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DaphotosMedia: Sweet, I just LS Turbo swapped my 300zx.

shawno009: that car originally TT correct?

357mag pwr: nice I want make the swap on my Z how much did u spend

Forrest Hooker: I can understand why people are big fans of stock or other Nissan motors in this car, but Jesus I want to do this

sam yeazell: its alot easier to make hp if u start with more of it.and the amount of mods available for the ls1 is ridicoulus.the only reason i wouldnt swap is if it  already had the vg30tt.
bottom line is ricers are mad because they think everything is about boost .the v8 is the best engine ever created.

Cody Green: So technically by what i have been ranting all these DOHC engines should be wasting these so called "junky" OHV V8s. So really who cares who made what engine. Any educated racer is going to pick the one with good structural rigidity, a good oiling system, and heads that move air. If you say v8s suck you just sound ignorant to an educated person. And if you say Imports suck you are just as ignorant. Some import engines are built/designed 2x as good as American stuff.

Cody Green: In today's market there really isn't anyone using DOHC heads to their advantage. DOHC is a more stable design. But when you have OHV engines running 6500-7000 rpm and DOHC running the same they aren't even utilizing their design strength. They should easily be running 9000 rpm. Or more. The only time you even see DOHC being used to its potential is in motorcycles and F1. At School of Automotive Machinists their car has a 440ci lsx that turns 10,000 rpm. Thats OHV. That makes DOHC look foolish.

Cody Green: Ok lets take the same 2 engines. now put heads on them that are different. The 4 Cyl will be DOHC and the V8 will be OHV. Which one is better for racing? Whoever said the one that moves the most air is right. There is nothing wrong with a OHV engine. If the heads move just as much air as the DOHC heads than i would say the DOHC heads aren't using their advantage of more valves per cyl. Now lets talk about stable RPM on each set of heads....(Continued)

Cody Green: I feel like this needs to be said with all this import vs American stuff... Guys engines are just air pumps. And whoever can move the most air in the same amount of time/distance is gonna win. Let me break this down. Lets take a 2.0L 4 cly vs a 4.0L V8. now hypothetically they have 100% Volumetric efficiency. That said, the 2.0 has to automatically move 2x the air just to be an equal with the v8. It can do that by running more RPM or by forced induction. Now lets talk about heads...(continued)

stangredemption: REALLY????????????? You're gonna go from a v6 to a v8 and you're worried about gas mileage? The gas mileage is all depending on your foot, Fuel supply type(Carb or EFI), auto/manual and to asnwer your qweight distrobution question... You hit the gas, car sqauts. I mean what in the hell dumb question is how's the gas mileage? :-/ damn import owners man

samjaramillo: How's the the weight distribution and gas millage? Doing this to my z

Well Shiz: Sure, I only owned 3 z32 and replaced the Turbos, intercooler, fuel pump, injectors and clutch on all 3 so I guess I don't know what I'm talking about :)

VodeAn: ...and my erection is permanent.

VodeAn: I have an LS motor with a single turbo in my 300zx, gets the job done. I put a video up if you want to see what that sounds like.

Skipper1mc: Dude, you are freaking retarded. I thibk YOU need to do some research.

jordan hickman: weak as hell

rallysoob: Failtard

Turbodatshit09: Good job! People that don't drive ls powered cars are always gonna hate.. Way better than vh vk vg and Rb .. Have fun and keep her sideways!

chase carothers: This is my dream car.

300ZX V8 LS1 CONVERSION 5 out of 5

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LS1 V8 for my 300ZX!
LS1 V8 for my 300ZX!
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LS-Swapped. Modified Nissan 300ZX - One Take
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300zx V8 Swap 5: ITS IN!!
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