HTC Tytn 2 Running Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 Full Hardware Working

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CLONE BR: is missing some folders, giving error on update,{unit unable to open persistent property directory / data / property error}.I get this message and does not continue the installation

Uriel Kasabe: It needs to gapps

CLONE BR: failed to reach system.img on sd card help

muhammad N Abdullah: @Wong Sie Ying disable pc anti-virus when extract

muhammad N Abdullah: @chrisihl see video description :D

Radeon Wolf: Haha,worked for me:D:D

simon: THIS IS WORM!!!! DONT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

hasan huseyin: the phone must be reset first then you do then you succeed

hasan huseyin: thanks man

VierFF: I can not make it work..... can you help?

muhammad N Abdullah: @VierFF whats problem?

sata ali: please where can I download the giger bread 2.3.5

alejandrok9000: wat kernel?

mayur pednekar: hi, i'm unable to go past by the ''Haret: Booting Linux'' screen since hours for my ty tn 2. please assist Muhammad.. Thanks, Mayur

muhammad N Abdullah: see ghost at 0:36 hahaha

franzUNO: Yyyyyyyyyyyyy

Pancho Carrera: Hey man,can i back to the originl design of the phone?plese answer me!(sorry for my bad english,i speak spanish)

Jilson joy: i did not understand this part *to run img LINUX ubuntu 1.5gb on microSD htc tytn II.just rename startup.txt

Devorick Geldenhuys: its not a need for those files, i am currently booting my TyTn II with the files i downloaded and so far it is going good....Thanx dude..I've been searching and this is the first one that actually worked

Hesham Sweed: hi how can i get that file please img LINUX ubuntu 1.5gb ?

lightningwave: Hey, which version did you download? And did you have to modify anything or was it just like that?

Marijo Gegić: ANDBOOT is not ok link please new link if you now ??

Hesham Sweed: some files are not inside the rar :(

eisang: where did you get the android update?

muhammad N Abdullah: @eisang video description

theone hq: Hi, i have just recently download this software, but can not boot the .exe file, can anyone here help me step by step to install this great andriod on my old HTC TYTN II?? Please email me the applicable download link for the program on : Thank you.

kuknik123: What class is your memory card????

naniroony80: where system and data 256 mb please give me the link

eisang: where did you download it?

thakvs: the haret file in his folder didn't work for me, i downloadet the file here: and replaced it with the original.

oggy997: could you please upload your all your files cuz i doesnt work for me on my tytn 2 :/

metall memo: wifi is not working what to do ??

muhammad N Abdullah: @mayur pednekar try install again

abdallah ahrashedi: Where the files

Calin Budisan: Hey i have a problem. I clik the heret for key but happen nothing . my answer is i need a specific program for open heret for key :)? plz help

alejandrok9000: ammmm and kernel?

muhammad N Abdullah: @Wolf Narcis yeah, also this android already rooted

Giuseppe Seminara: please help me for instal ????????????????

bloodopsxMoBx: how did u get the sound to work?

Wong Sie Ying: Why i cant see any haret program ???i had already extract the file number 1 and file number 2, put both of it in my sd card. But when i go to file explorer, i just cant see any haret in the folder i create as "andboot"

cybermankey: MSE and MacAffee reported Andboot folder contains virus in haret executable!

Jhonatan Hernández: could u tell me what´s the difference between RLS2 and RLS3?? thanxs

sebastian saavedra: empieza a funcionar haret y la pantalla se pone blanca

andres mauricio bedoya gomez: buenas noches, tienes algun tutorial de como instalarlo.

muhammad N Abdullah: @cybermankey haret.exe not a virus dude, just disable

muhammad N Abdullah: @lightningwave from Scoot CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RLS3 xda developer

muhammad N Abdullah: 8gb...class 4 only

Calin Budisan: hey i have a problem i try to click a haret for key and don't happpen nothing . . . my answer i need a program for open haret for key ?:)

muhammad N Abdullah: @Pancho Liliconi yes, this android only run on your microSD , not effect your stock Windowsmobile

HTC tytn 2 running android gingerbread 2.3.5 full hardware working 5 out of 5

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HTC tytn 2 running android gingerbread 2.3.5 full hardware working
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