PB Client V5.8 Hacked Minecraft Client

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Adam Crowster: The Download Link Brings Me To A Web Hosting Link


den GumbaL: my skype monitormc

den GumbaL: I am freak you

Cam Fan: no clip lets you go through walls.

MrPitbull917: Yep

Mustard Man: mhmm

LaVueveNoire: noclip is the freecam thing, you can fly around through walls, but cannot interact with the terrain :D

MrPitbull917: I don't code clients anymore or use skype.

MrPitbull917: @GriefSquadAlpha No this is old I have a video up for 1.0 version and there is no 1.1 version yet but I will upload a video when the update is public.

MrPitbull917: @TheAdam715 I don't code MC client anymore. Ive been learning how to make some 3d games.

MrPitbull917: @expert19370 I dont make tutorials and there are none on making MC Hacks look at HackForums(dot)net there might be some helpful guides there.

expert19370: @MrPitbull917 kk thnx bro but can you give me tuts on like the ones you have in the video? cuz i've been trying forever to find them.

MrPitbull917: @expert19370 I dont really code MC client anymore but I can help you out, Look in PlayerControlerMP and PlayerControlerSP for your reach hack and instant mine needs.

expert19370: Hey Can You Help Me Code My Client Cuz I need help finding most of the codes and tuts on how to add reach hack and instant mine but i cant find any. Can you help me?

MrPitbull917: @abunchofidiots11 What?

Adam Robertson: @MrPitbull917 doesnt matter

MrPitbull917: @abunchofidiots11 Umm...???

Adam Robertson: i saw how you got in and wrote it down

MrPitbull917: @shademan115 Yeah.

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PB Client v5.8 Hacked Minecraft client 5 out of 5

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Minecraft "Ignited" Hacked Client by Inferno :D
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