BHO Vape Pen Demo - Eclips, MicroG, Cloud, Trippy

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Sarah Gardner: My Eclips button keeps flashing three times and won't heat up.  Does anyone have a suggestion how to resolve this?

Robert Cervantes: Doesn't work with herb but the happy pen is jus the same but comes with 3 atomizers one is for herb n one for oil,wax,shatter n one for ecig liquid

NeoRaidenn: Does it work with herbs? I was told it does but I couldn't get mine to vaor msybe I'm doing something wrong?

Iz Llamas: How do I get my goo in there?

mike dombrowski: Can u do dry herbs in it

TheRsmachine: can you use dry herbs???

Nick A: yea same for me mine broke first day

MRGOMEDADOME: My coil won't light when I press my was working fine then stopped working same day I bought it

Adrian Pineda: Thanks for this video I just got this at hemp con for 40 $

marroquin415: Mine has a screen on top of the heating coil, should I remove it to use wax or oil?

Suge White: Were did you find the prong style coil?

Sean Brady: Button sticking due to sticky fingers is a big problem. Also ensure the battery atomizer connection posts are clean.

Sean Brady: When you hit the button, you should see the heater heat. The atomizer has to be securely plugged into the battery base. The button should light up and off as you press it. If it's staying lit, it may be getting stuck. If it's still not heating, the heater wire may have broken.

Jeremy Y.: grencoscience com/collections/all/products/microg-tank

Ryan Mackie: Where did you find your newer coil?

Sean Brady: I hit it hard for 8-12 hours, and charge it every night. Days if you use it light as I sometimes do though.

Daniel Navarrette: how long is the battery life?

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BHO Vape Pen Demo - Eclips, microG, Cloud, Trippy 5 out of 5

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