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Gary Morton: Walmart in Toronto had a Trio Stealth 8.1" tablet so cheap (90 bucks) that I bought it while passing. I'm more of a large laptop guy. But I played around with the tablet. I bought a case with Bluetooth keyboard for 50 bucks. Bluetooth hung for a bit but picked up the keyboard. The Wifi would not work with the long home wifi number on back of my router, I had to contact my provider and change it to an 8 character password. But it did to connect to the long number thing elsewhere. Android KitKat 4.4.2 works well, Netflix was good. Forget about sound unless you use phones or plug it to another sound system. The processor was quad core in a 90 buck tablet. 500 K ram. I even put on some productivity apps like ftp, that worked and AOO the port of Open Office and actually figured out how to work with word docs on that small 8.1 screen. The battery is not the best though and eats the power in a few hours. Web browsing was good -the native browser was the only one that opened secure https sites on it. Firefox was the best mobile browser. Front and read cameras were okay though low res. I put on a couple photo edit apps. I ran an app I created -from google play to test it. If you consider how much the top tablets cost, you can't beat the cheap Trios simply in that you can do things with it and it costs so little. For top tablets, the price is so high you might as well buy an expensive laptop.

Tom M: What do you think of their “new” re-fill card pricing? Pretty sneaky, huh? T-Mobile along with Walmart just doubled the cost of the re-fill cards for the Trio-AXS tablet. What once was a “good deal” now has become an “expensive deal”. $35.00 used to get you a 60 day access period with 3.5GB of data. They have discontinued that card option. Now you MUST pay either $10.00 for a 7 day 1GB re-fill card or $30.00 for a 30 day 3GB re-fill card. This means what used to cost us $35.00 for 60 days will now cost either $60.00 or $80.00 depending on what card you buy. Not a good deal anymore…and pretty darn sneaky of T-Mobile and Walmart if you ask me. They sucked me in with a great deal and then changed the rules in order to make more money. That’s NOT good business…it’s just plain underhanded and dishonest. STAY AWAY from this product. Who knows when they’ll get the urge to double their prices AGAIN!!!

Leonardo Benzant: hi can anyone on here tell me if one can FaceTime on a trio stealth G4? thanks!

Sac Aviles: I am having a problem with the trio g4 and its not letting me play any of my games that I downloaded can u plz help me 

Nagahe Bouh: hi.. i would like ur help as my trio stealth-9 does not turn on. i have tried to recover but seems that it is not working..

M emmy Martinez: does this tablet have bluetooth

Lee Durley: I have a new TRIO STEALTH G2 9.7 and it really suits my needs. Can you tell me if there is a way to adjust the time interval between songs on a playlist in the media player and if so, how is it done?? Thanks Lee

Edwina Minser: I recently got one but it wont let me download games. says I need to update adobe but when I try it says my device is not compatible. there has been other adobe downloaded. I bought it of a sale site had a previous owner . can u help 

nicole walton: do u know how to unlock it

Bang Duck: Thumbs down, because relative terms, like good, slow, happy etc. are not helping make a decision. Benchmark tests seem to be the only reliable indication of performance. Let's make a bench-marking a standard part of a review and avoid thousands of useless subjective videos. 

nancy j: The first tablet I received would not even pick up wifi in my own home, I returned at my cost and received another replacement, that doesn't charge at all I am getting very frustrated since I bought through amazon they say I have to deal with the company. Is there another product that you think would be better if they would allow me to switch it out, I would even pay alittle more if needed?

frankiehazard: this is like the worst tablet ive ever owned, and ive owned some pretty crapty ones, it was running retardedly slow for a long time and i now its not the fastest tablet but mine was moving at a snails pace so i tried rooting and over clocking it didnt work, so i decided to start from the very bottom after resting and erasing everything it started giving me more issues like the android keyboard stopped working search stopped working just this whole thing fell to crap avoid buying this piece of crap

gellbert godinez: How to format that one trio tablet?

tangee crosby: i cant get a wifi connection on my tablet for nothin.... i reset everything back to factory and i cant get the signal.. and there is no ip add. showing .. very irritated with it i have been working on this thing for hours and i have gotten no where can u help

Isaac Conway: Is there a way u can get FaceTime on a trio stealth 4.0OS 

Jeni Jensen: my son went to turn on his tablet this morning and the screen is black, is there a way to fix it? Other than this we haven't had any issues with this tablet!

luis collins: have a tutorial to install a rom? o any rom oficial? i have a tablet trio stealth-8 mst8-21

Rose Ritter: how do you update them

Amber Westerdahl: I am trying to find some information on a Trio 7BT Stealth Pro with WiFi 7" Touchscreen Tablet PC.... I can not get it to download any apps... there isn't any paperwork that came with it and I need some help.

King David: I love mine

melonfarmer: Just go on the google play store and pick up a Nexus 7 for 50 more. It's literally 10x better

Jessica Harper: How can I get netflix app on my trio stealth pro

David Jungnickel: I am having trouble reading books. especially using adobe digital downloads. I cannot find a reader that works with these ePub files

UltimateLady24: ok i got one for my son for christmas, it worked perfectly at it is stuck on the screen where is says @dual core screen idk i tried redoing the whole system and erasing all the media and cache and have any idea how to fix that???

Erica Pollock: How do you shut down running apps?

sneal261: the monotone voice, lack of enthusiasm, and the time it took for the stealth to load up really sold the IPad for me 

Jahnjeri: I have the ten inch that comes with all of the app I also was able to get a free download movie. my problem is the movie has no sound. I hear sound on other things, music but not for the specific movie any ideas.

michael boalch: I need help I bought one trio stealth g2 and am trying to figure out how to turn the screen can't figure it out please help

Valeria Jimenez: Hey my tablet screen CRACKED can some one PLEASE help ME I doesnt want to WORK?:( PLEASE

April Barrett: How do I turn off usb storge on my trio stealth 8 anroid tablet..please help

MrKrunkenstein: I'm looking to get the 10.1 version of this tablet. If not this one, A Samsung galaxy tab. Does this Trio tab flip the screen if you turn it like the Ipads?

michael musnick: I wonder if you know. If I download about 200 jpeg photos can I find them by typing in the picture name on a virtual keyboard? Thanks

Jessica Galimore: I have a Trio Stealth Pro Tablet. It is a wonderful tablet, considering it doesn't have Google Play. The only problems I have found with this tablet is it is slightly slow when I am searching on the internet and I cant get snapchat. Could anybody help me get snapchat? Thank you!

dollpatch: How do I voice record on the Trio and then get it into my computer in order to print a document of what I just said? Thanks.

17chollie: what do I do about the screen not responding all the time. is there a way to calibrate the screen?

Monique Johnson: Is there a way to callibrate the touchscreen? the leftside of my touchscreen is not working, any advice?


Linda Clements: I just bought 8 of these for my grandchildren. One arrived shattered and one is finiky. doesnt want to do what you touch it to do. BUT one problem I have with ALL of them is there is NO place to download apps. No app store. No playstore. No itunes. No Google apps. Nothing nowhere. AND my home screens do NOT have those icons across the bottom to start. I have to open the apps and choose one of those (minimal apps). How do I download apps in the Trio Stealth Pro 9.7. I have to wrap them for Christmas soon. HELP !!!

dollpatch: What sold me on this tablet is that when it was demonstrated, it showed that you could "record" into it and have it actually "type" your words. The instruction booklet paints HUGE strokes, so I'm not getting this capability. First, how can I use this feature and can I then USB it to my computer and have it print out? Does this technology even exist ---- where you can talk into a device and have it store your words and then be able to print them out later as a document from your computer? I NEED this technology SO badly. I am not very tech savvy to say the least - just a "Z to A" person and know what I need bottom line. Thanks.

Steven Francis: $149? Thats over priced, my friend got hers for only $80 but it sucks it doesnt have Google Play, I dont consider any Android device an Android device without the Play Store

David Gutierrez: Does it have an SD card slot

kellie bennitt: how do you install google play store

jordanmania543: Same here i might do an unboxing soon :)

The review guy: The tablet itself does have the ability to Skype. That being said I have not had a need to use that feature. But I have seen other comments that it does not Skype well. It does Skype correctly with picture and sound but does not send to other end well or keep the connection thru the router. To me this is more of a Bandwidth issue of your internet speed then the tablet itself having issues. Its one thing to steam netflix etc etc. and another to stream Live video..

Mina_Shaniyah: I use 1mobile market for my apps

Jesus Laureano: Hay just got mine today how do i get apps cause i can't find the app store

90sKidChannel: I Have Google Play On mine

The review guy: welp..... theirs not I can tell you but that sounds like the power chip is DEAD.. not much help their... you would have to take it somewhere to get fixxed. Wjem yo charge it does the green light come on? do you get any display?? cuz if not.. well BROKE is Broke. no way around that.

The review guy: La primera vez, yo lo deje casi 6 hours hasta que se cargo suficiente solo depende como esta la bateria.

Reba Carter: Ok Thank you so very much for helping me. Reba

Trio Stealth pro tablet 3.7 out of 5

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