conditioner the comercial ones??? thanx!!

MrandMissConverted: You may use other oils that are suitable to the condition of your hair and scalp. ... In fact, you can also proceed without oil at all.

pujanishify: Can this shampoo prevent hair fall? And I usually massage my head with coconut oil before washing it off so does this shampoo clear all the oil from hair?

AyuDomi: can i use aloe vera gel witch i bought already in the bottle?

edu ed: Do you put the jojoba oil into the blender mix? how much? Thanks

MrandMissConverted: yes, this shampoo is very good for dry hair and scalp.

MrandMissConverted: Absolutely! It is excellent for natural black hair. See also part 2 re preserving this shampoo. The link is also in the description of this video.

Mary Jacobs: I had all the intention in the world to make this, but I'm sorry, I got lazy. I've been using argan oil and it's been really helpful, noticing results already :) But I kinda wanted to mix it up with something, I have one called Moroccan Argan oil from Pro Naturals, it's good! Got it online (beyas) and it's silicone free so it's worth the extra time.

Mariana Pingüin: Hi, thank you very much for uploading this. I want my curly hair o grow long but the longer it gets, the dryer. I will start using this shampoo. My question is, do you have a recipe for hair conditioner too? I know there is one you can make with banana, honey and olive oil but I want to make sure because your channel seems to be more professional than others. My second question is, how can I preserve it, in the refrigerator or with an extra ingredient? thanks!!!!

MrandMissConverted: MOST DEFINITELY! I got this idea from the rastafarians (who lock their hair). My addition was blending the gel versus their rubbing the gel into the hair. BTW, In addition to focusing on washing your hair, also concentrate on CONDITIONING your hair with aloe. Really allow it to penetrate your hairstyle. Also, do not be afraid to only lightly rinse out the final 'wash' (so that some remains). I'd heard that it might leave a reddish hue. Let's know if this is true for you. Don't be a stranger.

littleevan: hey thanx this looks interesting, im gonna prove it, but a few questions, can i mix the oils formules?? i mean if a want to promote hair growth and stop hair loss can i mix the ingredients of each one?? or i have to 2 2 differents shampoos? i had the worse hair ever.. and its long & i want to recover it so... im so gonna prove this , thanx and hope can aswear me!!

Roxanne P.: Can I also add in castile soap?

MrandMissConverted: This is extremely rare. I should also add that, subsequent to doing this video, I realize that the workaround is rinsing off the brown liquid before using it. I now leave the aloe vera gel in my hair for extended periods of time without a problem. People usually test something new by putting a little on one small spot on your body. Let's know how you manage!

beadydani: Create tutorial, so easy I will defo be making this.

Lexan Ilagan: can it make my hair stops from falling??

Amber Graham: Can you use other EO such as peppermint oil or other carrier oils?

ASGREENE123: there is a soay aloe plant. can this also be used.

Silvermistlol: Can I use a juice extractor to put the hole leaf of aloe? in that way it wont be necessary to strain it. And how many drops of jojoba oil its needed?

Sharon Lewis: If you don't use all the mixture can it be stored for a while like a few weeks? If so do I refrigerate it or leave it out? I leave very near the equator.

MrandMissConverted: @IsisJina (Show the comment) Some stores do sell entire leaves. Try sourcing that if possible.

MrandMissConverted: If you can buy an entire leaf, that will work fine.

2456girl: hi can you please tell me if you tried this- and how u preserved it.and make it last for a long time?

TheBigbirdri: @mrandmrsconverted , me again ... I bought plunkets 99% pure aloe gel butim not quite sure on using it because it contains sodium hydroxy methlglycinate should i still use it ? , if so how ?

Ramesh Mohata: hi, can i use bitter aloevera

AyanaTheBeauty: What else can you use instead of jojoba oil

MrandMissConverted: Yes, you can use other oils that you think can help you. However, before using oils, consider the effect of oil on hair that is not dry. See part 3 to this series of videos for a short discussion on that. Let us know the oil that you used and its effect. ... This is a live laboratory!

AlterEgoTravis: Aloe vera definitely cures itchy scalp. I cut a plant I had when I had some serious itch, and I mean serious....I just removed the flesh, blended it and massaged it into my scalp. The itch was gone within minutes and I was sooo relieved. That itch was killing me for days!!!

Sahaar Turner: this is really good for natural hair as well.

Nathalie de wit: How much ml aloe vera and jojoba do you use?

2456girl: anyone know how we can preserve this? and how long will it last for?

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