RWS / Hammerli 850 Air Magnum Pellet Rifle With Mod's

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shane barry: were can i get the upgrade parts from for my rifle. i have the 22 cal version and a ninja hpa tank nice rifle very accurate. pellet on pellet thankyou for your time

Spaseebo: Bought a Hammerli 850 GT Magnum a year ago; haven't found it advisable to make any modifications.
Always important, of course, to bear in mind that the maximum power allowed in the UK for an air rifle
is 12 (twelve) foot pounds without a firearms license. Happy and safe shooting. January 2018.

Alvalle Events: Hi. Can you send me the info on the HAMMER SPRING you bought, and where you got it. Also, THE SCOPE and the adaptor for the paintball tank, thanks man! Looks awesome!

cds c: where can I buy this air tank mod in the uk

darrin goodbrand: could you not use hpa in stead of co2

Tony Gruber: Hi Wingman, I ordered the paintball tank adapter and was wondering if it is best to leave the adapter screwed into the rifle at all times or to be removed with the paintball tank when I need to refill the tank with Co2? Please let me know. Thanks Tony

ItzKyley767: whats the cost of this mods.

Grape Gaming: WOULD CO2 even work in below freezing

Aaron Rodriguez: So, the effective range of these will be no more than 25 yards, a spring air rifle will give me more range? I'm a new guy on the matter. I like very much this model but I'm considering the gamo models too. Thanks for your help

Jose Patlan Aguillon: que piezas necesitó para ponerle un tanque cm ese ya tengo el tanque pero las pieza de la boquilla

Grape Gaming: is the one on amazon the same thing

Grape Gaming: with one is better for hunting .22 or.177

Brian Baxter: Hey I don't understand how you moded the gun so I was wondering if you could help me out with that.

Nunzio Nocera: how long can I keep the cartrige inside for? thks from Italy :)

Ricky Hogan: great review, my Hammerli 850 came in yesterday, i have ordered the 9 oz co2 tank and the adapter, where can i order the spring ? what do i ask for? any other mods for this rifle ? thank you for the uploads

Sam Mankki: Good vidio thanks.if anyone looking for the 850,let me

Tony Gruber: Hi, after watching your video, I am seriously considering getting this model of air rifle with the same mods you mentioned in your video. It has been several years since you posted the video; so I was wondering if you still recommend this air rifle with the same mods that you mentioned, and if you have had any problems with the rifle or any of the aftermarket mods, I would be interested in knowing that also? Thanks, Tony

Steve Yeager: my 850 has pellets jammed in the barrel due to low pressure and continued shooting. How do you remove the barrel?

james lemos3: I can't find b and a on the net to get the adapt you have for paintball tank can you help me out

Deziqn Carl: Hi wingman im looking at getting the umarex 850 airmagnum however when comparing prices i found hammerli 850, umarex 850, brorooster 850 and RWS 850 versions are these all the same gun just different brands? or is there a difference in quality depending on the maker i currently have a hammerli 800 blackforce and spring powered but want to upgrade to an multi-shot bolt action gun

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RWS / Hammerli 850 Air Magnum Pellet Rifle With Mod's 5 out of 5

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