Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 Tablet) Review

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Bigby Wolf: does anyone know were i can find the lcd and the digitizer for this tablet?

Ganay Thompson: can somebody help me my tablet is not working it keeps saying launcher ha stopped

M Hardison: bought the tablet just for the separate charger port. Bought a 300 dollar tablet before I bought this product and the xtreme lasted longer than the google product. Both of my nexus 7. One and two generation would just cut off and it will take a month or two to cut back on. And every time it does. It always have a full battery.

Carroll Ware: Cheap price no wonder thing will fall apart and stop working after two months buyer beware better off buying from a different company. My screen is cracked it will not boot or turn on no matter how long I charge it. Crappy product made by a crappy company.

Jorge Morales: necesito el firmware de la tablet xtreme generation 2 mst-711 donde lo descargo por fa

atnipjoe: it would cost more if Google let them put their apps on it but you can root it and install the play store your self i did 

lashun harper: How do i get apps on it

Christyna Houston: how do you get apps?

Amalia Chadwick: Is this a good tablet for me .is $50 to much for it .

Zero Metal1: Alguien sabe si existe una tablet que se llama Xtreme generation 2 ?? 

angeline rodriguez: mi tablet es una xtreme 7c como yo puedo bajar play store sino lo tengo

American Forever: Amazon store sucks ass.

wowitskevin: My brother and I both own one of these. They have decent performance. Also, they WILL CHARGE OVER MICRO USB!

TNTacdcAcDc: When you first open the browser it takes you to a website where you can download the amazon app store

Zachary Schnieders: where did u order the charger from??

pitbrand: Go to amazon and use their android store. You can't use google play, but amazon works just as well.

Sam Blackwell: you cant get a new screen. you have to call Mach Speed and they will give u a new one

wowitskevin: And a stylus GREATLY reduces frustrations encountered with the resistive display.

K Tiffany: Thank you sooo much!! I have been looking for something about this tablet and I could hardly find anything online. This is the first tablet I have ever had, as my boyfriend says I am cheap & can't bring my self to spend $100+ on those other ones. I got this one at Kmart for $40 on a Thanksgiving day deal. For my first tablet I am definitely impressed but I will definitely upgrade someday. I never knew some of the things you mentioned so once again THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEO!!!

Zav ortizT.Vland: I like the review but ur voice is annoying

pitbrand: I just happened to pickup a Papermate Sharpwriter plastic pencil and tried it on my xtreme tablet and it works much better than anything else I have tried. I do have a screen protector on my screen that I just cut out myself. An easy way to cut your own screen protector is to scan and print a copy of your tablet, on of course to be able to see the screen area, and then use the printout as your template to make your cut.

Gabriella Jacobs: Thank u great review got four of these for $39.99 a piece on black fri for my kids for xmas. I took one out to check it out was pretty disappointed at first but once i calibrated it and watched ur review feel a lil better my kids r young so this is a good tablet for them. I didnt like the screen response but like that it is not glass so its less likely to crack i hope. Also wasnt sure how ur supposed to get apps cuz theres no google play, itll b fine doing it through the computer so i can sensor

Gabriella Jacobs: Looked for the google play help from charredpc no luck if anyone knows how to get it on the device id love some help

juniorog123: I forgot gmail password and need help how to wipe factory retire I tried power and hold the volume button up and goes to a black screen help please

Sam Blackwell: no u can

PrimalRumble: like which? cuz this one is really cheap and i'm lookign for $40-50- down. i need one just for pdf reading and for aldiko book reader only. that's the reason i'm not looking to get a nexus 7.

Tit14Nandez: How can you download apps like YouTube, Facebook, Games, and etc.... into the tablet.? It don't have Google Play Store. Why is that.? Please comment me back

leob667: Resistive screens are no good because you have to push really hard on the screen and might break it. Buy a tablet with a capacitive screen, there are cheap ones too.

Sam Blackwell: yes indeed

Zachary Schnieders: what kind of powercord does it use?

snoopypy72: How do u do a hard reset in it.

faithsaidthat: Got one for my son and have been playing around on it for a month trying to load apps for him. I'm taking it back for a refund. The resistive touch is not bad as long as you don't have anything on the tablet. Once you load apps it becomes much, much slower. I purchased 2 SD cards for this, both mounted to the tablet, show up in the storage area of settings, but NONE of the apps will load to the SD card. I can't get NE thing to transfer to SD only to the USB memory app or whatever that is.

MrOlvera8100: Thx for the review really help out a lot !!

Gabriella Jacobs: mirror creator . com / files / DHYG3XSV / take away the spaces and this is the link i found that charredpc ends up referring to

Sam Blackwell: my screen cracked and i called the company they said they cant fix it


Maryann Burleigh: how do i get apps i cant download any apps help please

poop: Yes, it charges through the USB slot. I hate the Amazon app store, but luckily there is a patch to get Google Play on it. I've written a quick rundown on it... it won't let me post a link here, but you can search for 'X-treme Mach Speed Tablet Review CharredPC' on Google it's the first result. Hope this helps :)

Sam Blackwell: for all of u who want google play on your Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 tablet) go to askmefast in your search browser and search "how do i download google play on the eclipsextreme tablet" and one of the questions has a link

nickkibaebeee: hey(: you sound very educated on this tablet. i have a question,and hope you could be some help to me. i have this very same tablet and well long storie short my ass hole of a "boyfriend" and i broke up out of spite changed my password;handed it back to me and told me good luck now there is no way i can get into it do you possibly know how to factory restore it from the unlock screen please please right back whether it be yah or nah thanks so much(: -Nickki(:

media2watch: "GOOGLE PLAY" is not loaded on this device so for those who want to be able to download apps this is for you. Just follow the instructions one the video titled Visual Land Google Play it works and its easy. The video is for "Visual Land" tablets but it works perfectly for the X-treme 7" with cream sandwitch "4.0.4". Thanks to "osreviewz's" video I purchased 3 of these X-treme tablets simply because of the features it has and they were on sale. It worked on all 3

Sarah Richards: Please how do you do a factory reset???

jessielsantostaz: how can I reset the tablet? I forgot the password and I can't erase it. some advise?

Jaime Snethen: I can't find the link your talking about, I get to this same video

pitbrand: I feel like I must say, I don't use the plastic pencil with the lead out. Since I'm commenting again I'm going to suggest a fun app. Picasso - check it out. It is free on Amazon and fun for doodles and even for saving hand written notes.

pitbrand: Use amazon android app store. It's basically the same thing. You can't use google play with this device, but google play is just an app store like amazons app store.

Gabriella Jacobs: plus ht tp : // w ww . at the beginning

Sarah Richards: did u fiqure out how to ?

Juney B.: How can I get the google play store please hellllp please

Mach Speed Xtreme (Android 4.0 tablet) review 4.5 out of 5

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