Injustice: Gods Among Us | All Super Moves HD

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Mohammad Hossam: This is nothing compared to mortal kombat x 😂😂😂

Al Sky Allen: I'm wondering what is the name of this intro song that is on injustice anybody know?

Leonardo Garcia: Lex Luthor spirit bomb heh

Angelo Roque: It gets tedious

Angelo Roque: Needs more than just one super move.

Michael S: I wold any one want to play this if y ou cant kill eachother I find it offensive they are trying to be like mortal kombat

Tanisha Lee: deathstroke

welshbl0ke: all he put was his name

sibionic: what's the point of putting this up and then crowding the screen with junk?

MrPuncakeManXD: How

Broketoon: yes, yes I have.

adrian richards: batmans super move is the coolest of all

Michael Cusick: I mean green arrow he would power up

Michael Cusick: If black Adam actually said shaman and it hit green lantern

MrShocktrupr: 1) Why in the hell would you support the Confederacy? 2) I'm white, thank you very much 3) You should stop listening to bullcrap

De Prins van Oranje: First of all I'm not from the US. Second, You must be black Third, stop believing your country's Propaganda But I am done talking to you, I try not to debate with sheep too long.

DrizzyTheKing: That's the second time he hit bane with a car the first one was in arkham asylum

MrShocktrupr: If you believe that you are both naive and a fool. The Confederate Constitution had sections THAT ENSURED THE CONTINUATION OF SLAVERY. Regardless, I take comfort in the fact that the Union triumphed and crushed the Confederacy. Regardless, the vast majority of the US will always remember Lincoln as a hero, since he won, and winners write the history books. I know that some of you people like to be delusional and think your rebellion was justified, but the rest of us don't see it that way.

De Prins van Oranje: If thats what you want to believe be my guest. Slavery would have died out on its own in the early 1900's as a cause to the mechanization of agriculture All I will say is that Lincoln was no better than the British during the revolutionary war, he supressed a revolution for state freedom and therefore he is a tyrant. And he got what he deserved. Sic Semper Tyrannis

MrShocktrupr: 1). They left the Union, which is an act of treason 2) Hardly a war over nothing. 3) It wasn't all about slavery, but that was a very important part of it. The Union was moving towards abolishing slavery and so much of the South's economy depended on slaves to grow the crops they needed (cotton, tobacco, etc.) that it was a very important reason for seceeding. 4) Lincoln was a fantastic president, as he managed to restore the Union It is a flag of those who betrayed their country. I spit on it.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us | All Super Moves HD 5 out of 5

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