The Crosman PowerMaster 760 BB/Pellet Rifle

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Warunho: Is the Crosman 760 (that you can like buy in a bb gun kit on some websites) in plastic or wood? Please say wood...

callofdutyguy9: Pumpmaster 760 may be plastic but still reliable

rob kuhnke: I have the same gun, my uncle gave it to me about 33 yrs ago. Whats nice is you don't have to rooster it.Mine is petty accurate for it's age it's over 40 yrs old. It will out shoot those cheap plastic peices of crap pump master guns. I know it well, because I bought a pump master for my son. What an ebarrassment.

Daniel Ho: large version

PaulsAirsoftArmory: Yes it does matter what materials they are made out of! They have the same designs, but the older ones are MUCH better. Oh, and work on your English skills.

skateboardperson213: im srry for asking this im like a begginer,wat do u mea by bbs like the plastic bbs?

CSharp: Since, according to crosman's website: Model 760 Powermaster Pneumatic, .177 cal., pellet/BB repeater. First variant. Rifle 1966-1970 this gun you're talking about it not being made anymore, much less for $4, it's kind of pointless to talk it up like people are going to be able to just go out and get one. The Pumpmaster is what's readily available now, so you're bound to get strong reactions from owners of that gun when you proclaim that it's junk.

BBqthecat8117: ur pickle is junk 760 pumpmaster is way beter

PaulsAirsoftArmory: All of my pellet guns are 20+ years old, back when they were well made. Not that cheap plastic crap at WalMart. I was really surprised with it's accuracy as well once I restored it. I haven't officially checked the weights, but I would say that the original version weighs around 3X the new one.

jepdiniz2: you can get the crosman pumpmaster with the woodstock at pyramidair but it is 80 dollars

jepdiniz2: only cause it is made of plastic it is junk??? Glock is mainly made of plastic and is a reliable pistol. BTW i have mine for 3 years and never had a single problem with it

L33R0YJ3NKlN5: Found an even older model than this in my grandfather's garage.. was hoping it was working.. but according to this video it's missing a crapload of parts. :(

outdoorsman310: yeah but in the new ones they arent rifled so bbs dont ruin them

0rionbug: I got the first power master ever made with designs in the stock and forearm with a 1 stamped on it. its super accurate and powerful it shot thru 2 1.5 inch thick cardboard with 25 pumps and shot thru a squirrels chest cleanly its a nice small game weapon. the new one is a bunch of crap

FlyingAce1015: the old wooden and real medal one, my dad and brother both had these I got the new plastic one but it can shoot pellets too

rob kuhnke: It has been a while, have you made Eagle yet?

Carly Christopher: did it go thru three books

Richard Blake: But the pumpmaster is good not junk

TSgoya: wait do u have to pump the gun after every shot???

Pink297440: sorryg my keybord is br

ProdigyThePP: those first models had rifled barrels. i have one just like yours except it has the solid plastic stock and fore grip. it has a rifled barrel. the newer ones dont though. in its day {70's} that crosman was one of the best you could ever want. a steel rifled barrel, you dont get those anymore unless you pay real high dollars for it.i agree the current models leave a lot to be desired as compared to the older ones. young kids will argue with you cause they never shot one of the "good"

Lucas Titcher: i shoot at 30 meters with a .177 cal at quarter sized targets and my bulls eye is as big as a ink pen head, and i can hit it with iron sights, u suck iv shot better with my own power master at 50 ft or more so u really suck at shooting

evilbeast67: The Pump Master is a very good gun, very durrable and shoots BB's and Pellets and goes up to 625FPS, its a awesome gun, you can pump it up to 10 times, no more.

AllForOutdoors: i got 3 pump master 760's i want a different pellet gun but i am really good with my one... it has a scope and i can out shoot alot of people

Garrett m: the pumpmaster is not junk ur .mom is!

diggyfrog11: I pump mine 36

rSeAsOn99: hey i was wondering if i needed a permit to shoot my powermaster 760 when i go to MA soon.

Sam Dixon: @PaulsAirsoftArmory thats true, but still its not jhunk.

moumujai: it is pretty accurate for a smooth bore air rifle.

PaulsAirsoftArmory: It's not me! It's the formerly rusty, pitted barrel that has a smoothbore instead of rifled. This isn't built for perfect accuracy. I dare you to get better results with this particular model. (Has to be an earlier PowerMaster, not the newer PumpMaster). Think I have bad aim? Why is it that I shoot the highest scores at Scout camp each year and got 48/50 clays when I did shotgun (which was the first time I had shot a shotgun as well).

cmcmathey1: your awesome great video

PaulsAirsoftArmory: @jepdiniz2 I'm going to laugh when your glocknade explodes on you. Earlier generations of Glocks are more prone to exploding then the newer ones as well. Also, are you seriously comparing the quality of a Chinese made Crosman bb gun to an Austrian made Glock? Glock isn't even plastic, it's a "high-strength" polymer.

Nick: i have a pumpmaster its not junk if you pump it about 15 times you can go freaking hunting with it

PaulsAirsoftArmory: There is a scope that mounts directly onto the barrel by a clamp system, but they are old, rare, and hard to find.

katanaswordmaster: what bolt is that mine broke in 2 pieces and i really want a new metal one (its a 760 powermaster 31years old)

turf453: i had one of those

SouthSideKing222: 4 dollars at a resale store?? sweet.

PaulsAirsoftArmory: @kbollhunt2010 The reason I got it for $4 was because the barrel was covered in surface rust. I sanded down the barrel by hand and re-blued it. There is such a thing as the concept of buying something used rather than new. Price does not dictate quality.

SnakeMGS7: $4 $30+ Which would you think works best? Hmmmm...

LeviCarlton: i got like 15 yr old pumpmaster 760 definately not junk

PaulsAirsoftArmory: @kbollhunt2010 I'm not trying to put people down, it's just a fact that the quality of all Crosman products has decayed over the years. To put it simply, "they don't make 'em like they used to"

PaulsAirsoftArmory: @HAHA818CHICKENWINGS The newer ones (most of Crosman's current lineup, actually) are not built to anywhere near the same quality as the older models of the same gun.

Bulby93: freak bbs man i use 177 pellets its pretty neat air gun. Its only a fun gun really but it'll do for the time being..

rob kuhnke: I have one the same as this one and it's way better than that plastic crap I know, I had bought one of those new guns for my son and what a piece of junk it is. Some times it pumps and most of the time it doesn't.

Groundskeeper Willie: And I am being very lax with my grouping size numbers...

PaulsAirsoftArmory: I use it for .22's sometimes. I also had alot of phonebooks sitting around.

sk8attak: how can i sight in the scope without the stand? cause its liossibe to do with a pump gun

churchpastor1: you can pump it 10 but still a good vid

Krathis191: i cant find how old mine is, it is a power master 760 BB Repeater. the stock and pump aren't wood though. brass bolt like yours. my grandfather bought it for my dad when he was a kid.

rob kuhnke: It' WOOD I have the same one. It was my first airgun. Still shoots to this day it was given to me about 30 yrs ago by my Uncle who had for many yrs before then.

The Crosman PowerMaster 760 BB/Pellet Rifle 3.6 out of 5

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The Crosman PowerMaster 760 BB/Pellet Rifle
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