Patching [PSP]Amagami To English + Gameplay

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Димитър Иванов: I can't find the xdelta file help please i really want to patch god eater 2 game .

k alobaidli: I so want the UMD intro !! <3

Alp Alioğlu: is it going to be complate ? hmm it seems CYCLE meved two days ago :)

Jonathan Sentosa: the sound of the rain is quite comforting :)

Nico: Is this project ongoing? hasn't moved in months.

Димитър Иванов: Is it raining :D ?!

k alobaidli: What the hell are you telling me that i can patch any japanes psp game into english ?

MyDocOck: What is ISO?

ramerster3000: question: how do you download the updates to the patch.

Yui tachibana: does the patch is already finish ?

yunus026: please help i get 80020148 error message

TheRizse: its not fully patched yet :( arg love this game dude

OneMan Channel: when i sleep on game next day the translates back to jpn translates ... WHY D: pls help

Riou Tan: Cool :) got another to add in my to download list only problem now is where to any suggestion??

Riou Tan: do you know which route is completely patched? tried going for ayatsuji but during the 2nd day her dialog returned to japanese. oh and if there are other games like this in the psp that are translated I would love to know some of them.

FinalMasterM: Thanks for the info. Recently got back into using my cfw PSP to play some Japanese titles. Loved the animated series, makes me wish I had the ability to play the PS2 game before I saw it. Sure it won't ruin my fun with the game. Also, I love when people visit videos about 1 thing and request something else...

FaLLen ZeRo: gahhh! the game is not yet full patched?! i was getting into Morishima !_! i can't understand wth we are talking about so far i got only two hearts from heart on a mini question game or some sort of. :/

onled1: No

Sakai Yuji: lol bro, well said

HarukaLovely: for psp

yunus026: tnx i fixed it already

HarukaLovely: Nah. All routes arent translated yet. But i think they focused more on morishima's route so many days with her are translated

HarukaLovely: I assume the english is only up to 1st day?

HarukaLovely: nope

Vely Shredder: Where I can download iso this game...?

buklao789: reading is for gaylords... I'd rather smoke weed

madmaxmadog: Were you standing with your pc outside in the middle of a hurricane while recording this? xD

godjason12: Huh? there is a EbiKore+ version, is this for the PSP or PS2?

FaladorKnights: can you message me if there is a new patch released?

NoArtSuperiority: In that case, Do you know where they post the new updates?

Yui tachibana: it's patch i think 5 percent of the game only

HarukaLovely: I dont know. Try psp emulator then find out

Kiochy Sannato: more gmeplay

HarukaLovely: imma play this after they patched this and donate like hell! :)

HarukaLovely: The forum link is in the description

FudGE: How about learning japanese xD

HarukaLovely: try updating your CFW to latest

Menma Ilya: how can i get amagami's CD? PLEASE

player gabriel: it translate back to jpn. and my system software is6.35 pro b5

Joshua Castro: i can't wait that long -_-

Riou Tan: thanks so about my other question if there are other games like this that are translated it would be fine if its in pc but would be better for something portable like the psp so I could play it whenever i'm out

HarukaLovely: yah its not

player gabriel: I update my psp to CFW 6.60 pro b10 and it's still translate back to jpn. what should i do? And also what dating sim game in english you recomend

Alex Lucky: could you send me amagami iso file,i really love this please

preraksoni: <3 the uploaders name lol

HarukaLovely: this is a partial release, theyll keep on uploading patches. maybe like 3 to 4 years full patched thats what they said

FaLLen ZeRo: I don't know..right after the second or third conversation mode with Morishima I saw bunch of japanese text right after..I'm not sure which arc or part is English me confuse the beginning is awesome i love it.

HarukaLovely: yeah gotta wait till they finished translating the game, btw have you played the game? if so the translation should be up to where?

yunus026: hey is there a full oatch version quz its nots so fine if you can't read japanese

HarukaLovely: its partial patch.. the team will complete the game patching for like 3-4 years later

Patching [PSP]Amagami to English + Gameplay 4.9 out of 5

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Patching [PSP]Amagami to English + Gameplay
Patching [PSP]Amagami to English + Gameplay
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