DIY How To Build A PVC Chicken FEEDER

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Glen Kelley: A lousy video-----too slow----no details----

Maxine Rek: The idea is good , but it would be real nice if you would face the camera when you speak so as we could actually here what you are saying. I thought the video was pretty poor.
Firstly couldn't hear or understand you talking and secondly it was very rushed in showing how you did it all Sorry for the criticism but I wouldn't watch another how to video of yours. Unless you improve a whole heap.

thetopminnow: what did you say?

Johnny Wewoka: Tell your chickens to shut up--I can't hear you. ;))

med1pilot1956: That screaming rooster is a trip. He is definitely trying to give you some competition.

Advanced Nutrition Inc: put a 4 inch 45 at the top and direct it through the fence wire and the put a cap on it and you can fill it from the outside. :)

MrSwanley: In my case raising the feeder further off the ground solved the scratching out problem. A bigger problem IMHO is that circular feeders stress out the chickens - there's no way for a group of chickens to order themselves around it that doesn't end up with a low ranking chicken eating next to a higher ranking one, with resulting squabbles. Some kind of long trough would be better, but I haven't found a decent one for sale. One of these days I may make one.

GEÑO CASTILLO: nice chicken feeder I'm going to try to make one of those but more bigger

calvinfbrown: make a flap as the did on the exhaust of an old tractor, counter weight so easy to open. just a thought.

J. Arnold: I love watching your videos. You totally crack me up! You are local to us also. About to head to Lowes to pick up the pipe to make this thanks.

Chip Truitt: why dont you invest in a hole saw?

1994abbygirl: My concern is that it the food won't keep feeding itself down into the tube!

terryyouth: if you would have fitted that pipe from outside, you didnt even have to open the cage to put feed in. maybe need a loop of plastic or thin rope at the bend to stop rainwater running inside. What say ?

Hot Skull: Coooooooool

Yasmin Silva: Thank you so much!
This is a great hobby you have.

Green Power Farm: It's going good! just been working all the time & been kinda lazy about making videos here lately...My garden did great! Tons of black berries! and Blue berries..Never heard of it a small town?

ABO ARAB: Thank you for your good idea

Green Power Farm: Cool! It's a really great hobby!! good luck!

Sergio Cruz: Sweet thnxs. im new w/ the chicken stuff haha. this really helps.

Green Power Farm: you are welcome my friend!

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DIY How to Build a PVC Chicken FEEDER 5 out of 5

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