How To Kill Pyro Pete The Ultra Invincible SOLO! (Borderlands 2)

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Tr4il: Not everyone is a gunzerker with full legendery set you freaking lady.

Steve Plays: I just solo'd him. When you first get down there, die and respawn. Drop down the shaft but don't drop down into the arena. You can't shoot through the grate but he will run over to you and he won't jump up to where you are and he can't damage you. I depleted his shield with a Dahl Sapping SMG, level 32, and then killed him with a Torgue Crammed Unkempt Harold, lvl 34. Took like 5 minutes.

King Bilben: The bee and conference call were nerfed to crap

Naomi Kitsune: I used conferance calls like you did but his shields didnt go down nearly as fast as it did for you. in fact I had to unload the entire gun on him to remove like a quarter of his shield

camaza221: me and my freinds killed pyro pete the ultra invincible with two gunzerkers, a mechromancer, and a commando. me and my freind were using slaggas, electric and corrosive cc . mechsy used her death trap to heal and do damage to him and axton used the zero capasity sheild and did insane damage . also his turet did tons of damage to, we killed him 4 times until i had to get off. it was freaking fun!

Simon Monette: The conference calls have since been patched. This isn't a glitch, you just need a bee and some fibbers/sandhawk to kill him. For tutorials on how to get those, check out my updated pete guide.

sdfcd725: When i try to kill him he wont take any sort of damage i dont know if its a glitch or if ii really do have bad equipment i was usingcrtical conference call unending infinity restructing conference call and social conference call

heydominicj: my butthole needs a pounding

Dreage: Pete is needed for an achievement. I finally beat him when i heard about the op herald glitch.

Simon Monette: Try terramorphous. He's way easier than pete.

Simon Monette: yup.

Senjai138: This is too funny. You're worried about corrosive damage yet your bee shield provides immunity...

famzao: bullcrap video

Dreage: Poorly designed boss imo, gearbox needs to make a boss that can be soloed without bull crap weapons and gets stronger after each kill so people who doesn't want to spend $60 a year for a crap gold.

Simon Monette: thanks.

Th3AVENGED: FOURTH or possibly FIFTH but on a serious note good job.

Simon Monette: Like I said in the video, you don't have to have the conference call. After the recent patch it isn't that great anyway; just use the strategy in the video.

HashSl1ng1ngSlasher: why doesn't anyone have a goddamn guide on how to kill him WITHOUT the freaking conference call?


Simon Monette: congrats

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How To Kill Pyro Pete the Ultra Invincible SOLO! (Borderlands 2) 5 out of 5

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