Colt Mustang .380 Acp Auto Pistol - Disassembly & Reassembly

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Leigh Mills: I just bought a Colt Mark IV series 80 Mustang last week. I had no problem breaking it down, but getting that guide rod back in place was a challenge. I really like your idea of guide rod first, then barrel. Thanks for the tip!

jim walsh: Bought mine in 1991 brand new . Same pistol . Got only about 25-30 rounds through it. Mine is in excellent condition.

pschoticc: great video. nice work. very helpful.

GunCollector007: hey great video. I just started my own channel . just subbed.

Luis Cruz: I got one but im not sure whats wrong with wont fire and the trigger thing is like hard to push

Alberto Chavez: We have the same gun, was wondering what ammo is used?

Gene Kathie: Reinsert the guide rod first, then the barrel. Great advice.

Redbusser40: Its magazine not a clip

Glen Moser: I went with the Sig p238

DinoDad32: My most popular video - I don't know why

Mayday Mudshark: Us and Them PF 

David Deason: Thanks Dino Dad, just got a used Government Pocketlite and the first thing I wanted to do with field strip it, no manual though...   Your video really helped a lot.  thanks again.

Heisenberg: Besides carrying my colt 1911 as my favorite pistol it can be a bit bulky and I also carry the colt mustang when I dont carry my colt since its so easy to hide.

DinoDad32: Glad I can help - Hope youy liked the video - pls check out my other also - I made a Mustang Part II - Still love this gun - DINO

Michael Wilbur: With a new spring, I couldn't get it apart to clean it! It's not easy, but now I can do it. Thanks for the tips.

DinoDad32: Shout Out for Shout Out

DinoDad32: You have a GREAT channel also

DinoDad32: I did a second video on this gun also - glad it helped - just the basics on this one - if you have any more questions - feel free to ask - please be sure to SUB and tell a friend about DinoDad32

Weapons Education: Thank you for posting this, it saved me a lot of aggravation.

DinoDad32: I made a Mustang Video Part II that goes over that - If you need more help ask - Hope you enjoyed all my videos and SUB ~DinoDad32

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Colt Mustang .380 acp Auto Pistol - Disassembly & Reassembly 5 out of 5

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Will .380 ACP penetrate enough for self defense?
Will .380 ACP penetrate enough for self defense?
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