John Parris Ultimate 1414 Snooker Cue

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Fuchun Ma: It's just an elegant cue of yours. I also ordered a Parris cue, but it's a paragon cue. Do you know how long it will take to make? I think it should be quicker than an ultimate cue, right?

hjhjhjhkkjl: I have a Riley cue signatures by Ronnie ,Stephen ,Steve Davis, Alex Higgins ,and jhun hui ding

lucky9381: @Chris8291 Just order a custom cue myself. John told me it would take 4-5 months, but I think it might be longer. Who cares, they're worth the wait!

tarcisio jardim: Parabens,otima compra

zatoichimatty1983: @matt926uk1 THE CRANBERRIES - Everything I Said

xboxlivegstar11: @Chris8291 omg lol ive got one on order since may they say could be here by nov :)

tomlimcj: £610?? Thats cheap for ultimate cue!! How come??

Chris8291: Obrigado

Ivan Taylor: where did you get you cue case 'parris cues' sticker

Chris8291: stand for the serial numbers of those ultimate cue that john parris made

Chris8291: haven't yet add 250 pound for the order and postage so total around £860

Chris8291: The Cranberries

SteveoMagician: what a waist of dosh... its not gonna make you play better you know

xboxlivegstar11: How long did it take to make? I hate it when people say it wont make u play better because of will if u feels good to u

LordOfTheGreenBaize: nice!

NICKOFAN: what is the wood in the splices?

Matt Allen: what is the song playing in the background please?

Chris8291: hi it takes about 12 months thx.

Chris8291: hi its quilted maple thanks.

Matt Allen: @Chris8291 yeah it sounded like the cranberries but i couldnt find it, whats the name of the song?

Chris8291: Yeah its well worth the money.

B Dee: I wonder it pots by itself! lol

Tony Liang: what does 1414 stand for?

John parris ultimate 1414 snooker cue 5 out of 5

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John parris ultimate 1414 snooker cue
John parris ultimate 1414 snooker cue

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