Mount & Blade Warband Peloponnesian War Mod #1

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Os cria do comando Sancto: retarded

Thesilentassassin188: What the freak is that stupid metal game of thrones intro?

Mango power: stop swearing

Mango power: stop yelling

ngoyab lash: 10:35 freak you hahahaha

Ethan Reynolds: not to be mean or anything but your accent is funny :)

GMcoy: this guy laughs like the guy on family guy lo

Hermes Np: i like this mod

rafalongo7: NHK, nihon hikikomori kyokai?

Richard: Dont Good This download link
Say: get_object failed for texture: ahiga_celtic_scutum_e

tawnyflight thunderclan: for feta cheese

Clarence Callahan: good video good video but when the merchant asks me to save his brother from the shelter, the brother of the merchant does not appear

Electro House Mixes: this link is fake

Modestas Brazulevičius: From were you downloaded this mod please tel my i loking all weak please =)

Arathoren Victorious: Check out my Latest Fires of War mod Playthrough

john baldauff: amazing intro had to sub

braydon stoessel: you started in Africa

seth1414141414: Ur intro is lyfe 

Pod: Game of Thrones :D

BallisticJestr: When I started the game, I started the first mission of trying to find the merchants brother but after the battle was over, i was unable to exit the battleground. Also, the game is very jumpy and lags every now and then. Maybe because of the massive screen loads of informing me of the peace treaties and who declared war. Is there a way to get rid of those so they don't pop up anymore? Also, where can I get the complete version? I downloaded the version from your link and it's the alpha. 

Mount & Blade Warband Peloponnesian war mod #1 5 out of 5

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Tutorial para instalar mods en Mount & Blade: Warband
Tutorial para instalar mods en Mount & Blade: Warband
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