PB Client V5.8 Hacked Minecraft Client

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Adam Crowster: The Download Link Brings Me To A Web Hosting Link´╗┐

GoiNBanaNazz: @MrPitbull917 Nice Client! I Hope YouM ake More!!

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 do u use checkkeys or keydown?

Justin Wonda: Hey I was wondering where to change the nametag text to make it bigger if you can help it would be helpful

alpaca cabbage: Noclip is where you can walk through anything.

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 i watched that,like i said.. when i do checkkeys it FLASHES.. i watched that vid .. and i did keydown instead i was wondering if there is a toggle for keydown?.>

nesgamer44: 1.8 update?

I'm Gay: wats weather?

RockinGaming: @MrPitbull917 can i have ur client???/

Adam Robertson: @MrPitbull917 doesnt matter

TheReefersGriefing: Invisibility plz

MrPitbull917: @MineCraftKorner Windows(By LCTRL) key + r then type %appdata% hit enter then select .minecraft/bin and delete the file name minecraft.jar then put the hacked on in there and re-name it to "minecraft.jar"

KillCapjohns: 1.8.1 out yet?

hahahahahahahahello2: Lol impatient people are impatient

Harriz Adry: Why is noclip not working?

Kris Gilles: Oh too bad .DROP DOSENT EXIST

XxOpTiCxRaMpAgExX: mhmm

DonkeyIvasion: how long does it take to make a hacked client ? just asking

iPixeIated: Great job man. I would love this client even more if you added a radar, since the thing i'm most worried about while griefing is people catching me.

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 Oh hey, pitbull love ur client and also love alias full. but do you can help me WITH Small promblem? sence checkKey's apprentaly dont work for me:/ it just flashed but when i do if.Keyboard.KeyDown(44)) it works but its not toggled?? how do i make a toggled stantment?. ilooked on hackforums but it said to do keychecks with it so i did,Didnt work. KeyDown works better how do i make a toggle??? IS my question(How To make TOGGLE)????

MrPitbull917: @GamerzXlive Look on HF for some tutorials I know there are at least 2 on there.

xGoldDust: nice client but alot of bugs! ill attempt to fix them!

MrRandomGuyIII: This is a pretty pointless attempt since everyone I've met says no... but, Teach me how to program java?

MrHallis21: can you try to make a sign edit so you can edit signs plz

MrPitbull917: @shademan115 Yeah.

myt211: it does not load

Thegrude: The 1.8.1 client crashes so much!

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 I looked.. i can't find any? could u link me?? cuz CheckKeys dont work for me... which is weird and must of those tuts are checkkeys!

Kris Gilles: Thanks so much for having a free .drop download

ongteu33: Well done, youve made a good vid!

alpaca cabbage: Oh an fly.

MrPitbull917: @MrHallis21 Patched.

AlwaysRiqht: I failed, not gui, i ment Api

cad10666: Does this client work for 1.8.1?

Trevor Sanders: why doesnt it drop all of the hot bar?

Themincraftguy: @Touchdown470 i want that too lol

MrColeholden: Is this good

Flamanis: is there any way i can disable some part of the mod like the x ray?

Johnny Lee: Where is - Anti Vanih - Kill Aura Mob aura - Jesus

MrPitbull917: @abunchofidiots11 What?

MrPitbull917: @RockinGaming No I shut it down lol

MrPitbull917: @GriefSquadAlpha No this is old I have a video up for 1.0 version and there is no 1.1 version yet but I will upload a video when the update is public.

MrPitbull917: @xGoldDust Hmm that's strange it does not do that for me. If your on a server and falling through the map it might just be server lag.

hahahahahahahahello2: New client for 1.8 is out

MrPitbull917: @GamerzXlive hackforums(dot)net/showthread(dot)php?tid=1547433

BryantTheGangstar: MrKennard11 stole your video and said he made the mod. He even put the download on cashshare, that greedy bastard.

MrPitbull917: @RockinGaming I remember you why did you stop player there? and I dont use skype.


MrPitbull917: @nonginger What do you mean?

MrPitbull917: @expert19370 I dont really code MC client anymore but I can help you out, Look in PlayerControlerMP and PlayerControlerSP for your reach hack and instant mine needs.

PB Client v5.8 Hacked Minecraft client 4.9 out of 5

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