Sylvania 7 Inch Netbook Mini Review

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Arakmatzu: Love the red PokeDex style color lol! Thanks for your fair review!

stillbreathing37: Sylvania is known for TV's more than lightbulbs. Not so strange they'd have their name on it.

Tails Furse: Hai Laney! =3 It all depends on the kinda OS you have on it, if it's android you should be able to go from the main screen, right click anywhere to bring up options and click settings. Or go to your app drawer an' find your settings app. Then scroll down to Backup and Reset, then in there, there should be a "Factory Reset" button for you to press! =3 Hope this helps! ^-^

Eli Manganiello: would this be a good laptop for djing

xAndrewxFilmsxx14: I wanted to know, is this good for video editing on the go? Because I'm a stop motion film maker.

listen398: عجبك يا سيد سيكو

Jayar Flores: if you google 7.2v rc battery those battery are the one for this netbook its really cheap for the battery

david balbuena: is it good because ama might buy it but i dont wna waset my money

Tails Furse: @sammybtx HI!!!

sammy x: tailllllllllllllls!

Jayar Flores: @TailsFurse yes alot better than the older one it can support all the new apps! EVEN pandora!

krustykelvin: Nice review! I'm wondering about buying one from ebay with an Android 2.2 operating system. Would these netbooks be good for school work? Such as typing papers, and downloading various media such a docs, powerpoints, videos, music etc.?

Tails Furse: @DjEmags If you get one with Android on it, then find any good Android DJing program, you might be able to get away with it, It never froze up completly, this particular one though, with its 300mhz proc it was rather slow, but did play music well using an ac97 sound chip. Get one of the newer ones that have the 800mhz proc and I think it would be great. Just remember that it does not run normal windows, so your desktop DJing program won't work here. Thanks for your question!

learningrichard: Hey, this is the best review of a netbook I've come across on youtube (what is the correct name for android/CE based netbooks?). There are some poor _quality_ reviews too. That being said, I've read mostly poor reviews of this and similar Sylvania devices,mostly on where I prefer to shop online. Do you think this device is sufficient for my computer literate / net-savvy 10 year old daughter? Thanks for your effort in making this video. I look forward to your reply to my question.

Tails Furse: This particular model most likely can not play minecraft. It's running android, so you would kinda need the android version of minecraft, but even then, the processor is super slow for something like that at only 300mhz or so. Dun think your gunna want to play minecraft portable at 1 frame a second. x3 So, nuh uh, no it can't. sorry!~ ^-^;

papidylan: they have these on ebay right now for 50$

MrFrogs999: im geting one!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mary Anthony: How do u change it out of the android and put it in the windows?

aburmeister74: After 2 weeks of using youtube this laptop stopped working and wont turn on

Tails Furse: Yussir, when I had this red one it was able to connect to the internet with the LAN cable, but the wifi was used a lot more.

Tails Furse: Hi there! This particular 7 inch netbook I would stay away from for your use. If she is net-savvy, she may just get aggravated with it, these are really slow, and usually sell for 130 ish dollars last time I checked. You can get a 2nd Gen iPod touch used at a GameStop for about the same price and will do the same stuff, plus more, and is more portable. Or try one of the android tablets. This netbook was fun to toy with, but once I installed android to it, I lost most of my interest in it.

Briana melgoza: Doesn't Sylvania make electronics also??

laneyboy15h: How do I factory reset it

gee robii: can this run mine craft PLZ answer

Tails Furse: @xAndrewxFilmsxx14 Look in your inbox =3

JLCL01: Based on all of these videos, it's probably better to just get a Rasberry Pi than anything from either Sylvania or Visual Land. Although is it possible to make such laptops work better by replacing certain hardware parts and the default OS?

Tails Furse: Nuh uh, sorry no. There's no ports to connect external monitors an' stuff to it. Your stuck with the panel they give ya.

Tails Furse: @xAndrewxFilmsxx14 No this is no good for that. Unless the people coding the android OS on here come out with a driver for a camera for this little netbook. A intel atom based netbook would more be what your looking for, because then drivers would probably be availible for your camera's. This is netbook is basicly a cell phone, but there is no camera built in, and no way to attach one either. The usb ports are for a keyboard, mouse, or a flash drive, that's all the drivers they seemed to make.

ScruffyLilPuppy: Mine is waaaaaayyyyyyyy bigger that's nothing

Alejandro Delgado: Can u if u can show how did u put andriod in the net book plz

mikeiscoool1: can you connect it to external monitor?

Tails Furse: Hi! They make tablets that are the same price or less as this one was! Uh huh! So you can still make these into yer bathroom design, just to have something to tinker with while your ... um... thinkin' deeply, yuh! That!

thisisgame: I'm thinking about mounting one of these up in my bathroom Too bad the screen isn't touch tho

xAndrewxFilmsxx14: @TailsFurse Oh. Well, since I can't use my camera to plug into the USB port, I could just use my flash drive then to put the pictures in. Or what on would you suggest to get that is $100-230?

Tails Furse: Hai Sal! There is kinda a way to put minecraft on this, but you would have to find one with a little bits more power than this one had. This one only had about maybe 300mhz of power, while lots of the new ones they are comin' out with have almost 1ghz or more! Those ones can probably play minecraft, but then you have to get around the part that it needs a touchscreen for the mobile version, which these laptops things don't have. So basicly, yes and no. For minecraft, try a tablet. =3

Mineav: You're better off buying a used Acer Aspire One netbook off eBay or Craigslist (make sure in working condition). They usually sell for $150 or there-about, but you can find them cheaper if you look out. And Aspire One--even a used model--would be a HUGE upgrade over this thing. If you want something new and ultra cheap, check out the "Augen 10.2'' 8GB Netbook". Keep in mind it runs Android OS, they're about $100, and somewhat hard to find (a few online retailers have them and eBay). Go for Acer.

VlogChronicles: How did you add Android on it?

68Susied: Sylvania makes TV's and other electronics. The video was informative.

Tails Furse: I'm sorry, I don't have this netbook thing anymore. I gave it to a friend, so I can't do anything with it. I got a tablet instead. =3

Sal Mongelluzzo: Can you play minecraft on it

Pinlight: This thing is currently available on dailysteals in the Heist section for $40.

Scotty McLean: These netbooks feature intergrated GPU's that would most possibly struggle to run even angry birds at 30fps. For anyone seeing this comment, even if you found a java based build of minecraft or even an android version here is what will most likely happen 1. Original MC game - Small window with dark blue screen saying bad video cards/driver/open GL error 2. Android version. App opens, then crashes and goes back to homescreen instantly 3. For the slight chance u get it to work - very low fps

HoLDoN4Sec: minecraft also supports gamepads, and if that isn't enough you can use the keyboard mapping app (gamekeyboard) which will let you basically play almost any game (as long as it isn't a gyroscope game) with the actuall keyboard or with a gamepad of your choise. i've used gamekeyboard on my jxd-s5110 and it worked really great. just ordered the 10" 1.5ghz 1gb ram model of these netbooks and i cant wait to start testing it out :D

PKTriforceOmega: Get Joli OS on it!!

Faizan ullah: cn this go obnline on msn

SoniaMausi: Those, who don´t understand serious operating systems will take android...

Jayar Flores: great video!, I have this computer for my sun but a update one with 800mhz android 2.2 256mb of ram he loves it, i bought him it for hid birthday!

Tails Furse: @WinbookXL3 Hey justs out of curiosity is that 800Mhz model able to run skype at all? Of course if I plugged a headset into the headphone and microphone jack?

shinyfuzzy: for wm8650 check out uberoid

CHEESEPlZZA: $37 on ebay

Sylvania 7 inch netbook mini review 4.9 out of 5

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