5 Vape Pens - 1 Review: Tank/Cartridge Mashup. Joyetech, G-Pen, Atmos Rx, Vapor Cone Elite & 710Pen

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bluesk8crew: can you get a nicotine attachment for the gpen??

Awais Javed: Is this dude high or is it just me?

Smoov' Moov': What would be a good mod setup for about 100dollars but i want it to charge into the walls

Tyler Riordan: How do use one

Debra Black: Hey I have a question for you. OK I have an ecto vaporizer fairly new brand. I was wanting to know what tanks would be compatible with the 650 battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and great video by the way. :D

Jasmine Tiana: What kind of e liquid do you use?

Lacey Prager: My cuz gave me an itaste mvp for my birthday and I really want to get one of the snoop dogg gpens, do you know if the battery on the itaste will work with the gpen? Its seems like its all the same connection...

Kylie m: Anyone know where I can buy a clearomizer attachment for the atmos rx/raw for cheap?:)

meta: What do I do is my g pen that you have is leaking everywhere for the oils? There are holes in the side of the atomizer should i just get a different pen?

i go to war and bring my glock: Light skin african americans be like im livin dat drake life aahaha

Dank Baby Rays: Yeah, breakfast I know what you mean. VapLife!

VapeHobby: Okay, I Got An Important Question? So Does The 7-10 Pen Have The 510 Threading?

Patrick Hardy: Please answer back.. which website did you buy these from???

tigre932: can i put a 510 tank on a g pen?

Jared Behrens: If you use a battery with 510 thread such as eGo or Kanger check out my Glass Globe vaporizer kit. It comes with a bigger glass piece for bigger vapor hits, and comes in Red, Blue, Green and Purple. http://www.ebay.com/itm/191075490062?var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

non of ur bisnis: ok so im going to buy a tesla mod but i need more to get smoke like the head what other thing should i buy for attaching the tesla?´╗┐

Maria Arredondo: I have a purple hookah and a blue one with gummy bear flavor and blueberry flavor

Justin DiBacco: in your opinion what is the best combination 

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5 Vape Pens - 1 Review: Tank/Cartridge Mashup. Joyetech, G-Pen, Atmos Rx, Vapor Cone Elite & 710Pen 5 out of 5

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