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lastdaysguitar: I noticed the video description says: "No longer have it. SOLD THIS POS!!!!!"... what happened?

White Kita: vey beautiful...lucky you...

Enzo Puppyboy: Lol it always suprises me how many leftys there are. Judt got my Tavor. Work of advice to new recipents. Its a tough gun, you dont need to baby it. I didnt kniw what "Riding" the charging handle was till i tried. It will acctualy prevent full battery if you do. But you just gotta wack the handle forward to engage it.

jrcann jay: Nice review I just subbed, I ordered one in od green

Mark Mal: Does it come with a forend rail?

Cayman King: AR fags, please stop molesting the Tavor.

Roger Evans: FYI,  The Sig 516 sling fits great on the Tavor

n300zx93: the window is in the front because you fallow the white marker not the rounds.

n300zx93: love mine too

Crucible Arms: Love my Tavor!

MrTacticalTeam99: Nice Infidel Wallpaper man. I'm too an Infidel. Rock On! :)

jesstaylor47: How does the Larue mount fit on the rail of the Tavor?

elireloaded: Ah...makes sense...just checking. Carry on...

AKSKSMAN: A person who is a non believer in the muslim faith is labeled an infidel. I am a nonbeliever, therefore I am the infidel and proud of it.

elireloaded: Got rid of the Tavor eh? Glad I bought the sks bullpup kit. Whats up with the Infidel picture on your channel profile?

AKSKSMAN: $89 sight that has been through hell and back on all my guns and still works like the day I bought it. The mount is also worth more than the sight and the locking lever of it started to come loose from shooting a week after I got it. The 2k gun malfunctioned for me to the point that I finally sold it. Sometimes cheap doesn't equal crap.

elireloaded: 2k gun...$89 sight. I Kid, I Kid, I 'm broke too. What I wouldn't give to have the Tavor though

Oplinta Moshtak: How's accuracy?

fuck google+i will not change my name and will never give you my phone number!: beautiful thing..!

AdoreYouInAshXI: I wish I had a good job so i could afford cool stuff ;(

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
IWI TAVOR SAR 5 out of 5

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