Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 Tablet) Review

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arthur lee thomas: U can't add any App Store to this tablet and if so how do u do it

MrTonyBianco: Been trying to Fix my grandsons Extreme Play powered by android for two weeks now. It just boots to the XTreme Play screen and nothing, not the pin in the reboot, or any combination with the power and up, or down keys works. Looks like the one you are showing here, has the same features as well.

akif çifci: slm bende bu tableten aldım play store yok hangi play store sürümünü idreceğiz yardımcı olabilirmisnizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz acilllllllllllllllllllll

saychinqua1: Fkin thing does NOT have an extended battery!!!!!!!

Autumn Biggs: What is this about

Bigby Wolf: does anyone know were i can find the lcd and the digitizer for this tablet?

Ganay Thompson: can somebody help me my tablet is not working it keeps saying launcher ha stopped

M Hardison: bought the tablet just for the separate charger port. Bought a 300 dollar tablet before I bought this product and the xtreme lasted longer than the google product. Both of my nexus 7. One and two generation would just cut off and it will take a month or two to cut back on. And every time it does. It always have a full battery.

Jorge Morales: necesito el firmware de la tablet xtreme generation 2 mst-711 donde lo descargo por fa

S6 Active And Axon 7 Dude:
Cheap price no wonder thing will fall apart and stop working after two months buyer beware better off buying from a different company. My screen is cracked it will not boot or turn on no matter how long I charge it. Crappy product made by a crappy company.

Christina Houston: how do you get apps?

Amalia Chadwick: Is this a good tablet for me .is $50 to much for it .

Tit14Nandez: How can you download apps like YouTube, Facebook, Games, and etc.... into the tablet.? It don't have Google Play Store. Why is that.? Please comment me back

angeline rodriguez: mi tablet es una xtreme 7c como yo puedo bajar play store sino lo tengo

lashun harper: How do i get apps on it

Hal 502: Amazon store sucks ass.

ZaviaOrtiz2: I like the review but ur voice is annoying

Kaliman: How do u do a hard reset in it.

PrimalRumble: like which? cuz this one is really cheap and i'm lookign for $40-50- down. i need one just for pdf reading and for aldiko book reader only. that's the reason i'm not looking to get a nexus 7.

leob667: Resistive screens are no good because you have to push really hard on the screen and might break it. Buy a tablet with a capacitive screen, there are cheap ones too.

Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 tablet) review 5 out of 5

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Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 tablet)  review
Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 tablet) review
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