Model Differences On Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

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John Lovensheimer: So, I got a rainbow the other day where I work for really cheap. works pretty good, cleaned it up, but the canister is a D3 model, and the hose and vacuum attachment is the SE PN2. Runs fine, but just wondering if that could be an issue or not.

Lee Spiker: Dustin: Your observations are vague. You tell us no year of manufacture, or how to identify a "D4, SE" or "later model"-or -whatever you are talking about? I used to sell these way back in 1973,,, when they had a chrome dome---before the "D3"...... I got a "D3" at a garage sale for $10. It works fine--I have replaced the brushes on a previous model I used for more than 20 yrs.They don't "filter" the air, it just dumps dirt into the water--only a hepa filter will capture fine particles....I've never used anything more recent than the"D4",,,I certainly would not pay the outrageous price---Look for one in a thrift store...

Not Impressed: I need help. I had a Rainbow vacuum which I took in for repair and I think the repair man swapped it out for another model. I need to identify what model I had. I bought it in the year 2000. I believe it had a plain handle and a black and gold label on it.
The machine was grey.

Nova SuperNova: I sold all of them

Stanislav P: Look like Ron Swanson son

KandI Megahan: Sound quality... guy.

botheone40: Are these colletable or worth anything ? i have oneĀ  of these with all the attachments. and the original box.

jimmy d: Which year did the last Blue series come out?

Pamela Chadwell: Hello great video thank you. I have a question hope you can help. my Rainbow is a SEPN2, can you tell me if there belt or gear driven? Thank you

joshuah331: My family has a D3 in the basement but it might take 15 years to find it and all the parts becuase my basement is like a valley of old things :P

AZ Claimjumper: Sure wish you'd covered my D2

Crazcompart: The same Rainbow used at home is the same Rainbow used for commercial apps...The difference is only the size of the water basin and the tirbulator...

Dax Marshall: my friends dad has a D4

SewVacuumIdahoFalls: Pretty good comparison of the different Rainbow vacuum cleaner models. The SE is my favorite model. Parts are still available, the motor is powerful, and the hose and PN2 is a real improvement. Thanks for posting the video.

xncman: i love my rainbow...i have had 2..both i bought used..and had no issues at sometimes a pain to load the water..but overall its a great yourself some money and shop online..

GreatVacsCOM: Thats right and great point :) The "SE PN2" and the "SE PE" are the same model. However most people refer to that model as the "SE PN2" but the "SE PE" is the same model as well. Good Point :)

GreatVacsCOM: Good questions :) We have also rebuilt and serviced the other brands as well. The other brands (all great vacuums) all use the Wessel Werk head and it is a quality head. Depending on the model I would say it is usually a toss up. The problem with those brands vs. Rainbow is parts availability because they are made in Germany. While Rainbow is made in the US and parts are easily found and Rainbow is more dependable. After the sale service can be spotty from the German vac

Art Konstantino: Are you an RGD? Do you like Rexair's new Power Nozzle better than the Wesselworks? Have you seen the Pro-Aqua? Thermax? Filter Magic? Miele? Hyla? Thanks a bunch! Art

alwaysopen: @BubbaClemx66 $600 is still too much. I doubt they cost half that wholesale. Go to a yardsale/fleamarket in FLA and you can find 'em really cheap. My next door neighbors used to have a winter place down there a few years back and came home with two older chrome top models that cost them a whopping $200. I used to service them and the ones they had were in top condition.

Vacmasterthegreat: should have also mentioned the other big change between the D3 and the 4 was the power switch moved from the back to the top, and that therefor changed the inner design of the machine. The D4's carrying handle also was the 1st with a padded grip. obviously I know this, I was just putting it out there for everyone else.

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Model Differences On Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
Model Differences On Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
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