Forced Haircut - Girl's Long Hair Cut Off In Her Bed

What do you think about this video?

Brendan McDowell: What the freak?

Amirtha Anshula: What happened

Ellyn Morrisey: what happens next bestza122: Holy crap what the freak man bestza122: Why he like to haircut

Kimberly Knox: Scary to think this happens in our communities

vanessaschanel: why is this video disturbing according to youtube?

tutorialsbySST !: How is this disturbing?

Watch Out Weirdo In The Way: WHAT THE FRENCH 0-0

Kayley Wells: OMFG

SidecutLover: Wow. That is freaky, it looks kinda fake. I kinda want my hair chopped off like that, while I passed out so there's no worry. At least hair grows back!

Mahogany Redford: The video was sent to me to intimidate me just like the last one. If you go to my channel and look at the other videos, it'll make more sense.

flamboyant0: im glad the cutter is not going after men with long hair. The woman that got her hair cut off would be jealous of my waist length hair, especially because im a male

philbio66: You're a creep.

hmoments1107: insane and disgusting...

katemkmatheson: Is this real it looks like a wig

xoKayleigh241: ...not quite sure what I just witnessed...

Mahogany Redford: Me too. I'm pissed at being threatened. And I'm worried about this girl since she's missing.

john cleshai: what if these guys do get you, what would happen

ray sheen: ?!

Bernhard Kraus: how do you do that?

Mahogany Redford: Thanks for your concern. I am taking precautions. I have friends and police officers who have my back.

godivafishsaloon: Creepy vois

lary2me: What a shame this girl lost her long hair.

skibum7986: Either way, i think it's so awesome her long hair was cut off !!!

Mahogany Redford: Yes.

Richard Pearson: you bastard. hope you get sent to prison.

preciliano perea: I really like this video.

Steph Sumalde: did the cutter cut your hairy yet

Jordyn Jo: Oh my god is this some kind of sick joke. This is frightening! Whats going on and if its real why on earth are you being threatened!?

flamboyant0: the cutter is going to cut your hair. BTW, have you found the victim in this video

Androidsucksass69: this video obviously isn't fake or anything...

Day Keith: Okay does anyone else find this freakin creepy??

TheMrLalalalala: Reading some comments here I don't understand. Is this ''Cutter'' a real offender or is this video some kind of theatral way to show a haircut ? If it's something ''real'', how did you get this video ?

OddballAnn: I don't think these are real. These people sound like they're joking around, and they like that you're buying it. Seriously, how could someone break into someone's room just to cut their hair off? It looks like there were still people in the house awake at the time this was going on, so I don't understand how they got in to just chop her hair off. It doesn't make sense at all. It's possible she set this up as well. It looks like she just got done straightening her hair out and everything.

Mahogany Redford: Real hair. Real haircut.

Mahogany Redford: It is.

Mahogany Redford: People break into houses all the time to commit crimes - sometimes worse crimes than this. Having lights on down the hall doesn't mean anyone is there and being well groomed doesn't mean you're going to be safe from attack. I do agree that it doesn't make sense, but there are crazy, dangerous people in the world. Some of them even joke around when they're doing bad things.

Mahogany Redford: I'm being threatened because I wouldn't take down videos I posted about them earlier. They don't want to be exposed for what they're doing, but I want them to get caught so I'm refusing to take down the videos.

btstv: is this for real? the voice is more funny than scary. Don't pay attention to these types

Muhammad Havis: That's a real haircut ?

diego maradona: when,I can do like this?

Margo Gogo: I like when his fase me when I sleep and after you cut me I like her hair as she and I are tired of her hair and

Mahogany Redford: I don't know. The first victim I became aware of was held in some kind of underground prison before she escaped. Hopefully this victim is still alive and will escape, as well. Hundreds of thousands of people in the USA are reported missing every year. Tens of thousands are never found. I don't know how many of them this group is responsible for. Certainly not happy that they're in my neighborhood.

jenyafantitanic911: hair rape

Kerry-Ann Ximines: Holy crap

Ellie Brown: this iss sooo sad abuse

Monica R: i think this is cerrpy! is this real????

Mahogany Redford: That's what we're trying to find out.

Charlotte Kitsune: This is the kind of thing that would trick old people on Facebook.....

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Forced Haircut - Girl's long hair cut off in her bed 3.8 out of 5

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