The Crosman PowerMaster 760 BB/Pellet Rifle

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3029dz: Should pump it first then load a BB, you could have a misfire while pumping it !
Safety first !!!

Makai Voir: 3 to 10

william st.john: i have a power master 760 i love it owned it for 2 or three years also have a daisy buckboard bb gun use the power master a whole lot more than the daisy its lot more accurate and reliable forboth bb and pellets

Carly Christopher: did it go thru three books

NYGMENfan1: Glock's are not plastic.Please own,handle or research anything you know nothing about before commenting.

callofdutyguy9: Pumpmaster 760 may be plastic but still reliable

0rionbug: I got the first power master ever made with designs in the stock and forearm with a 1 stamped on it. its super accurate and powerful it shot thru 2 1.5 inch thick cardboard with 25 pumps and shot thru a squirrels chest cleanly its a nice small game weapon. the new one is a bunch of crap

Sam Dixon: @PaulsAirsoftArmory thats true, but still its not jhunk.

Lucas Titcher: i shoot at 30 meters with a .177 cal at quarter sized targets and my bulls eye is as big as a ink pen head, and i can hit it with iron sights, u suck iv shot better with my own power master at 50 ft or more so u really suck at shooting

moumujai: it is pretty accurate for a smooth bore air rifle.

cmcmathey1: your awesome great video

NakedInYourFridge: I got this from my great grandpa last summer (he died a couple moths ago) and I love it. My cousin and my friend both have crapty red rider bb guns and I can way out shoot them. I love this gun. I have the first generation though

CSharp: Since, according to crosman's website: Model 760 Powermaster Pneumatic, .177 cal., pellet/BB repeater. First variant. Rifle 1966-1970 this gun you're talking about it not being made anymore, much less for $4, it's kind of pointless to talk it up like people are going to be able to just go out and get one. The Pumpmaster is what's readily available now, so you're bound to get strong reactions from owners of that gun when you proclaim that it's junk.

rSeAsOn99: hey i was wondering if i needed a permit to shoot my powermaster 760 when i go to MA soon.

Richard Blake: But the pumpmaster is good not junk

Richard Blake: I got one from my dad the one you have but I have to pump it three times but it is a lot better then the pumpmaster 760.

tootler: i got like 15 yr old pumpmaster 760 definately not junk

PaulsAirsoftArmory: @kbollhunt2010 I'm not trying to put people down, it's just a fact that the quality of all Crosman products has decayed over the years. To put it simply, "they don't make 'em like they used to"

PaulsAirsoftArmory: @kbollhunt2010 The reason I got it for $4 was because the barrel was covered in surface rust. I sanded down the barrel by hand and re-blued it. There is such a thing as the concept of buying something used rather than new. Price does not dictate quality.

outdoorsman310: yeah but in the new ones they arent rifled so bbs dont ruin them

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The Crosman PowerMaster 760 BB/Pellet Rifle 5 out of 5

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760 Pump master V.S. pepsi😊😊
760 Pump master V.S. pepsi😊😊
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