Trio Stealth Pro Tablet

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3 Idiots: How can i hand reset this device??

rodwell webster: how to hard reset

Susan Adams: Can you put a Sim card in the Trio Stealth 9 tablet?

Danny Gibson: Can anyone tell me how to do a factory reset on this thing its driving me crazy.

Anthony Cowan: I Have A New Trio Stealth G4,And I Cannot Connect To The Internet.Any Suggestions That You Can Give Me,To Connect To The Internet,I Will Appreciate Very Much.It Is Stuck On Wifi Turning on.

Trysten Siddons: how do I hook it up to a wireless speaker?

Jeff: Save yourmoney, don't buy this worthless tablet. Verizon gave me one for free, it's the only reason I have it. 1. It does not have Google Play and there is no way to get it. 2. Its slooooowwwww (I mean, its so slow, I've had it for 2 years and its still booting up). 3. The apps it does come with are totally useless, unless your 3 years old. 4. Its slooowww 5. Did I mention its slow & useless?

john jacobson: how do I put ice cream sandwich back in my trio I need the place where to download it

KSV YT: how do you stop it from charging itself ( Trio Stealth G5 10

KSV YT: how do you stop it from charging itself ( Trio Stealth G5 10

Diego Rey: Hi men, I have a questión , is this tablet good? I need one tablet for easy job, presentations, read pdf, show pictures from work, easy things. Is this good for this?

sedroxful: Hola buenas noches alguien tiene la rom de esta tablet??.. como flashearla.. ayudenme a revivirla... saludos..

k Cowart: how do you do a factory reset when forgetting your pw

Leonardo Benzant: hi can anyone on here tell me if one can FaceTime on a trio stealth G4? thanks!

nono aviles: I am having a problem with the trio g4 and its not letting me play any of my games that I downloaded can u plz help me

Gary Morton: Walmart in Toronto had a Trio Stealth 8.1" tablet so cheap (90 bucks) that I bought it while passing. I'm more of a large laptop guy. But I played around with the tablet. I bought a case with Bluetooth keyboard for 50 bucks. Bluetooth hung for a bit but picked up the keyboard. The Wifi would not work with the long home wifi number on back of my router, I had to contact my provider and change it to an 8 character password. But it did to connect to the long number thing elsewhere.
Android KitKat 4.4.2 works well, Netflix was good. Forget about sound unless you use phones or plug it to another sound system. The processor was quad core in a 90 buck tablet. 500 K ram. I even put on some productivity apps like ftp, that worked and AOO the port of Open Office and actually figured out how to work with word docs on that small 8.1 screen. The battery is not the best though and eats the power in a few hours. Web browsing was good -the native browser was the only one that opened secure https sites on it. Firefox was the best mobile browser. Front and read cameras were okay though low res. I put on a couple photo edit apps. I ran an app I created -from google play to test it.
If you consider how much the top tablets cost, you can't beat the cheap Trios simply in that you can do things with it and it costs so little. For top tablets, the price is so high you might as well buy an expensive laptop.

T. Fridley: What do you think of their “new” re-fill card pricing? Pretty sneaky, huh?
T-Mobile along with Walmart just doubled the cost of the re-fill cards for the Trio-AXS tablet. What once was a “good deal” now has become an “expensive deal”.
$35.00 used to get you a 60 day access period with 3.5GB of data. They have discontinued that card option. Now you MUST pay either $10.00 for a 7 day 1GB re-fill card or $30.00 for a 30 day 3GB re-fill card. This means what used to cost us $35.00 for 60 days will now cost either $60.00 or $80.00 depending on what card you buy. Not a good deal anymore…and pretty darn sneaky of T-Mobile and Walmart if you ask me. They sucked me in with a great deal and then changed the rules in order to make more money. That’s NOT good business…it’s just plain underhanded and dishonest. STAY AWAY from this product. Who knows when they’ll get the urge to double their prices AGAIN!!!

Nagahe Bouh: hi.. i would like ur help as my trio stealth-9 does not turn on. i have tried to recover but seems that it is not working..

Edwina Minser: I recently got one but it wont let me download games. says I need to update adobe but when I try it says my device is not compatible. there has been other adobe downloaded. I bought it of a sale site had a previous owner . can u help 

M emmy Martinez: does this tablet have bluetooth

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Trio Stealth pro tablet 5 out of 5

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