ZOOM Q2HD Vs. Q3HD - Comparison

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SonicSenseProAudio: Zoom's Q2HD - The Q3HD gets a baby brother! http://www.sonicsense.com/blog/audio-interfaces-and-recorders/zooms-q2hd-the-q3hd-gets-a-baby-brother ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison

John Crichton: Really wanted the Q3 but can't find it anywhere for a normal price. $80 for the Q2 vs $150 for the Q3? I'll take the Q2.

Josh Woodley: Which one would be best for recording live music?

ChrisAndTommy GoodTimeFolkRockShow: 01:13 juust so everyone knows .....a USB Wall wart will power the Q2HD

Melanj Muzical: When making a review please try first to do your homework... Q2HD has AC capabilities!!!!! The only difference from Q3HD is that the Q2HD adapter has usb connectivity (just like a phone charger) as the Q3HD has a barrel type adapter.Check stores for the Q2HS bundle pack Zoom APQ-2HD (" Zoom APQ-2HD - six additional accessories for the Zoom Q2HD. Package includes HDMI cable for connecting to HDTV, thomann windscreen to reduce noise, tabletop tripod with adjustable-length legs, padded-shell case, AC adapter and USB cable" ) 

Stephen Anthony: Just bought a Q2HD. Video quality is very poor, but the audio is great, for the money! You will not get stereo separation this nice on any other product costing $100.

Ronny OnBass: The ONLY thing I don't like on the new Q2 is the fact that you cannot plug a dc adapter into it. So I'm not buying one. I do NOT want to be spending buu-kuu bucks on batteries!~ They should have kept that feature.

michael86734: cool saw wich one is better? does the Q2 record 1080p or only 720p

Mary P: Which one has the best mic capability? And video?

Daren Arthur: great demo,just 1 question can the q3 record video and stereo line in at the same time.recording a digital piano I have to record video and audio line using 2 devices and match the audio to video which is a pain.

Don Smith: Need some help. When I down load a short video unto my PC windows 7 I only get video no audio anybody got an idea here?

Robert Vicker: Good video! I can't wait to get my Q2HD

musicumgadium: Thank you very much for the information, I was hesitating between Q3 and Q3HD, so now I have it easier. The ZOOM Q3 I think it can be perfect for uploads videos from my classical guitar´s pupils. I would like very good sound, but I don´t need a great video resolution. Do you think is a good idea? do you know if there is a tripod for Q3?. Thanks again

Harmonic53: I've owned a Q3HD for a while now,I wouldn't buy this Q2HD version,my camera has more functions,than the Q2-and it's easier to use,you can still get them online,secondhand or new,the video/sound quality,on my Q3HD is second to none.

Nix Neato: 1:05 - just checked on Zoom's website: you can too use the Q2HD with wall power, through the USB port (the wall/USB adapter is sold separately) - http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/q2hd/spec/

jezuz12345: Hello there, GREAT review! Was wondering if on the Q3HD the on-board mics and the mic-input can work/mix together, for example record myself or my pedalboard while explaining something, and at the same time an SM-57 in front of the amp. Also, how do both of them perform image-wise on low-lighting situations? Thanks again!

Nechemia Seif: Hey, I tried plugging a Rode VideoMic into the "line in" of my Q3HD, but to no avail. Are you sure it's possible to attach external microphones to the device? The only thing I've been successful in using that input for is plugging my keyboard directly into the Zoom instead of using the built in microphone. Does that mean it's a line-level only input and therefore the mic would have to go through an external preamp first?

David Patricio: Having the Zoom Q2HD its been a great way to improve the performance of my band, the sound its just superb, check it out!! http://youtu.be/fa0izcK2fQI

musicumgadium: Please, could you confirm if the Q3HD has been discontinued?

maurabazzarelli: I've been meaning to get one of these for a while, and well, you seem to like the Q2 a whole lot better in most aspects. The thing is I am a musician and I'm planning on recording voice/instrument tracks with it. So I probably should go for the Q3, right? Is it really worth the extra $100? Thanks!

Zsolto66: A very useful comparison, thank you guys!

Drew Johnson: Q2 HD is a very audio drain device I would recommend if your going to use it outdoors buy some very high standard batteries, as normal batteries would run out in less than five minutes.

ermonski: and also, what are the file sizes of the HD file formats? for example for a 5-minute video?

SonicSenseProAudio: Also on our YouTube channel - Search for "ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison" I hope it helps.

Rade Martinović: Have you tested Q2HD with bass heavy sources yet? I'd really like to know.

★☠ THE HARDCORE CHANNEL ☠★: why 2 x AA batteries ?? autonomy will be ridiculous in 1080 p :(

josh garrett: Thank you!

undryoasis: How's battery life of q2hd?

Xripunoff: Hi! does q2hd have the limitation of maximal file size as q3hd do (4Gb video)? when shoot the long time video with q3hd after the reaching 4Gb file size will there be a pause between 2 files, or recording lasts instantly but it is cut in different files than can be edited in one big long-time file using software?

sherwinrule: Can I filming with power bank ? Like Sony Power Bank 2000mAh , and how long ? thx

SonicSenseProAudio: Hi there, I think you might of slipped when typing which you liked better. You mean to say that you do like the sound of the Q2HD better? For your application, both will work well. The Q2, with the mid side and slight omni microphones would be great to have for recording your solo rehearsals as well as small ensemble and sectional practices.

SonicSenseProAudio: Hey John, thanks for watching. Both units have an 1/8th inch stereo output which could be routed to a mixers line inputs. The Q3HD has a line level stereo input, but neither model has accessible mic preamps for using different mics. Hope this helps.

Hamster T.T: If let's say I'm doing a music video,which one is better? And on the other hand,if it's to record a drum cover for a song is the Q2HD better for it? Thanks in advance :)

SonicSenseProAudio: Hey undryoasis, We haven't tested the battery live on the Q2HD directly yet, but I can tell you that with the Q3HD, we recommend plugging the unit in, or using lithium ion batteries for any recording longer than 45 minuets. With the Lithium Ion batteries, we have been able to get a good 3 hours out of the Q3HD. I bet the Q2HD tells a similar story.

SunSurfer777: I'd get the Q2 if it had a built in battery that would recharge via adaptor or USB. There are a lot of reviews where people say a couple of AA batteries last half an hour, one person said they got an hour and a half. Still a proper battery would be great and worth maybe a little more money, just a thought. It's got the audio recording capabilities I'm looking for and the option to have 30 degree to 150 degree recording width is so appealing I'll probably give in but might as well wait and see.

SonicSenseProAudio: As the Q3HD has been discontinued, the Q2 will be easier for you to find. As far as the mic differences go, both will work great for classical guitar. The Q3 might be slightly better for recording live perfomances as it's directional mic pattern would help against crowd noise. The Q2 would be great for small room recordings like rehearsals and lessons.

SonicSenseProAudio: You are correct Zoe. Sorry for the oversight.

Jack Heet: Hello, I'm a musician who is looking for one of these to record and video tape drums for band happy (non live stream), and my YouTube channel! I think I'm leaning over to the Q2, but I just wanted to know what the two out(in)puts who allow you to do in my scenario with drumming that the Q2's one input wouldn't...( looking to record over a track with an Ipad as my music doc.) NO EXTRA MICS!!! Thanks a lot!!

SonicSenseProAudio: Hi there, I would try the Q2HD. It has a wider sound pickup pattern and would be more versatile for recording interviews, live music, and large groups from a distance or right in the middle of the action.

lennoxsoft: Hey! Thanks for posting such a useful vid.

Dmitri Mironov: do not buy qhd 2 battery life is very short. i tried every battery i could. just get the qhd3 and get your self electric dc adaptor wich comes in different package. if you serious about record your music. don't go batteries. only dc adapter. those devices kill battery charg instantly ina seconds. pay attention to my expirienced advice:-)

Neil Banks: just thinking about upgrading from the old blue Zoom q3 (the blue one) to the new Q2HD and one of the main problems with the q3 was the gain/recording level, which seems to have been addressed with the new model but the other issue I have is the time it takes to upload a recording to youtube, is this still the case!!!!!!!!

ermonski: thanks! I'll be using it more of for concert recording, personal recording and for band practices. and for some youtube stuff

SonicSenseProAudio: HI! Thanks for watching it! Glad you enjoyed! Subscribe to our page for many more like it!

MrDeppness: Q2HD > Q3HD

svenzia: Thanks for that. Dealbreaker for me.

Worrawid Warasin: Which one is better for ethnomusicology field?

Drew Johnson: I own a Q2 HD and yes it is possible to use it without batteries. You have to purchase an accessory pack which comes with a USB port and ac adapter, which you can then plug into a wall and use as long as you want as long as you have power.

Sebastian Victor Micu: Thank you! The q3hd is on its way home already!

David Longo Vidal: Hello !!! I have a question , to recorder 1 or 2 classical guitar whats is Better Q2 OR Q3 ? Tanks

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison 4.8 out of 5

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