Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Off-grid Homestead Project

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Steve Henkel: You're so modest. "I don't have any experience in this..." I really don't think it matters with you. You obviously already had the concept of the whole thing in your head before you started putting it together. Sometimes I don't think you in particular don't need any experience. I think you were born to do with your hands, whatever you put your mind to. πŸ‘ŠπŸ™‚

john montague: Spot on Cody.

hondrifter: Great video! I have an off the topic comment. Thank you for carrying your firearm!

opfor325: When I have time, I gotta watch these old videos. These are really good how to videos.

Greg Scott: Great vid, Mr Wranglerstar!!! A few years late, but I had to dig deep to get info on the Alaskan Mill. Thank you!!!

DB Wesner: These older videos are well worth watching...worth reposting IMO

in motion: my dad was a plumber and pipe fitter in the local 447 .everybody looked down on him on my friends .but he made about 4000 a month insurance for all us kids he gave us a great life with this job he has since retired might I add at age 55 ;)my dad a man too be looked up too for sure

Billy Beane: as a master mechanic human and father I see first hand what you were speaking about. I guess growing up around other craftsman made me different than others. I feel more accomplished in life even though I have worked my body into degeneration. I was highly sought and recruited around the country when I was working and to be chased for your skills is also rewarding. I watched how my boys were taught in school and it's directly attached to the failings of our country. they aren't taught general things in life they teach them how to get into college. not every kid is going to go to college. of my boys o e did for athletic medicine and my other didn't. my youngest had no desire to go to cv ollege even though he was much more technology orientated than his teachers. the shop class disappearing has hurt your Americans. I took any shop class I could, leather, drafting, auto, wood and metal fab. my youngest was badgered about his school work that really had little bearring in reality it was more for college. his senior year we made a deal he showed them what he could do and we stop riding him. aced his entire senior year without even studying. intelligence doesn't come from a school. it's there school just uses it in their way. you want to see a math genius watch sheet metal fabricators. man those guys are running trig equations in their heads. I could teach any kid to weld and he can live a life on that skill or he has a skill to work his way through college. trailer fab shops around here start their welders at 15 bucks an hour. that isn't bad money when you are starting out in life. the high school here is so poorly done. the shop "teacher" has little to any skill on anything. they have welders that aren't used as he doesn't know how. the few tools in the wood area he pushes is the laser for putting pictures or laying out saw cut lines....Yeah. the school says they have a construction and farm fab shop classes. he teaches only so he can coach basketball. total waste. we are failing so many years kids. nearly half the kids that went to college the same time as my oldest never finished. so how is pushing them to college helping train them for any life but minimum wage. everyone wonders why people think the minimum wage needs to be raised. those jobs aren't meant for adult careers, they are tern part time jobs. well ill stop the novel lol

Tim Peterson: I notice on your guide rail, that you bolted the aluminum cross bars to the 2x4 on one end which is your starting end. What did you don on the opposite end of the log because of various length logs, You wouldn't have room for any forgiveness. i.e. a 8' log vs. a 8'2" log.. how did you solve this problem? did you cut each log Exactly to length? Did you drill holes with the Forester bit every inch? or did you come up with a cure?

Paul Hughes: thank you for letting me know how mundane my life is thank you Cody 😐

Paul Hughes: Thank you for letting me know how mundane my life is going to work for a pay check we are not all capable of living in the great outdoors with our own land it's not always just about life choices it's about life and how it hits us we are not worried about what negative people think ie hard work sawing your own timber looks great but it is for most of us and will only ever be a dream as hard as we fight but please don't tell us that our lives are mundane and pretty worthless I refer to your comments on bumb pay checks. what is the old saying there for the grace of God? anyway cody I thought I'd share that with you as you hurt my feelings and it sounded patronising. 😐

PhotoBobBarker: Just a small suggestion from a woodworker, Forstner first then hole. I'ts much more stable that way. I'm really enjoying your videos

Joe Negrin: Nice mill. I understand where you are coming from and I agree with what you have to say. As a society we undervalue one another’s skill sets particularly practical ones. It is wrong to look down on a group of people who are employed in a blue collar occupation. However, it is also wrong to categorize white collar workers or persons with advanced degrees as elitist, judgmental, and without practical skills. Both example represent broad generalization and stereotypes which by their nature are inherently flawed.

The Sweat Factory: I enjoyed the video and once again the commentary was insightful and well spoken. I cant tell you how many times some one has asked or hired me to fix or build something for them and somewhere along the process they think its a compliment when they say wow, i could never have figure that out or I never could have done that , you should have gone to college. Life will never be affected by a shortage of office drones. It's men who can build or accomplish something with their own two hands that build great nations.

guy mcelwee: I love my sawmills I've got have cut lots of true size wood as real 2x8, 2x10, 2x12.4x6 you name it you can cut it. At present I've cut 2"x22"x20' boards. The longest I've cut was 12"x20'x28'8" beams.

Jeff DeLuca: I also respect that you carry a firearm! We are there in America and need to be prepared!

Jeff DeLuca: I LOVE your philosophy on the worth of a persons time at the job. I am with YOU! We need to get back to being self-sufficient and not relying so heavily on "the system". People work 40 years and retire broke so where is the false economy???

Nancy Breslin: I like the mill it looks strong

Michael Dougfir: Important Question, please: When you sell an Alaskan Mill, does the Granberg DVD come with it?
We need to know this.
Thank you.

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Off-grid Homestead Project 5 out of 5

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