Patching [PSP]Amagami To English + Gameplay

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angry pepe cancer: No more updates?

Amziah: I remember watching your Patapon play-through videos, and enjoying the other great content you posted a couple of years ago. Now that you've been away for a while, It's saddening to know that you're no longer posting content. I hope you've been doing well thus far, and that you've successfully reached your career goals old friend.

Youmu konpaku: From what i heard its almost done. Although a chinese patch exist. These people work hard to translate thousands of lines and they do it for free on their own time no one pays them maybe small donations but hopefully although too late they make a full english patch.

Albania weiss: So how was it? Are they still working on it?

Anime 2k: is this fully patched yet

buttered_toast: soon™

Shiro Yoshiteru: Not fully patched, it always returns to japanese after leaving ur house before going to school

Anime 2k: is it fully patched

Shineymcshine79: It's a very partial patch, only the first day or two has been translated. No point using it, it'll just be disappointing when you suddenly can't understand anything after playing for half an hour.

FAT BOY: 2016 this game not full english patch until right now..


Rafif Fakhry: ey, how to save in this game?

Al Draws: After Rihoko's craptacular ending for the anime I really wanted to play the VN but after all these years it's still not translated. That's it, I'm taking my Jap learning much more seriously now.

Michael Mak: Where can i download the game? Thank you!!!

Mohamad Khairul Nizam Saleh: 2016 still not fully patched

kaua rodrigues: Hey who site you download this game

Paulus paul: year 2015. still not fully patched.
Salute for those who've been waiting so long

Lincoln Fontenele: How is the project today?

Emre Tuncay: Hey do they still patch it i played it a while ago but since its not fully subbed i couldn't go further so i wondered they still working on it?

xamanto: it's faster to learn nippon than to wait for this..

Newark: Dead link

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Patching [PSP]Amagami to English + Gameplay 5 out of 5

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Patching [PSP]Amagami to English + Gameplay
Patching [PSP]Amagami to English + Gameplay
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