How To Forge Stalhrim Armor And Weapons - Skyrim DLC DragonBorn

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Crusader1815: freak you muthafreaka... suck my muthafreakin pickle muthafreakin muthafreaka. PEACE! yo.

Trainer Roark: I cant find deor and the black smith is still there and i killed mirakk

gethin rhys griffiths-richard: It won't let me talk to him ??

Lll ooo: by the looks of it everyone is struggling to do the simplest thing ever. I managed to do it with ease. oh what am I talking about I can't even forge it yet I need ebony to do it.

JammV8V: deor is not at skaal village what do I do

moezlie Ortiz: He tells me its like making ebony but I don't learn it nor do I know ebony so I'm confused

Sableduo Gaming: Deor refusses to talk to me at all about anything, please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I did the other quests!

osher nachimov: wtf i didenty did the mission and baldor iron shaper si in skall viligge

red raven gamer: this a lie i just finished the mission znd i can't forge stalhrim

ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed: You're use of cusswords makes you sound pathetically stupid... what a nice thug

Kajunia Williams: u lier

DawnLx: bewbs

Brian Lane: What armor is he wearing in this video?

Crimson Dragon: you cant do it unless you finish the main dragonborn quest line

Micheal Branch: I got my Ancient Nordic Pickaxe from the blacksmith in Raven Rock. Just a small 2 yard walk.

Bold Erdene: I don't think my smithing is any higher than 40... This is gonna take a while.

I Gokugold I: I finished the main story line for Dragonborn and I already see him in the village. I didn't rescue him or anything. How do I get the quest?

KimChuriki: I was the 666th like :O

Bubbles McGee: I'm lvl 26 with 80 smithing but it still won't let me start the mission I have complete the quest line. Do I need be lvl 30?

Lord Dracoliche: OR you can find an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe like how I did.

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How to Forge Stalhrim Armor and Weapons - Skyrim DLC DragonBorn 5 out of 5

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