WL Toys V912 HD Video Review Vs WL Toys V911

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Jerome Salmon: Yes it does not like going forward. Had mines since march 2017, only flown it in my back yard. Carried it to the field May 1st and it flew ok, then a strong updraft brought it way up and iver some trees. Stick fully forward but it kept going backwards till i lost it. Ordered a new one.

Sandy Jenkins: I had mine less than a month. For some of reason the radio reversed some channels and I have no idea how to fix it. It's on eBay cheap now.

MR.SINISTER: good video.. im planning on getting a helicopter do u recommend this model for beginners? and wats ur iverall rate on this model from a scale of 1-10? i like it n its cheap price

jeffrey lee: Hi!!!!! you are talking to the helicopter or talking to yourself!!!?

Arlette Padilla: yours brushless or brushed

Stephen Michael Dirse: Great video and pretty good flying.

ultrabaiter: You have the rotor head set at 45 degrees (looks like it from here anyway!)

This will also reduce the responsiveness of the model...90 deg makes it MORE responsive..

Anyway...I like this model..but I am only a beginner : D SO its good for us i reckon...very happy with my purchase...couldnt believe how cheap it is...

I got the brushless version, a battery and 2 bags of spares for under £100...incredible

Ruudy L: Its not fair comparing this Heli too the 911 it like comparing a jet fighter to a Jumbo.
I have 3 V911 and just love them for indoor flying, with no wind outside is also possible.
The V912 I got from a friend, who could not handle it, seemed to have been setup wrongly, which does happen, it came with the better TX which makes handling much better, also for the V911.
The V912 I noticed is tail heavy, which I solved by sliding the battery more forward and a piece of wheel balancing lead in the nose of the canopy, forward flight is now faster.
Banggood sells upgraded Lipo's for this Heli , gives it a lot more power. Also you can upgrade it with a brushless motor and different gears, this gives you a higher head speed and faster responds, but then you might buy a flybareless Heli 

Joshua Jovovich: It is slow to react because it has a bell rotor head, meaning the flybar is placed at a 45 degree angle to the blade pitch rather than a 90 degree angle, therefore reducing movement by half unfortunately. 

James Williams: I personally would expect the larger, heavier heli to be less responsive than the small 911.  The power to weight ratio is probably much higher on the 911 than the 912.

Rene Recek: how to make to helicopter flight stady
 on remout controler

Christian Moody: I have this helicopter, I love it and I have no problem making it hover. It maneuvers very well for me. I had crashed it probably 30-40 times before the tail rotor gear stripped. Still a good helicopter.

Marcio Barcellos: Mr. f5f5quick. Let me guess. After this flight or some time after, you had to change the tail gear. Taking off and landing on the sand, certainly will damage tail gears. I could hear the typical noise of the tail gear damaging. I suggest to you watch the following video..watch?v=yeHehnJGVhc

Juan Rengifo: thanks for the answer.

QcChopper: short answer, yes you can but you will not have the turbo button which gives you like 120% servo travel. I fly v911s and v912 with the v912 TX, I recommend getting it, it is much smoother and it doesn't look and feel as much like a toy.

Juan Rengifo: Hi, can i use the V911 Control with the V912?, Thanks.

TheBeatSmith: Have you considered getting a hobby grade 4 channel.....they fly much better.

Wu-Tang Killa-Beez: When the gyro sets at the beginning of the "turn on", tilt it slightly forward. That will make you move slightly faster

SigSkyline: As for your responsiveness, I'm certain you fully know what you're doing, so I'll jut remind you to check the servo throws. Where the control rod fits to the servo arm, make sue it's in the hole furthest from the servo. Also, on the top swashplate, you'll see two pairs of balljoints for the control rods to fit to. If you dismount the control rods from the balljoints that are close in and mount them to the balljoints that are far out.

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WL Toys V912 HD video Review vs WL toys V911 5 out of 5

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