Borderlands 2 Unlimited Torgue Tokens!

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Goujo Goujo: It's been fixed.
on ps3,xbox and PC

HoundFox Blade: can't get this dam thing to work, name here is DarkFoxBladeZZ and can't get this glitch to work for me on my xbox.

Awesome Awesome: I love you <3

hippa2dahoppa2: wow nice it still works thanks, i can confirm this still works as of 8-1-2013 it might take a few tries diddling with the controllers but read the description and itll help

Marcus Christofes: I cant get it, if someone can add me on Xbox my name is Commander Darlh, please add me and help me get tokens

GSDguy: yeah, but farming with the bar brawl takes super long, and gets boring after about 5 times... this takes about 10 minutes to double your coins

TheCrazzyGuy11: Is it patched?

StarScream: shame you can't buy propper recording equipment with those coins.

TheWill499: Without the UVHP the bar brawl don't freaking work.

alientaco99: Plz add me white castle i need help ps3 gt: jjmthree

niceguy391987: I don't understand a crap because you're mumbling as freak!

HEEL DRIVER: Y u no pick them ALREADY!!!

Paul Botham: how do u do it

lmClassified: Modded

Nobodys FingBusiness: and get a freaking cap card noob less camera to tv crap!!!!

Nobodys FingBusiness: lol or just do bar brawl way more fun than this garbage ass bullcrap method

The Gaming God: Nice quality

Jimmy Two Times: video sucks

Angel I: add me user( nuniok).

JBGamingStation: cant hear crap

Borderlands 2 Unlimited Torgue Tokens! 5 out of 5

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