PB Client V5.8 Hacked Minecraft Client

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Adam Crowster: The Download Link Brings Me To A Web Hosting Link´╗┐

GoiNBanaNazz: @MrPitbull917 Nice Client! I Hope YouM ake More!!

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 do u use checkkeys or keydown?

Justin Wonda: Hey I was wondering where to change the nametag text to make it bigger if you can help it would be helpful

alpaca cabbage: Noclip is where you can walk through anything.

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 i watched that,like i said.. when i do checkkeys it FLASHES.. i watched that vid .. and i did keydown instead i was wondering if there is a toggle for keydown?.>

nesgamer44: 1.8 update?

I'm Gay: wats weather?

RockinGaming: @MrPitbull917 can i have ur client???/

Adam Robertson: @MrPitbull917 doesnt matter

TheReefersGriefing: Invisibility plz

MrPitbull917: @MineCraftKorner Windows(By LCTRL) key + r then type %appdata% hit enter then select .minecraft/bin and delete the file name minecraft.jar then put the hacked on in there and re-name it to "minecraft.jar"

KillCapjohns: 1.8.1 out yet?

hahahahahahahahello2: Lol impatient people are impatient

Harriz Adry: Why is noclip not working?

Kris Gilles: Oh too bad .DROP DOSENT EXIST

XxOpTiCxRaMpAgExX: mhmm

DonkeyIvasion: how long does it take to make a hacked client ? just asking

iPixeIated: Great job man. I would love this client even more if you added a radar, since the thing i'm most worried about while griefing is people catching me.

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 Oh hey, pitbull love ur client and also love alias full. but do you can help me WITH Small promblem? sence checkKey's apprentaly dont work for me:/ it just flashed but when i do if.Keyboard.KeyDown(44)) it works but its not toggled?? how do i make a toggled stantment?. ilooked on hackforums but it said to do keychecks with it so i did,Didnt work. KeyDown works better how do i make a toggle??? IS my question(How To make TOGGLE)????

MrPitbull917: @GamerzXlive Look on HF for some tutorials I know there are at least 2 on there.

xGoldDust: nice client but alot of bugs! ill attempt to fix them!

MrRandomGuyIII: This is a pretty pointless attempt since everyone I've met says no... but, Teach me how to program java?

MrHallis21: can you try to make a sign edit so you can edit signs plz

MrPitbull917: @shademan115 Yeah.

myt211: it does not load

Thegrude: The 1.8.1 client crashes so much!

GamerzXlive: @MrPitbull917 I looked.. i can't find any? could u link me?? cuz CheckKeys dont work for me... which is weird and must of those tuts are checkkeys!

Kris Gilles: Thanks so much for having a free .drop download

ongteu33: Well done, youve made a good vid!

alpaca cabbage: Oh an fly.

MrPitbull917: @MrHallis21 Patched.

AlwaysRiqht: I failed, not gui, i ment Api

cad10666: Does this client work for 1.8.1?

Trevor Sanders: why doesnt it drop all of the hot bar?

MrSnrubd: It's sad how many of you don't realize that most of this stuff doesn't work due to the fact that servers have plugins which don't allow some of these mods. Get over it.

Themincraftguy: @Touchdown470 i want that too lol

MrColeholden: Is this good

dragonfireball235: is there any way i can disable some part of the mod like the x ray?

Johnny Lee: Where is - Anti Vanih - Kill Aura Mob aura - Jesus

MrPitbull917: @abunchofidiots11 What?

MrPitbull917: @RockinGaming No I shut it down lol

MrPitbull917: @GriefSquadAlpha No this is old I have a video up for 1.0 version and there is no 1.1 version yet but I will upload a video when the update is public.

MrPitbull917: @xGoldDust Hmm that's strange it does not do that for me. If your on a server and falling through the map it might just be server lag.

hahahahahahahahello2: New client for 1.8 is out

MrPitbull917: @GamerzXlive hackforums(dot)net/showthread(dot)php?tid=1547433

BryantTheGangstar: MrKennard11 stole your video and said he made the mod. He even put the download on cashshare, that greedy bastard.

MrPitbull917: @RockinGaming I remember you why did you stop player there? and I dont use skype.


MrPitbull917: @nonginger What do you mean?

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PB Client v5.8 Hacked Minecraft client 4.9 out of 5

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