Briggs & Stratton Ignition Diode Repair On Lawn Tractor

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jim zimmerman: Need help for Murray riding mower. The briggs starts OK and runs until I let the clutch out. So I replaced the brake/clutch switch and the PTO switch. The problem remains the same. So I replaced the ignition switch which did not help. It starts and runs until I let the clutch out. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...jz

helmedon: Could a bad diode keep the engine from starting?

Jason Brand: I really appreciate you uploading this. My Briggs And Stratton engine is slightly different from yours, but oddly had the same problem. Because you so graciously included the part number, I now have the part on order, it should solve my problem as well!

One Household Under God: Hey...where does that black wire go to on the other side of the diodes? the two wires go to the coils but where does that other wire they are connected to run to?

Сергей Диянов: Hi, I just picked a same kind tractor with 14hp V Twin Briggs. Every time I start it there's fuel spilling out the carburetor.I noticed that there's some sort of uncapped tube(looks more like a primer hose nipple) and fuel is jetting off it like crazy. I couldn't locate any fuel return line or something of that kind. What's an I missing? Engine 303777 with carburetor 808728(part number is taken from the diagrams).
Thanks for any input.

Ike Lionz: Any suggestions on a- 14 hp kawasaki lawn tractor motor, tht has no spark? Guy say's it need's a coil! But i've seen online, tht they also have an Igniter Modual tht cause's issues some time's!? Can this Modual be Bi passed? My Brigg's engine's never had one of these... ltr

Apollyon εжз: My friend mentioned that his lawn tractor wouldn't turn off the other day.

Came across your video and mentioned to him the ignition diode. Showed him the video on my phone.
He had already done everything you mentioned. Playing musical parts...

$18 fix. Thank you sir.

Tolba Szy: Very methodical and clear instructions. Good video technique!

Donald LeBlanc: Have a Scotts Lawn Tractor Model L2048 Battery won't Charge. Can you help?

Hendrix Gregory: Hay if you want to sell it giv it to me ok

Walter B: Superb as always.

José J González López: My tractor is a craftsman when oil started back where is the air filter. That i have to do.

thebaron44: Thanks for the vid most unusual.    I understand that you replaced the diodes, solve the problem.      Not sure that I understand electrically WHY it solved the problem.   I thought that the diodes were attached to the stator and were part of the electricial charging system, for the battery/lights/PTO clutch etc.   The single black wire appears to connect to the regulator/rectifier.    How does grounding the diodes kill the engine?     Why are the diodes connected to the coils(normal grounding tab) instead of the stator?

James Sparacco: hey don, I am trying to work on a scotts by john deere lawn tractor, this guy said that if I got it running I can have his snapper lawn mower. the lawn tractor will not crank over with the key so I tried to hot shot it, still nothing, so I poured gas in the intake and jumped it right to the starter, it cranked over but didn't start which leads me to belive that it is a wiring problem. so today I go down there w/ some fuses and I switched out the 30 fuse with a new 30 fuse and with no hot shot I turned the key and I heard a pop, I looked down at the fuse and it was blown so then I took a thin wire stripped the ends of it and stuck it in the fuse socket so then I cranked the engine and it started up and ran for 2 seconds and shut off, I went to unplug the homemade fuse bypass and it was very very hot, any suggestions?

j cc: thank you for the video

Liberty Patriot: One cylinder not firing;..does not save any fuel, it just gets sucked into the cylinder, does not burn and cleans the walls, rings/piston so they rub themselves to pieces!

Liberty Patriot: Which way are the diodes positioned? anode/ cathode?
You could get 2 properly sized diodes @ Radio Shack and bypass the defective diode module and save big buck$!

Chris W: Yard Machine MTD, rider, 12.5 HP.
Quit in middle of mowing, electrical problem, turning key to start = nothing.  Pushed it into garage and charged the battery, cleaned teminals, after an hour, started right up and mowed for about 20 minutes and same thing - stops dead, key won't start.  Charged for 5 minutes - started up again.  HELP!
What do you think?  Charging system?

Bradford Frotten: Thank you for your help!


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