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Forrest Hooker: I can understand why people are big fans of stock or other Nissan motors in this car, but Jesus I want to do this´╗┐

RYAN JACK: its alot easier to make hp if u start with more of it.and the amount of mods available for the ls1 is ridicoulus.the only reason i wouldnt swap is if it already had the vg30tt. bottom line is ricers are mad because they think everything is about boost .the v8 is the best engine ever created.´╗┐

Estirvana: @faded2blak Then move your crap off of youtube and go talk somewhere else.

kda1nc: @cubaguy87 or you could just go with the vg30dett that the car comes with just upgrade turbos but the ls1 does have a more evil sound not that the vg30dett doesnt :-)

Cody Green: So technically by what i have been ranting all these DOHC engines should be wasting these so called "junky" OHV V8s. So really who cares who made what engine. Any educated racer is going to pick the one with good structural rigidity, a good oiling system, and heads that move air. If you say v8s suck you just sound ignorant to an educated person. And if you say Imports suck you are just as ignorant. Some import engines are built/designed 2x as good as American stuff.

luciax402: Keep the turbo

twoeightythreez: @fpvcrapsonhsv Oh yes, and to reciprocate on that...if these japscrap bodies are so weak how come there's people with 240sx's (which aren't as stiff as a Z32..and actually WERE built for 4cyl) running built LS motors running 10's and below, on a stock chassis...and they're not twisting like bananas.....oh and btw the stock rearends hold up, too. As far as reinforcing the body, yes of course you do....but why not start off with a strong, stiff platform like a Z if you like it?

ChaoticXCarnage: Its a 300zx what more is there to say. I'm considering doing the LS1 swap in my 96 300zx but have too many projects so it'll have to wait but concerning power/weight ratio it'll definently be a badass car when its done. Until then i'm stayin VG30. even n/a its a badass motor. a few mods. 242hp

PVTstupid: @daWKin548 Oh please they're only a mildly tuned engine designed to run day in and day out reliably to 100000 miles and beyond. Show me another man. with a 500 hp N/A v8 with decent gas mileage, great reliability, lightweight, mildly tuned, and as inexpensive as the ls7. You can't. You got ferrari's newer v8 aggressively tuned close to its maximum potential in a street application, comparatively bad fuel economy, don't even know if it'll start on a cold day, expensive, high maintenance, ect,

renzokukenleonhart: i plan on having this as my first car.

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost and just to show you, one of the Z1 shop cars is a 9.2 second car with stock heads and cams.

tangled Line: I would have thought there would be more power in that setup. Hearing those tires squeal and not smoke kinda gave it away.

DVcustomZ: @EatPez I do not see where my statement is no false I provided the dyno NOT crank WHP for my swap with exhaust. I am talking WHP numbers not car math and crank numbers every swap I have seen makes less than 400WHP and for the cost associated with it I do not see it. PPl keep throwing weight differences like they are prof AUTOX racers or time attack DD that 80lb difference is a non factor. Like I sd unless U add F/I to the LS I dont get it. I am in the planning of a domestic swap myself no HATE

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost i did. i figured you'd remember what we were talking about 5 minutes ago.

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost ok you're saying a 454 motor costs less than a stock 300zx. i'm sure everyone knows that. but we're not talking about different motors here. for an ls1 to make 500bhp with bolt ons costs at least 3k or over. it's cheaper for the 300zx to achieve 500hp. and don't forget a tune for the ls1 too.

WhoooLovesOrangeSoda: Niceee

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost: @joe645733 See I really find that hard to beilive because if you really want to go in terms of cost, you can get a 454 from the junkyard for dirt cheap, drop some money into it and you have yourself 500 RELIABLE crank horsepower for less then the cost of a stock 300zx.

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost what i said is true, n/a motors with turbo kits don't need high amounts of pressure from the turbos to make good power. which is when i stated boosted n/a motors just work differently than FI motors. and no, a supra doesn't need 40lbs of boost lol. 26psi can easily get you over 700rwhp. and that number is pretty crazy to me for a street legal car. i'm just stating a fact that an LS1 motor can't handle high psi. does it need to? no, but im just sayin

dre5491: Pull the LS1 and drop in a 2jzgte...

blabla3o: @KevinTheVillian well as a ford 460 is = to 7.5, a gm 454 is equal to 7.4 454= 7.4 my kung fu is strong oh
Philippe Lepage: @twoeightythreez :)

Syperion: @hobotechMASTER arent you cool. do your research, it can and has been done multiple times. dipcrap

mageac: why doesn everyone always seem to think more hp means worse cornering... real life is not a video game, the power of an engine is quite literally, irrelevant to cornering...

jar3388: I will need a motor soon and would love give my na some balls. Ls1 seems to be my first choice. 6 speed and still can slap twins in it... My erection will be perman

FATBOYREPPIN502: wow that is truely badass man!!

cubaguy87: No offense. Like the car and what not BUT I would of went with a 2jz swap or even a 1jz swap out of a lexus. V8. Lighter. Make same power if not more depending on condition of motor.

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost: @joe645733 Can you not freaking read? I said you would have to put low compression pistons in an LS1 for high boost. There's a huge topic about detonation on the vg30 motor on z32 tuning forums, check it out for yourself. I dont mind argueing with you because Id like to learn some things for myself but god damn you need to be more clear.

Djay Bookie: 28 people drive a prius

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost: @joe645733 No, im not understanding your english very well, not to be rude but could please explain what that comment even meant? "you wont see an n/a car with a turbo kit added with those numbers" - You. Huh? Charlie Givilancz owns a T/A with an LS1 TT setup and at 16psi he makes 854RWHP. 18psi 923RWHP.

EatPez: @1234drewski Send me your engine harness and I'll straghten it out for you. I've done close to 100 harnesses for people doing various engine swaps into various chassi.

Rich Conklin: freak gay as hell

hobotechMASTER: @daWKin548 5 months ago eh? and guess what? youre STILL a freakin retard

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost LS1 motors can't run high boost due to the high compression. if you went with more boost than you normally see, you'd NEED to use the correct kind of gas or else it'd detonate. it's not just because they don't need a higher number of boost. trust me, if it was possible to do so on the LS1, everyone would do it for the high number of power. the LS1 cannot handle high boost, that's all

twoeightythreez: @fpvcrapsonhsv Twist it like a banana? Lol I'd like to see that with a stock LS motor dude....I love how when you swap a V8 into a weak ass fox mustang or a vega that you have to reinforce the living crap out of and change the rear right away it's cool but when someone does it to a car like this Z that has a chassis that can handle the torque and has a unbreakable rearend it's "pathetic" because it started out as a jap.......narrow minded people suck. If you don't like it why did you watch it?

EatPez: @joe645733 1st of all, no one ever said that modding a car was a matter of finacial literacy. Now you don't make any sence. You talk about 600hp VG, 600hp LS, 700hp, 400hp LS. make up your mind. Getting 600hp out of an LS isn't hard or expensive. Of course, the cheeper iron block, low compression LS motors regularly make over 1500hp when TTed, & the high-dollar ones make up to 2500hp. Slapping a turboo on a 100% stock LS1 & making 600hp is pretty common. search here an you'll find 100s

snoffuful: ls1 should have been for 300zx in the first place

stangredemption: REALLY????????????? You're gonna go from a v6 to a v8 and you're worried about gas mileage? The gas mileage is all depending on your foot, Fuel supply type(Carb or EFI), auto/manual and to asnwer your qweight distrobution question... You hit the gas, car sqauts. I mean what in the hell dumb question is how's the gas mileage? :-/ damn import owners man

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost: @joe645733 You cant just crank up the boost on the turbos and expect some results. More boost needs more fuel and more pressure creates more heat which needs more cooling. Im sure the iron block and solid internals of the VQ can handle it but it would bigger injectors and upgraded intercooler, a tune etc... In the end the LS1 can make a lot more power then the VQ for a similar cost. You will never beat a v8 when it comes to power effciency.

Mackenzie Rios: horrendous

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost " The vg30tt has detonation at 15psi on 91 octance which requires a meth injection kit". there you go stupid ass. i never said that you said, it'd detonate at 20psi? if anything, that's correct. you said 15psi and i'm saying that's wrong.

joe645733: @ChirtyPoundsOfBoost what i meant was, you won't see an n/a motor that has been TT'd have high pressure from the turbos. an n/a motor that has been TT'd works differently than a turbo motor. for example, i've never seen a turbo'd LS1 with 40lbs of boost like supra or evo would have. i'm just saying the number of psi from the turbos doesn't really mean much depending on what motor it is.

2007Escalade: Now THIS is how it should be done!

James Jenkins: Do you still have ac?

Marcel Schmidt: Nice car man!!! I was just wondering what was involved in the electrical aspect of the conversion? I have a ls6 engine and am in the process of picking up a 300zx.

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost: @joe645733 Call me ignorant but I still think LS1's are more power effcient. Cams/heads/bolton LS1 is 450-500 horse and that costs just shy of 3 grand. There alot less of a hassle to take care of then a vg30 motor as well. And if money isnt a variable anymore a TT ls1 would stomp a tt vg30.

emill910: @EatPez lol not quite but sure we can see what your tryin to say.

Philippe Lepage: Sure, I only owned 3 z32 and replaced the Turbos, intercooler, fuel pump, injectors and clutch on all 3 so I guess I don't know what I'm talking about :)

jordan hickman: weak as hell

daWKin548: one word, PUSHRODS, and a phrase, 2-VALVES PER CYLINDER, any muppet can make a 500bhp engine from 7 litres or 427's as yanks call them, how rubbish

300ZX V8 LS1 CONVERSION 4 out of 5

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