Bmw 745LI ON 22's Staggered..

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D. Shamund: What's the name of the first song that was playing?


andrei SONGOROV: whats the song caled

bbs209: Hhaahha this is nice but the car is still ugly. My m3 is still way better. LOL

Prerunner05Tacoma: Badass ride man!! Looks good

joe santos: @bbs209 yeaa... why dont u upload a vid of you 88 "m3"

AZ857: Nice mines is gold metallic and smoked headlights and tailights with beyerns .

TOXICxIZxSICK: IMO i wouldve gotten the halos light blue like 8000k look but its still looks sick i got an 05 745i sport triple black on 22 staggerd as well front 22x9,5 rear 22x10.5 Lexani all black. but letting it go sadly soon =(

joe santos: @TOXICxIZxSICK i got rid of that piece of crap already..... got that expensive leak, fixed it for 3500. then transmission started messing up.... hate hate hate that car!!!! love it and hate it at the same time :P

joe santos: @TOXICxIZxSICK i would love a cls550 with nice staggered rims.. but im poor.. :( im driving a 07 tahoe

joe santos: @abdul456 i know! i've seen all your vids :P

joe santos: @choadspanker1 i get a lot of kitty, thanks to this car.... muahaha

corey printz: @LOKOGONO nice car man I loved your hondas though :) guess im just a ricer 4 life haha

joe santos: @TOXICxIZxSICK sold for 12

jonathan valencia: naaaaa esta loco ese carro

Chad Lebre: Clean

salvadorenoist: Like my BMW 745 li page on Facebook .. My Facebook is

WTFGUY956: You freaking ruined it with those ugly ass wheels. Other than that, nice car. Take care of it because they are expensive to fix.

eSS ProFF: What's the song at the beginning?

Jesse Majerus: @bbs209 pshhh plz a m3 hah.. cant stand a chance against a 300c... i kill those all day

Psinghnyc: freak you to

doug cooper: @thatsmynamebud1 woww you sound really gay.. all turbo cars have downpipes dumbass and srts have bovs stock buddy maybe not loud but downpipes dont make srts pop and crack its in the computer why dont you grow some sack and actually hit on your car and youll see that your car is gonna do that too.. and the guy that made this video really needs to get some kitty or something

Jose Moreno: where did u get the halos

yamkin100: hey deverias hacer un video donde lo corras thats goona be cool

TOXICxIZxSICK: those are nice too but im forsure going for the s550 now. tahoe is still a pretty bad ass truck ha, man for 12gs? was because of the tranmission problem? i put mine on craigslist for 19gs obo.

joe santos: @fordcrossie no, all the hondas where just to resale.. they were not my personal cars.... my first car was a 97 sho... then a 05 altima.. then this 745... but all the hondas you see on my vids were just my side job.. i havent buy a honda in while now i have e acuras tl and a g35 for sale but they are all stock so thats why i didnt make vids of them...

joe santos: @thatsmynamebud1 from 16 to 18 i owned all those hondas you see on my page... now i like my 745 a lot.... my next car will be a gallardo ;)

Ahad Qureshi: Got the same car. REPRESENT

adylene214: nice car... i really really like it!

joe santos: @AZ857 upload a vid

whyeff21: TO HATERS AND BMW DRIVERS: Driving a BMW is beautiful. I recently bought a BMW 330CI black on black leather, sexy in every way...I LOVE MY CAR! Thing is people will judge you once you drive it. They will give you bad looks on the freeway, try to cut you off etc. (who the freak are you staring me down?! i dont know you!) It's the only problem i have with the car...makes me sad... So my advice is..all BMW drivers to be HUMBLE and all haters to understand that we just like quality cars.

TOXICxIZxSICK: kinda cheap for 12 i see 02 03 at that price, 26 must look clean af, pssshhh dude my freaking 745i just got an engine malfunction a day ago lol and its like crap now i aint really trying to fix so my pops is giving 10gs for it D; ima just go lease an 2012 F150 Raptor or something,

Joe D'Urso: that's one sick 7 series!

joe santos: @thatsmynamebud1 and i hate neon.... but the srt4 is nice

michael jansen: it looks nice you always drove honda right? why didnt you intsal a nice and deep exhaust on this ride. do youthink it doesnt fit the car ore something?

joe santos: @500bmw1 how come

TOXICxIZxSICK: @LOKOGONOthats how these cars are more then 5 years you'll see some problems, ive had luck and never gotten a single problem, how much you sold it for? im trynna sell mine and get me an 08-10 s550 or and audi S5, btw what car did you replaced with haha

salvadorenoist: It's a nice car, I have one black with black asanti wheels :) nd love that song too :}

joe santos: @yamkin100 ya lo ise! cheka mi facebook!

Alma Rocha: cool video =)

Be Chawu ru: I own 750 ,2011 white inside n out. Black and while rims original

joe santos: yes 12.. is that too much?? and i got the tahoe for only 12k on asia motors inc dot com.. i got 26 on it and some customizations .. have you sold urs yet?

joe santos: @piperboy350 yes i spent over 5000 in one year.... It was my dream car but it was a piece of crap

500bmw1: Nice I drive it every 2 months lol....

Chyne20: These cars... big... and the float!!! I drove my friends and fell in love with it... I think all cars have the same problems... I would get either this... Or the S500/550

bmw 745LI ON 22's staggered.. 4.5 out of 5

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