How To Get And Use Ilivid

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Dan Dani: IT'S A VIRUS!!

Callum Brown: Don't download this.

Kogey Fox: LOL Look at how many toolbars this freaknugget has in his browser. His desktop is just filled with crapty malware!

Abraham Gomez: ok guys its not a virus :P I has a virus ad on it so if it says accept offer or deline offer u click decline and if it says costom installation and auto installation click costom installation and check of the offers they have for ilivid.ok? u got if u did lick :D

Abraham Gomez: yup I just installed no virus no nothing it was just the ads and u decline them remember DECLINE JUST DOWNLOAD ILILVID!!

BossDK: My title for that video are : How to get a virus

Tristan White: i wanna know how to put it on my windows media player 

Abraham Gomez: wtf is malware ??

ScDisco45: well...first thing.I am not sure this works on other sites than youtube. But to download a movie if on YT u download it as the music video.U paste the URL in the adress bar.If it doesn't work you could try updating ilivid. I am not sure about the other sites than youtube. I'll have a look and PM you ok?


gabzs b: What video player do you use it with , it didnt work when i tried to use windows video player ? :(

ScDisco45: crap happened to me bro...

ScDisco45: No...use utorrent or bittorrent

ScDisco45: No it doesn't...look...there are cookies that contain virus parts(those cookies are on porn sites...most of them) and they gather the virus piece by piece...the cookie is not taken as a virus by the anti-virus, but when all the pieces are there...the virus is formed and PC crashes.And you suspect the last application installed (I guess at you it was ilivid..right?)'re problem if you watch porn and get viruses..not mine ;)

ali smith: does it download torrents ???

Detraxa: do NOT use this program it is a virus

ScDisco45: I guess so... The site has to be suported by ilivid (ytd downloader suports more...) and you have to get a valid cideo link...not the page adress. I'm gonna make a video to show an example

LMDiti 10: i didn't get any virus,it's safe

Gordon Liddy: Can you split up a video into parts less than 15 minutes? For Youtube upload without having to give them your number to verify account.

Mason PvP: i subbed to your channel NOT nobody listen to this lier it will load your pc with ads and will re write your registry files with their registry files. you will need a windos offline scanner whatever its called to save your pc from this.... DONT DOWNLOAD IT

XGAMERSDAYX: How do you download free movies then?

BloodyFlesh626: How do you download a movie to watch and not a music video?

ScDisco45: well...uh try downloading google chrome and then download again should help...if it doesn't PM me i'll find something for u man.

nowisnice: I can't get iLivid to work. Pasted numerous links, it always says bad format or no internet connection. It's almost like YT have stopped it working.

ScDisco45: If it is on youtube download it normally...can't help you for other sites...

ScDisco45: ...i do not deny that ilivid may have is not my problem...i didn't got nothing bad...

ScDisco45: no problem

Gordon Liddy: Cool. I'm trying to split a 23 minute video up into 2 parts & I'm getting nowhere. I'm new to it though.

CAL: This is a virus u know that right?

Cristian Velazquvez: hey can u download movies from other websites?

ScDisco45: I don't know how to do that or whit what but you can.I will get into it and make a video demonstration about it. P.S. This may take a while...till I find all the crap and stuff...then I will make a video and u'll be the first to know.

nidhi shandilya: thanx

ScDisco45: not sure...not rly...maby with...idk...YTD? ilivid suports most of the sites...but not all.ytd suports more sites than ilivid actualy... i'll put a link in the description

ScDisco45: well ya...but you need a program that converts the .mp4 file in Apple Quick Time files (MOV).This is the type of suported videos on ipods...I will put a link in the description.

HaterzWannaBeMe100: ilivid is crap is a scam all it does is ruin your computer

LMDiti 10: just go to,you don't need to search it

Jake Petit de Mange: everybody look at scdisco's (uploader) comment that was 6 months before this one. he practically proves that this is a fake ass troll thats ruins your computer. (he doesn't straight out say it, but if you read it youll understand.)

ScDisco45: well...if you find full lenght movies on suported sites okay...if not...idk...pirate sites?

ScDisco45: Just need to upload the video.

Ana escobar: Can you put the songs you downloaded on ilivid and out it on your ipod?

nowisnice: Apologies, thought I had the latest version but I re-installed and it now works like a dream. Many thanks.

ScDisco45: Nope it isn't

Joichiro Ewe: Dude Ilove you leaved a like and subbed worked NO freak YOU TTHIS IS A VIRUS BITCH

ScDisco45: it downloads in sould work... well...try Tiger Player or VLC media player

ScDisco45: Verify if you are on "Admin" if u use Win 7.And be sure no program makes use of that file.Open another video file with all video opening programs...if this doesn't work...sorry.I don't know... :(

ScDisco45: No problem.

ScDisco45: /watch?v=dgWjeyGPDdg& I'vd just uploaded it.Have fun uploading :D

skylinefootball: Hey I'm trying to delete a song I downloaded off Ilivid but its says access denied make sure disk is not full or write protected or in use. What do I do to remove the files?

ScDisco45: One more point to say...Google Chrome saves EVERYTHING you type and changes your DNS address ...yet no1 bitches about it...

XGAMERSDAYX: oh ok does it have to be a free movie site?

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